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  1. Haha
    sscomp32 reacted to LordPrabhzy in Pakistani Husband admits having sex with chickens three times while his wife filmed it   
    In addition to Gazwa e Hind in we’ll have to now worry about Gazwa e Murgh... if we send you a good supply of chickens and goats.. to erm whatever you want to do with them do you think you can stop sponsoring cross border terrorism? I mean its a fair deal. Win win 
  2. Haha
  3. Haha
    sscomp32 reacted to Austin 3:!6 in Pakistan Beat India So Much That Indian Cricketers Asked Us For Forgiveness After Matches: Shahid Afridi   
    Afridi Stats against India:
    Bat avg in ODIs - 25
    Bowl avg in ODIs - 60
    Bat avg in T20Is - 7
    Bowl avg in T20Is - 52
    H2H Pak vs Ind (with Afridi as captain):
    2 ODIs - Both Pak lost
    2 T20Is - Both Pak lost
    World cup records (with Afridi in team):
    4ODI WC matches - Lost all 4
    5 T20 WC matches - Lost all 5
    Kis baat ka ghamand hai tuchiye ko?
  4. Great Post
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    sscomp32 reacted to Trichromatic in Virat Kohli In Trouble: Complaint Of 'Conflict Of Interest' Sent To BCCI Ethics Officer   
    Ganguly brand role raises conflict of interest issues
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    sscomp32 reacted to Trichromatic in That curse   
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    sscomp32 reacted to sandsaims in Cornerstone Players - 6 of 11 Starters for India XI   
    Kohli is being treated as being above the game and is wielding far too much power to the detriment of Indian Cricket. Unless this changes expect us to win no major trophies.
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    sscomp32 reacted to Rasgulla in Cornerstone Players - 6 of 11 Starters for India XI   
    Virat Kohli 
    KL Rahul
    Umesh yadav
    Jadeja (Part of Rhiti before now Cornerstone, Smart boy)
    Kuldeep Yadav
    Rishab Pant
    Future : 
    6 players out of playing 11 is part of Cornerstone which is owned by Captain saab. This isn't conflict of interest ? 
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    sscomp32 reacted to MechEng in Nagaland Government Bans Dog Meat After Uproar On Internet   
    Will PETA protest against steak houses here in the US? 
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    sscomp32 reacted to rageaddict in Nagaland Government Bans Dog Meat After Uproar On Internet   
    Expect the Dog loving Liberals to come up with an explanation that it is a correct decision since Man and Dog share a unique bond, Mans best friend and usual BS. 
    Personally,  wouldnt want Dog meat to be sold in my state or in restaurants where I eat or at the meat markets where I buy Chicken and Mutton. However,  since Nagas and some other NE groups have been eatings Dogs as part of their culture , they should be able to continue to enjoy it as long as it remains restricted to their states. What difference does it make to others about what they eat unless it leads to some pandemic?  This is nothing but yet another act of Morally Superior Western World to civilize the third world heathens and their dietary habits. Most of these animal rights activist groups are likely to be foreign funded putting pressure on various countries to fall in line with the Western code of morality. 
    And the Liberals ( Hindus) celebrating this decision are the ones who  would support organizing Beef fests to rebel against the Fascist Hindu government. No consideration for Cows who are considered sacred in Indian Culture,  but their hearts start bleeding for Kuttas and Billis. 
  11. Like
    sscomp32 got a reaction from Real McCoy in MS Dhoni Videos   
    I now have full length video of this match :) will post soon. 
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    sscomp32 got a reaction from Rasgulla in Blame goes to?   
    Where is Dhoni in options?
  13. Haha
    sscomp32 reacted to Cricwala in The cover up job has begun! (NZ-Ind)   
    Yes, Ganguly was absolutely driven to win overseas...he was a magnificent captain for us for 4 yrs..his decline as player and captain started in 2005- rightly dropped but then he bounced back like a champ in 2006. He completely changed attitude of Indian cricket. Dhoni-Kohli morons hv pulled us back but we will rise back, that seed planted by ganguly-dravid-tendu-kumble generation has taken deep roots.
