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  1. There is no bihari angle.. its just that some powerful bollywood mafia are connected with higher ups in Mumbai police..
  2. Not sure if she will be convicted since I don't know what evidence they got... But Texy said she is a 'sacrificial lamb', my point was that she is far from sacrificial lamb.. plus there is an angle of putting him on wrong medication or some sort... she was a cunning one..
  3. Sacrificial lamb? From whatever i have been reading, she is the main culprit here... and she has backing of bhatts who have connection with underworld..
  4. More I see news on youtube about his case, specially reports on Republic TV, I wonder why Mumbai police is so slow.. Republic TV is closer to the case than Mumbai police it seems.. but that Arnab guy is irritating to watch... If he can get more out of these people Bryan Mumbai police should have been way ahead.. if it's resource constraint than let CBI do the work
  5. Just on this statement i am sold that India did the right thing.. Congress would question every good decision done by BJP
  6. In your opinion... yes
  7. Reading various tweets and thread here, I realized Senior AB is not really respected anymore.. A lot of hate against his family from general public (not media though) .. Post covid, Bollywood image will not be the same anymore..
  8. veer

    India TV Serials

    Reading through this thread pains me a little.. We'll never get those days back when we saw Mahabharat, Ramayan, Surbhi, Bharat Ek Khoj, Dekh bhai Dekh, Vikaram Betaal, Nukkad, Buniyaad, Neev... I think we were the last generation of pre-cell phone era, pre-300 cable channel era.. those were good days.. Now everyone and everything is divided.. Or may be its just me.. .. By the way. .anyone remember a college campus show called 'Neev'? Ohh man.. i just looked up on youtube whlie typing here... and looks like its loaded there.. Pure nostalagic..
  9. I think you answered your own question on Double standard.. you just said raise question about competency.. So when they were in opposition, they raised question on price hikes without getting any returns back (meaning other welfare schemes) while corruptions scandals were popping up left and right.. anyways, i won't be able to change your opinion and you won't be able to do the same. lets agree to disagree here..
  10. Bhai I don't keep track of these... and there are many external factors affect price hike.. what I like to believe is Modiji came from poor background.. he wouldn't approve these hikes unless it's necessary.. if he has implemented welfare schemes for poor, he gotta pay for those schemes from somewhere.. His family still lives an ordinary life, his mom lives in a small house, the guy does yoga, a vegetarian and a non-alcoholic and puts in 16+ hours of work and a nationalist.. He may be failing on economy and other fronts but on principle, I can't question his integrity or his intentions.. As a student of human behavior, I like to believe he is non-corrupt but chaalak guy.. and he won't bribe big companies at the cost of poor ...
  11. Lol.. yeah right.. most are anti-congress and hence you get that feeling.. put out a poll here n I doubt even 5 will say they are perfect... In country like India, you won't get many seats with having a perfect party...
  12. Cuz BJP knows how to deal with them... cuz BJP knows how to use them.. cuz BJP knows that they need those guys to get majority in states... and then work on national interest through LS and RS with those numbers BJP is not dudh ki dhuli hui.. and i doubt anyone here claims that.. its just that, at the end of the day, many feel that BJP won't go against national interest and they deliver on their agenda. (kashmir/NRC/Ayodhya etc.). Modi , Yogi and many in their cabinets they actively work through out the day.. if someone is willing to work more than 15 hours a day then i tip my hat and respect them..
  13. Politics 101.. and there is a difference if one party is hiking 10 rs one time and some other party is hiking 5 rs 10 times..
  14. I was telling exactly the same thing to my friend. How do people expect Indian govt to pay for all the expenses that have incurred in last 3 months? Modi ji bhagwan nai he jo automatic sab free me fix karte rahe..... Abhi to bahot kharche ki payment karni he... Abhi se rona chalu kiya to aansu kam pad jayege.
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