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  1. India winning the bronze medal in men’s hockey at the Olympics, after a gap of 41 years, is perhaps the greatest achievement for sports in the country. Even two-time World Cup-winning Team India member, Gautam Gambhir thinks so. After the team won the historic bronze beating Germany 5-4, the former India opener took to Twitter, and wrote, “Forget 1983, 2007 or 2011, this medal in Hockey is bigger than any World Cup! #IndianHockeyMyPride."
  2. India being medal-less in hockey for 40+ years is an injustice. Today it has been set right.
  3. I didn't aim to fix this per se. It just happened. I started Yoga last year, in May during the depressing lockdown period. Before starting Yoga, my mind was going crazy with the stressful situation. I have been doing it regularly ever since, with 4-5 days of Yoga followed by 1 day when I skip it. Yoga helped my mind and body to be more resilient. During the IPL last year, I noticed that I no longer feel the heavy tension or big heart thumps when watching my favorite players anymore. There are people who die of overexcitement/tension from watching live sports and I don't want to be one of thos
  4. Do Yoga man, it will fix the problem. I used to have heart pounding palpitations when watching tense moments in cricket or any other sport but not anymore! I watched the last few minutes, the nerve wracking penalty corner in the dying seconds just minutes ago and my heart rate is 61 now despite all the excitement.
  5. Rain will juice up the pitch and Lord Clouderson will cast his evil spell on our batters as usual.
  6. Seeing the fall of English wickets, the one that broke the camel's back is Root's wicket. Lord Thakur started it all, changing the momentum in our favor and killing England's hopes.
  7. The pessimism is because of our AWOL batting.
  8. Indeed! As soon as I saw him behind that huge door, it gave so much hope!
  9. He should! As soon as he walked off the field, our luck changed. He is not called panauti for nothng.
  10. When they suddenly were 9 down, I was like today this guy won't be able to do much. But wrong!
  11. Kohli is off the field. Hope this moment of good fortune brings a wicket.
  12. Damn, Curran playing in IPL mode. Hope he gets out soon.
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