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  1. Why do batsmen reach for the ball without moving their feet? Looks ugly and the results aren't pretty most times.
  2. Yes, captaincy is not for him. But whether he is captain or not, he can't let his batting suffer with excess weight, lack of footwork and inability to hold shape when going for big hits.
  3. Pant's IPL decline is the steepest but gets the least coverage. Dude is 24 and bats worse than a 34 year old.
  4. This is probably his best and last chance to win the title.
  5. Believing his rather convenient injury is real is the actual conspiracy. CSK and Jaddu probably decided mutually to cook up the reason to end each other's misery.
  6. Real estate industry is a cancer in pretty much every economy. Jacking up home prices beyond the reach of most buyers so that a few can benefit - what could go wrong with this model?
  7. Finished binge watching all 4 seasons of Banshee. Season 4 was a drag. I feel they should have wound up the show after season 2 itself.
  8. IMO it is highly unproductive to dig up centuries old places of worship. God is everywhere (for believers) and doesn't need to be liberated from under any building.
  9. The Aussies try all kinds of dirty tricks to gain psychological advantage over the opposition. Their press writes articles ridiculing the opposition, their "former greats" trash talk and hype up the home side, their cricket board makes sure to not arrange proper food for players with limited dietary choices, etc. Ponvict and his coterie hyped up the monkey thing to destroy the Indian team's pysche but got punked when the BCCI threatened to fly the Indian cricketers out without completing the series. With the series done, nobody was interested in the monkey case anymore. Symonds' betrayal and h
  10. WTF? Seriously? Isn't there a 20 year statute of limitations? This is a 30+ year old case! Whatever punishment was deemed necessary should have been administered decades ago. Former India batter Navjot Sidhu has been handed a one-year prison sentence by the Supreme Court of India which was reviewing a case involving the cricketer in 1988 in which one Gurnam Singh died.  The verdict was announced on Thursday by the two-judge bench comprising Justices A. M. Khanwilkar and Sanjay Kishan Kaul which was reviewing its own order from 2018 where the court then had reduced Sidhu's
  11. Viv didn't need much protective gear, never wore a helmet. With today's bats, the bowlers and the umpire would need protective gear to save themselves from any accidental hits from his batting!
  12. Relax, it just means he is not worried about their form for now. If they are in miserable batting form just ahead of the world cup, they can still be axed.
  13. Another time pass story where only some inconsequential people will get the rap.
  14. Symonds was naive and got caught up in the false assurances of the fork tongued gora team mates and administrators. They used him and threw him out. he might have let it slide and get on wth it but they all pumped him up to file a complaint and seek vendetta. Nothing came out of it as expected, as money trumps morals. Poor guy never recovered after that while his white team mates did just fine, happily going on with their careers. He shouldn't have expected any different - right from Uncle Tom to Colin Powell, the black man has been used and thrown by his white masters. Inspite of this, blacks
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