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  1. They have a readymade excuse for losing the series.
  2. Looks like they are doing warrior pose 2 in yoga. Would be nice if they actually fought instead of just posing.
  3. And India's test team too. I find their repeat series losses in SENA very repetitive and boring.
  4. Yeah, phattus choke under the slightest pressure. The size of the target doesn't matter. If the match is in SENA, they are programmed to lose!
  5. Yes, this was the beginning of the end for his test career. He had actually played okay in the ODIs preceding the test series against the WI but couldn't withstand the short ball barrage in the tests. Actually, the entire batting line up crumbled in the final test as the WI bowlers bowled fast and furious to help their team come back from a 0-1 series deficit to make it 1-1. Other batters also flopped but Kambli was the most brutally exposed for his failure. He featured in a test series against NZ in 1995 but didn't do much. After this came the 96 world cup with that disaster of a semifinal against SL. After the WC, he was dropped from the ODI squad even though his numbers weren't too shabby. It seems he had off field issues like drunken meltdowns at team hotel which led to his ouster. Just months later, Ganguly and Dravid made impresive debuts on the England tour. This meant Kambli and Manjrekar were both out of contention for middle order spots, at-least for a while. Manjrekar retired in 97. Kambli made sporadic comebacks to ODIs as late as 2000 but he had put on weight and didnt seem to have the earlier spark. He played first class cricket in South Africa around 2002-2003 but by then the ship had already sailed.
  6. Even with the benefit of hindsight, on paper NZ is a less difficult opponent than England or Australia. I would still pick NZ as an opponent than the other two because it our team's choke job which caused the defeat. Against Aus and Eng, our team could come up short even playing at 100%
  7. Greenidge was an amazing batsman. He had actually qualified to play for England but chose to play for his native WI. Imagine if he had played for England - it would have been their greatest heist ever.
  8. Starting cricket is fine but why with Test format is the question. T20 or ODI would have been entertaining and competitive.
  9. Asia cup is boring. Make it Asia-Pacific cup to bring in NZ and Aus to make it a competitive tournament.
  10. I too felt that the T20 format would have been a better way to start off things. Other than England helping itself to some easy points, I don't see any benefits from a test series.
  11. Looks like Velu's contract for Dhoni PR has ended. That's why no wishes.
  12. Yeah, flower should consider himself lucky that the hotheaded Pathan didn't first cut off his head before hurling abuses at it or make him a victim of bachebazi at knifepoint.
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