  14. Haha
    sscomp32 reacted to Forever Indian in The cover up job has begun! (NZ-Ind)   
    Kohli is like - "M Chod B Chod, mujhe wife ke saath shopping jaane ke liye jaldi chod"
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    sscomp32 got a reaction from AuxiliA in Women's T20 Word Cup 2020   
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    sscomp32 got a reaction from SrinjayDutta in Women's T20 Word Cup 2020   
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    sscomp32 got a reaction from vice in Women's T20 Word Cup 2020   
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    sscomp32 reacted to Cricwala in People want us to believe it's a massive loss - Virat Kohli   
    This guy has a massive chip on the shoulder, and is borderline delusional.
    Why is it so hard to say "this is a disappointing loss, the entire team is hurting..this is not the standard we set for ourselves"? Why act as if scale of loss is being deliberately played up to malign the team? 
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    sscomp32 reacted to nevada in Because that Dukes ball, it buries egos pretty quickly.   
    And the services of Mini Smith!
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    sscomp32 reacted to Gollum in Because that Dukes ball, it buries egos pretty quickly.   
    What does he think of himself? Giving advice to a team which has the services of Smith !!!!
  21. Haha
    sscomp32 reacted to R!TTER in Because that Dukes ball, it buries egos pretty quickly.   
    Looks like El boulto & Timmy Southee didn't get the memo, they demolished Brat & Co with a Kookaburra instead 
    Kohli's 2019 Ashes advice for Australia: 'Dukes ball buries egos'
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    sscomp32 reacted to vvvslaxman in Kohli is RCB captain yet failed to judge skills of saini (bowling/batting) and siraj (format skills)   
    Kohli: Two pretty good games, great for the fans. Particularly impressed how we finished the game. First half we let things slip away. I think Saini and Jadeja showed great character, as I said one-day cricket in this calendar year is not as relevant like T20Is and Tests. A game where we could have taken chances and capitalised. We could definitely consider changes, we have nothing to lose now. No messages were sent to Jadeja or Saini. We didn't know Saini can be as good with the bat. We want guys to figure out situations themselves.

    He doesn't know Saini can bat.  If they don't take ODIs seriously why is Thakur, Jadhav playing.
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    sscomp32 reacted to Cricwala in Kohli is RCB captain yet failed to judge skills of saini (bowling/batting) and siraj (format skills)   
    Kohlis claim to being a so called fast bowling captain is this - he inherited a core group -shami, Ishant, Umesh, Bhuvi who had all matured by the time he took over. Ishant's time with Gillespie did the trick for him, and Shami discovered a fitness routine to raise his game. Add to this - a once in a generation bowler in Bumrah burst on scene. So Kohli happened to be in right place at right time. Compared to Dhoni who was atrocious in handling pacers and totally disinterested in tests, Kohli looked like a godsend. It's like after Hitler, even a dictator like Saddam will feel wonderful 
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    sscomp32 reacted to Turning_track in Kohli is RCB captain yet failed to judge skills of saini (bowling/batting) and siraj (format skills)   
    Absolutely poor from Kohli, from 197/8 to 273/8 was disappointing. You just cannot allow 75+ runs in last 50 balls in such situation.
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    sscomp32 reacted to Ankit_sharma03 in Kohli is RCB captain yet failed to judge skills of saini (bowling/batting) and siraj (format skills)   
    Kohli is said to be fast bowlers captain which is the biggest myth . Saini n siraj play for RCB and yet he cudnt judge their skills. Both shud have played for India in test atleast 1-2 years prior. 
    Siraj was made to play wrong format, if he is such a good fast bowler captain then how did he fail to judge this . 
    Saini again shud have played long ago and now when he has performed consistently he still gets a raw deal coz of batting, funny he is showing now he can hold the bat well. Now as RCB captain didnt he ever see him bat in nets .
    Another strange thing he gave more consistent run to dube n sundar for India , 2 guys he thought wasnt that good to play for RCB regularly.
    This makes me wonder do captain look at net session and videos of players.  
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