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  1. I am a Rohit fan but was very disappointed that he couldn't play a big, impact making innings in the 4 chances that he got. The innings in which he got out to Lyon, he looked so composed and looked all set to get a big one but alas, it was not meant to be.
  2. Poor Rahane. Except for that Afg match, he always leads the team when the going gets tough - toughest, in fact. He gets the wins with backs to the wall, but barely any credit.
  3. Didn't mean to put down anyone. If runs dry up at the other end, it puts extra pressure on the set batsman, increasing the chances of him making a fatal mistake. This is true for Pant, Kohli, or whoever the set batsman might be.
  4. We have seen Indian coaches deliver results and reduce the craze for phoren coaches. Likewise, instead of totally going with hardcore Western athletic training methods, a dose of Yoga could be considered to develop core strength, flexibility, and mental calmness.
  5. Very true! It would have been a draw or probably worse. Pant would have got out trying for quick runs and the Aussies would have bodylined the tail in a jiffy.
  6. Next news item will be Shardul was possessed by Kohli's spirit, that's why he batted like Lord Thakur. What a credit hog this Kohli is. Since he is so great bringing in great results when away from the team, I suggest he permanently stays away.
  7. I never felt teary eyed when watching any sporting action EVER except when Pujara was getting hit left and right that day. I have heard about WI pacers unleashing missiles at our batsmen in '75 forcing Bishan Bedi to just declare the innings and concede defeat but Pujara didn't concede an inch, let alone concede the match. The Aussies did their homework on him and cut off his run supply, bombarded him non stop with bodyline but failed to shake him.
  8. Yes, they did. But no one thought they would beat the WI in the final, that to after getting all out for 183 in a 60 over game. WI have only themselves to blame, though. They were in a hurry to get the party started by smashing the target real quick and paid the price.
  9. That WI team was fuming mad after the world cup loss and destroyed everyone in their path for the next couple of years. There is a YouTube video of a game they won in England with Greenidge hitting a double century on the last day. The WI bowling was downright scary in that game and I was in awe of Allan Lamb for standing up against such brutal bowling and scoring a century.
  10. I feel the bullying and trash talk is an act, like a mask they wear. Outside the field they seem okay. Quite a few high profile Aussies have done good work in India. Dennis Lillee at MRF pace academy, Steve Waugh with Udayan charity work for Mother Teresa, McGrath at MRF pace academy etc.
  11. No. Why is this even a question? Cricket diplomacy has never worked, never will. If anything, Paxtan shod be banned from all international sport until they stop sponsoring terror.
  12. Ashwin put up a video after the Sydney test where he talked about how TN beat Hyd in an under 22 match by going for a win instead of a draw. That was quite an inspiring story. The Indian team has pulled off a similar feat now.
  13. The British aren't currently in India. Pakistan is currently supporting terrorism, death and destruction in our country.
  14. Hell yeah! Us winning the series deciding 4th test with a depelted side is the equivalent of Australia winning against us at Kolkata without Smith, Lyon, Starc, Cummins and Hazelwood.
  15. Use a different browser to maximize free articles. If you hit the limit on Chrome, switch to Firefox, and then move on to Opera, etc.
  16. PSL or whatever their T20 tournament is called is the greatest according to them. Why would they want to bother playing lowly IPL?
  17. After Sehwag's retirement, this is the first time I am excited about watching a batsman bat in a test. Gill is a treat to watch with his ability to pick off runs with ease. Pant gave a tad too many WTH are you doing moments yesterday but whenever he is at the crease, the excitement and anticipation is at a high level. His 89 yesterday was unbelievably clutch. I hope this is the first of many more such innings from him.
  18. Gambhir's knock is underrated for the superficial reason of it not being a century. He is the one who did all the hard work and dragged us out of the jaws of defeat. Gill was solid and kept hurting the Aussies with his free scoring ways. That 20 run over against Starc was super special! If he had got out cheaply or just tuk tuk'ed, the Aussies would have been all over us like a swarm of bees. I was so disappointed when he got out, he looked good for 30-40 more. With a little more experience, he will get to the stage where he can stay till the end to finish off chases. Pant was able to draw on
  19. Was about to post something similar. Dravid also batted slow, but if you watched the highlight reel, he looked so elegant. Plus he used to smash the short ball unlike Pujara who prefers to take evasive action.
  20. It was a cat and mouse game for the most part, till the time Agarwal got out. IMO Australia made a mistake taking the new ball as soon as they became eligible to take it. They could have waited a little bit, giving1-2 overs more to Lyon, hoping that Pant would succumb to his own aggressive instincts. Pant's wicket was key,and the bowler with the best chance to make it happen was Lyon. The second new ball fetched them a wicket, but it also cost quite a few runs and changed a win for India from a theoritical possibility to a realistic one. With the target at about 55-60 runs, Pant and Sundar's I
  21. Freedom of speech! To look at the positive side of this, such statements fired up the team and this tweet by Ashwin is mere acknowledgement of that.
  22. Glad you got satisfaction from raining on the parade citing imaginary transgressions.
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