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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19QLQb6wZkj3ZI2akUAkjpOhwRUx0JtwO/view?usp=sharing Bumrah Yorkers. Was posted on twitter by a friend but as expected it was deleted in fear of copyright so i asked him to post again on Drive. :)
  2. https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/i-started-questioning-myself-focussed-on-what-others-are-saying-kuldeep-yadav-7311631/ This is very very bad. He needs proper counselling and a hard grind for at least 2/3 seasons in Ranji ( which is not happening because CKMKB) .
  3. This comment https://old.reddit.com/r/Cricket/comments/n8f6y5/bcci_president_sourav_ganguly_on_sportstar/gxifgcl/
  4. Great opportunity missed by kohli to get the Elusive 71st. Rohit will me missing his 5th 200. :giggle
  5. Prasidh Seriously? Wasn't me fade prasidh enough by England and in IPL? Till now i don't remember one impactful performance according to the hype he gets. Instead Harshal, avesh, arshdeep etc have done a lot who weren't that hyped.
  6. Make MS the coach of LOI team :P No one better than greatest Limited overs captain in the history of the game
  7. LOL @velu , I admire your dedication. You know people will call it PR, still you posted :)
  8. Its actually funny you should say this. He has actually done this in a hotel fire incident too. https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/113391/ms-dhoni-decoding-the-decision-making-hypothetical-fauji-the-dhoni-touch-bharat-sundaresan-india-csk-leader-happy-birthday-dhoni-cricbuzzcom
  9. Kohli values Siraj more than Chahal. So if the choice comes he is going to leave Chahal.
  10. Going exactly like last year. just hoping i don't mess it this time.
  11. I am surprised someone hasn't opened a shok sabha thread yet. Wait till you guys see how Pant wished MS Happy Birthday.
  12. How can the biggest MS fanboy stay behind when even the foreigners are enrolling. What a disaster innings, very rarely saw kohli this confused. Bishnoi made him look like fool at times.
  13. Rohit , Kishan from Everyone except Johnny from
  14. m6 - Kohli 33 of 29 . And he got out to Holder.
  15. Match 5 - v . Rohit, Pollard, Hardik, DK, Russell. Rana had just 120 SR. Should have finished it. But can be excused. For all the SR talk surprisingly Gill had the Highest SR from . They were that bad
  16. I remember in 2013 around we were the greatest fielding team. There needs to be a catch drop tracker.
  17. Will be pleasantly surprised if Rahul/kohli dont feature here. Repeat offenders.
  18. Bravo needs to make way for lungi/Dorff/Santner/Tahir.
  19. Chahar. On topic i believe they prepared for a SLogathon seeing wankhede. Rutu getting out early damaged their plans. And then the raina run out.
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