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  1. Untill 2019 he actually performed much better in IPL than in Interntaion T20s.
  2. Yes, Dhoni should use himself like how he used Badrinath. Either to consolidate when wickets fall or move below the big hitters. Hail the Specialist Keeper Captain
  3. Tamil movie named Jeeva - he comes as a Cricketer I think as the movie is about politics within TNCA
  4. His stint as Delhi captain a couple of years before did not go well and it seemed to affect his batting as well at that time. Will be interesting to see how he handles it now.
  5. Literally Delhi is more Rounded with Mishra, Ashwin, Shaw, etc. in team
  6. Raina seems totally Off Cricket from his mind. Agree, he needs to be dropped for good.
  7. Battle of the Dad's Army VS The Bachaa log Army The Dad's army is still going strong whereas the newbie bacchas are learning the trade. More lessons coming up today in Mumbai. Only one things to say to Baccha logs before the match: Ravi Shastri is so excited to watch the game to keep an eye on Prithvi Shaw:
  8. Fandromeda - They have not been doing this for last few years
  9. You create a League and I can help set-up a thread for others to join.
  10. Bro, can't play this year as have blocked in UK and EU... Someone else should create the code
  11. Hey Zakk, welcome back. Can't play in UK or EU this year it seems
  12. Nah, not that high yet!
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