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  1. Ponting was given a long leash in tests to make sure he gets the centuries and runs record. In early 2007 he looked like he would easily do it but Tendulkar's form revival and his own decline prevented that from happening.
  2. From this to grinning helplessly after getting thrashed like a club bowler. How the mighty have fallen!
  3. My favorite is Gower but Raja does have an amazing record against the WI. People talk about Jimmy Amarnath's batting against the WI in 82-83 but Wasim Raja's performance is not talked about much. I only watched him in the final stages of his career where he used to bowl legspin and bat down the order, like a bits and pieces type of player. If not for a Cricinfo article, I would have never known about his brave batting against the WI.
  4. What a yawn inducing batting display by SRH! Warner and Bairstow need to do all the lifting and the rest are good for support role only. At-least Nagarkoti got a chance to bowl in ideal conditions.
  5. I think they will avoid that fate. Chanakya Dhoni will work some magic.
  6. nevada

    CSK's batting

    Good idea! Vijay is a dud and Watto hasn't struck form yet. Curran could provide the spark to fire up their innings early in the game. A quick 30-40 runs from him will help them a great deal.
  7. If they truly believe in that, they should skip IPL. Showing up to play just in name only for the money is not cool. I have tremendous respect for guys like Warner, Bairstow, Butler etc who do justice to their salaries and give their best in IPL even though it is just club cricket.
  8. Dhoni's was the most selfish retirement ever! Already declined, he milked an extra couple of years in the name of the 2019 WC. After the world cup he selfishly refused to announce retirement for a year, causing unnecessary media drama and putting pressure on the selectors and the new wicket keeper. He should have been given an ultimatum in 2015 itself to retire from all forms of cricket or resume playing test cricket. No player should be allowed to pick easier, more lucrative formats of the game while shunning the less glamorous long format. Players should be either all in or out altogether.
  9. An under the radar gem, thanks for bringing this up! What an incredible moment that was! I was watching on TV and after a typical collapse, almost switched off to but stayed on because Robin Singh was still batting and that gave some hope, albeit a very slim one. True to form, he hustled in his typical style, stitched together a partnership or two and somehow dragged the total close to the target. After a seesaw battle, the moment of Truth arrived with Chaqlain bowling the last over. He was a terror back then with doosras, Yorkers and other assorted bent arm crookery. Luckily, the ball was wet and slippery like soap, so his planned yorker turned into a full toss and Rajesh Chouhan smashed the ball and thousands of hearts at the stadium, sending it soaring for a stunning six! After this match, Saeed Anwar the losing captain explained/complained about the slippery ball ruining his team's chances. It felt so sweet, because for once luck favored our team. Back in those days, a win against Pakistan was rare and highly cherished.
  10. Utter dud of an innings from beginning till now. CSK didn't look like they were on track at any point of the chase.
  11. Thala is beyond chasing the target set by the opposition. He calculates the fair target using his computer brain and that's how much his team will score - not a run more, not a run less.
  12. Yes, insipid display today also but there is time yet to make a match of it today.
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