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  1. The much ridiculed Vinay Kumar also is the son of an auto rickshaw driver. Despite limited ability, he made it thus far and was a crucial player for his Ranji team.
  2. Which young player would say no to an IPL contract?
  3. Good list! I too had expectations on all the above except Dhoni. He is retired, so he can do whatever he wants as long as CSK management allows him to. Besides the above, my disappointing players are: KL Rahul who got bitten by the consolidation bug and slowed down his batting. Nagarkoti who repeated elementary mistakes like bowling short and wide to get clobbered again and again. Sarfraz Khan who did nothing of note coming on the back of some excellent performances in domestic cricket. Shreyas Gopal who has lost the sting in his bowling.
  4. Imagine if CSK end up not just making the last 4 but actually winning the cup! It will be the greatest act of trolling ever!
  5. This time Cummins is out for real. KKR should just concede the match and end this farce.
  6. McCullum taking notes. What could he be writing? "Get me outta here"?
  7. Gill tries attacking and fails. Very sad. What a sorry sight this batting line up is!
  8. Wow, Siraj on fire! Good to see any young Indian fast bowler take wickets like this!
  9. Their top order sucks. They are like a tennis player who starts one set down before the game begins.
  10. Next time she better not take up any women's respect fights then. Subtle and not so subtle denigration of culture through media continues. Most web series are POS trash. They use the same concept of sleaze, liberal dosage of brain splattering bloodshed, filthy language thrown in unabashedly. It is weird how OTT platforms are not subject to the censor board rules.
  11. Rat and the rest if his team are having a free ride thanks to AB. Take him out and they are underwhelming. Even Padikkal has been playing the consolidation game of late. Finch is one wild card. If he plays well during the playoffs, it will be a big help.
  12. Despite a century and having wickets in hand. Very underwhelming!
  13. Nice to see Shami boss around the batsmen in the last over!
  14. He and Shaw seem to be heading to the pantry instead.
  15. Lockdown. Self motivated players like Kohli maintained their fitness while the ones who need external push to get fit took it easy and piled on the pounds.
  16. The question is, why would they not drop him after he turned out to be a dud in the death overs in the last game?
  17. 30 runs? Coffee Bhai, you sipping on lots of Kahlua instead of coffee?
  18. Kaif looks younger than Pant, who looks like an overfilled balloon. These guys play for a living, how can players ignore their fitness and just grow fat like this?
  19. Because it makes sense to be in the good books of a larger than life, highly influential player like Dhoni.
  20. It's not entitlement, they are hurt at the mediocrity and idiocy in selection and are speaking out against stuff that doesn't make any sense. Chennai crowds appreciate good cricket even from the opposition.
  21. Most dishonest, hypocritical player. It's fun to see him unravel.
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