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  1. Krishnappa Gowtham. 9.4 crores. Dropped one of the easiest catches in Ipl history as a substitute. He isn't playing in main xi but should have done atleast this. @Old guy
  2. Lmao. Pagalpan Chacha has made it to ICF. He is called Agenda Morono or Pagalpan uncle. Gives absolutely wacky and wierd opinions and when people don't agree, he blocks them.
  3. Finished Group stages at no 1 Saving subs can work once but not always. :) Sometimes you need to be Viru. Blast upfront. Now the playoffs is a restart with everyone on equal footing and no subs advantage/disadvantage.
  4. yeah they obviously do but after 10 balls.
  5. heard about random streakers too. Comms called it Lunatic on air.
  6. One more rule. No free hit for head high bouncers. Free hit for every other type of no ball.
  7. 20 overs. But 5 ball overs instead of 6. Also a bowler can bowl 2 overs in a row if he/she wants. Batter change ends only after 10 balls.but they don't use the term overs. It's eliminated. It's only balls. After a dismissal only the new batter will take strike, so no fuss about crossing. If you fail to finish your overs in time, you will have to bring one extra Fielder inside the circle from the time it reaches cutoff as a live punishment. Welsh fire actually suffered from this rule.
  8. I think it was about Bhogle. Some people say BCCI took notice after this and Bhogle was fired subsequently.
  9. Since you said avoid repetitions i would mention MS as captain only :) Batsman Sachin - No explanations needed :) Pantt: For the first time since 2011 i am excited/nervous/scared to watch someone bat. He is just unbelievable to watch. There is no one like him at the moment. Bowler Sreesanth (Not retired i know but is more or less finished, ) Would have been an ATG if he wasn't a moron. Bhuvneshwar Kumar He is so pleasing to watch when he bowls properly. Injuries and the obsession of indians with speed screwed him up. WK Gilchrist -
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