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  1. He has no Telugu blood though, only Mallu blood
  2. Give a fitting tribute to Thala for his retirement
  3. Worst franchise in history of IPL along with Punjab Kings.
  4. A few good things with the old server that is being missed today : Chat Functionality Games ICF $
  5. ICF was on a different hosted server and have different look and functionality a few years before. At that time there was a Chat functionality where you can chat with ICF posters which was used for such Auctions.
  6. We did this a few years before when ICF was on a different Platform and there was a Chat functionality. Later on we also used Google Chat to do the Bidding and stuff, so defenitely possible. The one issue will be availability of all 10 owners at same time for a few hours over 2 to 3 weekends. Most owners will be in different timezones and will have different availability. If that can be managed, then can be done and we can even use player points from Fantasy cricket to have a competition of how each team is performing. I am defenitely interested but I am in UK time zone
  7. SRH on Top of table of something at least!
  8. The issue is, will our players be receptive of such a coach? We know how Greg Chappel and Kumble fared when they tried to impose stricter rules and push players to do well.
  9. All this after being 4/24 with another batsman retired out. MI could not even win from that situation
  10. Just turn up on the field and overcome it
  11. Excatly, when Pujara and Rahane were actually performing he kept dropping them but now wouldn't let go of them for even one game.
  12. Exactly my point. He should step down from both ODIs and T20s, otherwise doesn't make much difference at all.
  13. This seems just a hogwash. Kohli knows RCB is going to not win the IPL again this time and he knows the call for him to step down from Captaincy is going to start again post that. So, cleverly he has announced stepping down only from T20 format captaincy to reduce all that noise. How is stepping down from just T20s captaincy going to help his workload as he mentions? India hardly plays T20Is and he is stepping down only after World T20.
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