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  1. LOL This league. Moin Khan is the Coach of Galle Gladiators. He made his son the Wicket Keeper The fitness of guy is such that he wont find any place in even domestic teams nowadays.
  2. He will beat Barkha rani someday.
  3. A hindu in Bahrain went to this store, bought the idols and did a proper visarjan of the idols.
  4. Good. It actually makes sense to play SMAT before IPL auction so that some new names could come in auction. And if the expansion happens, this will be very much needed.
  5. Congrats on Winning. Lead is big for others to catch up. I think Top 5 is also fixed now. 1: @Ajju 2. @The Hound 3. @zakk 4. @Rasgulla 5. @sscomp32 (ME) For suren to take over me i have to screw up bad. Others too far.
  6. Congrats @zakk on leading the competition :) I guess hounds is having a bad day. One bad pick of rashid cost me no 4. Was so close. Dont think will cover up that distance now. @Rasgulla wont always have a bad game.
  7. Every body started making Lagaan Memes after this.
  8. I need a day like today + no mistakes to get up in top 3. Right now no 5. But anybody can be no 1. All top 4 super close at the moment. I have already predicted @The Hound to win. i would have been at 1 or 2. But one game cost me a lot. I got 73 points from that game with 4 players.
  9. ICF ka Laadla, the unfit hype boy Pant :) For everything he is hyped for and the kid gloves he is treated by its been garbage this year. Rightly dropped from LOI team. P.S. Is @construction430 a bot ? Some else apart from me in ICF believes pant is all hype ?
  10. Near perfect game. Would have been perfect with surya instead of Rahane. Reduced lead from 600+ top 400+ Would have been 300+ if i had surya. Also i was stupid in not selecting. He has been the best indian bowler in playoffs since ipl started. Today i dont have much hopes since its rcb/srh and they have very few good ones. MI v DC was full of stars.
  11. Koi bhi chalega for me since kachra knight riders are out. But my priority will always be after And least . Because its a meme team and them winning will decrease the fun/trolling aspect by 50% similarly like ENG winning WC.
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