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  1. Excatly, seems a fun relaxed guy and how he openly funnily admitted he thought he lost his job after so many drop catches in Adelaide.
  2. Exactly. How RCB would wish for one such season
  3. You should watch the interview between Ash and Sridhar. It's quite funny and gives a great insight into what happens in Dressing room. It is in tamil but you can read the subtitles which can give a flavour.
  4. Mine will be Siraj as well, remember him getting lots of Bowled and LBWs when playing Ranji. He is also a thinking bowler who is able to crank up to high 130ks when required. So I think if he is bowled in short bursts he can bowl at good pace attacking the stumps.
  5. In Tests, he is already ahead of Dhoni and T20s he will get ahead of him if used properly at top.
  6. And yes, as Real McCoy mentions Sehwag was also at fault to rubbish an opponent team. Can backfire anyone anytime.
  7. Yes, and if Bangladesh win after being rubbished off then those players/commentators would eat humble pie as well like how Vaughan acknowledged now:
  8. Writing off a team saying they will get White-washed is not the same as giving opinion - especially because it is coming from the opposite team's camp/media.
  9. I would love for him to open in ODIs but we need to think long-term. He is defenitely an all-format player but for me he is clearly a better player for Tests and T20s like a Sehwag. If we are to make him open in T20s and ODIs along with his wicket keeping duties he is bound to lose steam or get injured in a a couple of years. He is young now so may be able to manage but he is not a supreme athelete like a young Dhoni and even Dhoni never opened in ODIs and T20s. With so much workload on players I would be inclined to play Fast Bowlers and Keepers in no more than 2 out of the 3 form
  10. Who said so?!!! Our best previous Captains Kapil Dev, Ganguly or Dhoni were never the best Bat in the team.
  11. Get Ashwin or anyone else to Captain then. It is clear as Daylight that Kohli is a mediocre Captain who also doesn't know to develop players for the future. Then where will we develop future Captains and players from?
  12. This is a very important point. Kohli just does not believe in youngsters so always falls back to Tried and Tested failures. Whereas Rahane has got this attitude of give me whicher team and I will play with them and give a fight.
  13. Because on this historic day is when they have announced the next series squad with him as Captain!
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