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  1. Revenge completed
  2. Really looking forward to Nole's documentary which is scheduled to release this year
  3. Many Fed fans just couldn't move on from those memories. Hope you overcome it man. Really do not want Nadal to end up with most number of slams. Today's result was a huge one for Nole in terms of slam count. Wimbledon is a possibility but don't see Nole winning US. 21 - 19 looks likely at the end if this year.
  4. If Nole maintains this serving level in Wimbledon, he has a great chance Goran
  5. Nole's return was GOAT level today Djoker
  6. Nadal to win in 4 sets. The one guy Nadal wouldn't prefer in final is Djoker. Hence he might drop a set. Nadal has not been tested much so far apart from that Sinner match though. His real test coming though.
  7. Man this was really ***t from Nole. Finally the s***y event is cancelled
  8. Dimitrov, Coric tested +ve for COVID. All others involved in Adria tour are also being tested. Hope they recover soon and everything goes well
  9. Agree results haven't been good. But at the moment US open option looks better than RG.
  10. $**t decision by Nole to play French open and skipping US open, the rules are pretty harsh for players in US open though. I doubt Nole will win another clay slam. His clay game has declined. In his peak he missed winning clay slams and I am really happy that he won in 2016. Wouldn't have won again had he missed that opportunity. So he should try to play US open and skip RG.
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