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  1. Someone should lock him in toilet in 2nd innings...
  2. Kohli goes off and almost Twice out in two balls... signals are Strong!!!
  3. Time to use this for becoming a Betting millionaire
  4. Rankings were already there for a Looong time and as it was not working anymore for Tests they have started the WTC. Regardless of WC or WTC, the key to a finale is about how you handle the pressure and execute your skills. One could keep arguing that a 3 match series will not suffice it should be 5 matches, and another could say SENA conditions are not suitable for Asian teams so it should be played as home and away tests in a 4 test format. Another argument will be that why only Top 2 teams should play, let the Top 4 teams play as a Play-off in IPL style and it can go on....
  5. Rohit despite being backup captain has won Asia Cup, whereas Captain Clown is yet to win any multi team tournament, let alone ICC tournament
  6. Even a World Cup is decided through One final in just a Day, so what is his point? Atleast in tests most often than not the better team wins battling over 5 days.
  7. Ranji later in the year should be held after Peak Covid is resolved.
  8. A bouncer is a bouncer for Raina, he will give it all the respect it deserves
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