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  1. Man this was really ***t from Nole. Finally the s***y event is cancelled
  2. Dimitrov, Coric tested +ve for COVID. All others involved in Adria tour are also being tested. Hope they recover soon and everything goes well
  3. Thread is viewable in web too. Finally logged in
  4. Agree results haven't been good. But at the moment US open option looks better than RG.
  5. $**t decision by Nole to play French open and skipping US open, the rules are pretty harsh for players in US open though. I doubt Nole will win another clay slam. His clay game has declined. In his peak he missed winning clay slams and I am really happy that he won in 2016. Wouldn't have won again had he missed that opportunity. So he should try to play US open and skip RG.
  6. Agree 2 consecutive slams for Nadal on the cards very much. Hope Nadal doesn't win another hard court slam.
  7. That loss will haunt Federer fans forever. A match to forget.
  8. RG got postponed. But playing back to back slams will be tough Physically & Mentally. Wouldn't get surprised if nadal pulls out of US open to play sh***y RG
  9. Nole doesn't need to go for Straight winners. His return depth & position gives an instant advantage in the rally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCyH8tCHhpU
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs1wZr7LOc0 ROS G.O.A.T Return Winners
  11. Serve- Djokovic ROS- Djokovic Standard FH- Djokovic Inside Out, Down the Line FH- Djokovic Standard BH- Djokovic BH DTL- Djokovic BH CC- Djokovic BH Slice- Djokovic Volley- Djokovic Half-Volley- Djokovic One-two punch- Djokovic Speed- Djokovic Stamina- Djokovic Defence- Djokovic Footwork- Djokovic Touch- Djokovic Smash- Dropshot- Djokovic Lob- Djokovic Tweener, SABR, trick shots etc- Pick up- Djokovic Change of direction- Djokovic Flexibility/Stretchability- Djokovic Tennis IQ- Djokovic Patience- Djokovic Defence to Offence transition- Djokovic Depth and angles in groundstrokes- Djokovic BP conversion- Djokovic Mental Toughness, nerves- Djokovic Luck- Nadal
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