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  1. I am at 20th position, can't get worse than this
  2. @Global.Baba's favourite team is always there
  3. Depends whom you have in team. Good options are Finch, Kohli, ABD, Rahul, Mayank, Shami
  4. Don't know how it works, it is still showing you as a new joiner without displaying points. Let's give it a day and see how it calculates your points.
  5. Also a popular tamil slang
  6. Unfortunately Rayudu didn't play due to injury. You would have got 1.5x times as usual for VC Sam Curran.
  7. Standings at end of Match 4: 1. @Tridibans_16 2. @Cricketics 3. @sscomp32
  8. Unadkat's regular slower balls going for runs, means he will go for his slower slower balls next.
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