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  1. Seems like useful stats on surface, but what constitutes a drop catch? Is going for an impossible catch and dropping it counted Vs not going for the catch at all meaning it doesn't count? It is very difficult to put actual numbers for keeper drop catches as it is very subjective. That's why actual qualitative analysis on skills is better.
  2. No idea what this Manohar did as ICC Chairman in all these years? Never even seen him addressing any Public relations stuff in a game so closely connected with Public.
  3. It is an internal Civil war, so his own country is responsible.
  4. You can try any other Lenovo i7 available in India then. Lenovo seem to have good fans and thermal management. I had two HPs previously and they always had over-heating issue. HP screens are better than Lenovo (more brighter) but the Over heating and it's affect on performance put me off going for HP again.
  5. Got a Lenovo i7 8th Gen 530s laptop recently, it is quite fast and would recommend it. I also got it at 30% discount in official Lenovo online site in their Clearance, so great bargain. But seems like you want an even faster one. With regards to brand I would recommend Lenovo over say HP or Dell. Each have their own pros and cons but Lenovo performance seems better longer term than other brands.
  6. More than the shot, it was the stupidity of Wahab that comes to the fore, he could have just bowled at the stumps...
  7. The best thing about the video was not the Shot ..... it is hearing Shastri in the Commie box.
  8. Why has Rohit Sharma given up on his masterful off-spin?
  9. I am sure the change in action was what helped him to achieve the pace. This is from my own experience playing novice cricket, I made a simiar change in action like Brett Lee and because the arm rotation was reduced it helped in increase in speed. But that also meant more strain on the shoulder joint.
  10. All of them against spinners, he is a Spinner Killer. He has become a bit better against pacers but still the difference is huge.
  11. Seriously, Bollywood is severely lacking Film Makers who make films for the love of it. It has become all Commercialised now with limited creativity. South is still making good movies, so just watch them
  12. Atleast the youth will have a reason to Self-isolate now
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