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  1. Nadal to win in 4 sets. The one guy Nadal wouldn't prefer in final is Djoker. Hence he might drop a set. Nadal has not been tested much so far apart from that Sinner match though. His real test coming though.
  2. Djokodal in another couple of hours. Don't think djoker has anything left to pull this one. Awful scheduling
  3. Sweet revenge for Fed. But still that AO loss gotta hurt him.
  4. RF to play in Clay season Returning to clay after almost 3 years.
  5. Nadal got hyped for his new serve , but his draw was too easy to really judge his game. Got roasted by Nole deservingly. Man he was bloody nervous especially in the early stages. Nole effect
  6. Yeah stan can but still long way to get that form back. Don't see Shapovalov doing much in clay atm. May be Zverev. With Lendl in he can get a break through in slams.
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