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  1. Whole tournament can be seen here: https://www.sonyliv.com/listing/blue_revolution
  2. Sony Six are showing 1985 World Championship. Watched this yesterday so thought of posting this here. Great hitting without much slogging . These kinds of scores are considered aggressive even today and this was 1985. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A5gza2lX5cW4_pDdpHfXvCW9p86df0Rh/view
  3. I now have full length video of this match :) will post soon.
  4. Where is Dhoni in options?
  5. A very good analysis on Pant: https://old.reddit.com/r/Cricket/comments/dun8t2/underperforming_players_need_to_be_dropped_for/
  6. Yeah. And Eden park is the proper graveyard of bowlers.
  7. Yeah. It will boost up the batting too. Deepak can bat well. MS made him bat 6 in an IPL game and didn't look like he was a tailender.
  8. Ask Sree to bowl even now and he will bowl better than these nincompoops . Too bad he turned out to be appam chewtiya. :(
  9. There is a trend. You can easily predict who is going to be dropped:) Just look for the player who is being praised more. He is the next one to be dropped. Its not about losing patience. Its about "MYWAY OR THE HIGHWAY". And since the bowlers are saving us 90% of time, this aspect doesn't get exposed. When it does get exposed, WC Semifinal happens:)
  10. If eng lose to nz and pak lose to bd, eng qualify in 4th
  11. LOL. Honestly though India is Afg's home ground so naturally I would support them. And you never know a few upsets and lucky results and it could be kenya like in wc 03.
  12. ROFL. Rkt is trolling. Has developed a habit of going against whats right just to troll people.
  13. Lahore reminds me of the time bambis lost to Lahore in clt20
  14. For real? A bunch of obsessed old trolls who can't get enough of trolling complaining about this.
  15. Thumped E is the top student of Dinda academy of freebies :) Even worse. Has the record for most runs in an ipl match.
  16. The biggest I have seen was hit by binga in a test match at gabba. It cleared the stadium by a distance and landed in the nearby field/car parking. Easily 130+ metres. They even tried to measure after a few years using predictive technology. Let's me see if I could find the video.
  17. sscomp32

    Thala is back !!!

    Before the wi home tour, this bowling attack didn't concede a single 300+ score.
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