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  1. Was the one month gap between the WTC final and the Eng series the result of a postponement to accommodate the Hundred?
  2. He is only 31! Played just 21 tests. Very unfortunate.
  3. Then our spinners also should do the same. Imagine Jaddu spearing in unplayable darts with a bent arm. He has one of the best throws hitting the stumps from far when fielding. He could knock the stumps down in a flash before the batsman even brings the bat down half way.
  4. Wasn't he banned from bowling? Or did he interpret that he is banned from bowling but not from chucking?
  5. The squeeze is on. Kohli's time is running out. He isn't doing anything special in tests either, he better hurry up and score some runs. According to the latest reports, it is being told that Rohit Sharma will not only be given the T20I captaincy but he will take over ODI captaincy as well considering the small gap between the next T20 and 50-over World Cup. “There’s hardly 12 months left for the next T20 World Cup (in 2022). There’s hardly 24 months left for the (2023) 50-over World Cup. I’m assuming the BCCI will not split white-ball captaincy because that doesn’t make any sense.
  6. IMO players should do only analysis and professional commentators should do live commentary, like in the NBA.
  7. Fuel prices, covid, economy, etc are being discussed in other threads. You are welcome to go and opine there. Boycotting sports against countries and banning them is part of history, it's nothing new. Because of apartheid, SA was banned for 20 years from cricket. Us boycotting Pak will throw the spotlight on Pak's enablement of cross border terror and put pressure on them to curtail terror enabling activities. This is my opinion and you are entitled to yours. I will not be following the match against Pak as I don't feel like watching it with all that's going on. Peace out, my last word on this
  8. Boycott that match and boycott a semifinal or final if they are the opponent. People's lives are more important than a cricket tournament. India boycotting matches will kill the ICC's revenues and maybe then, the terror enabler country will stop or at-least temporarily halt their operations.
  9. He will never do it. That's why he opens, to scratch out a few easy runs and keep his place safe.
  10. Thanks. I thought Bhangi meant someone who does bhang - the thing consumed during Holi. Didn't know it was a casteist type of word.
  11. I wish it were fixed the other way - with the 2 teams never in the same group, with the possibility of playing each other only in a knockout game. It's not just some ideological cold war between the two countries. Lives are being lost, people getting slaughtered and living under constant threat. The less we play against a terror enabler, the better it is.
  12. Besides the process, Thala has that winning aura which inspires his players to do well and makes opponents nervous in the big moments.
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