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  1. so ? what happens now ? Biden has to win. Even if he does VP is a no power post unless you are dick cheney. Kamala harris is good person though.
  2. @Stan AF Atleast read your own history. Every thing for you is conspiracy. Are you forgetting the crores of Scams him and his cronies along with 2g scam. TN people and DMK should pay a penalty for the 2G scam which can be used for GER for whole of India. Even at 50% how can fools vote for DMK is the big question though ? Guess you can educate a fool but he still be a fool.
  3. Sachin had them towards later half of his career. Also Dravid and Laxman were not consistent. After 1998 they started really appearing in the squad as permanent players.Sachin debuted in 1989.
  4. But Gavaskar was not scrutinized like tendulkar. Modern cricketers weakness is exposed through film and bowlers are studying them regularly and making plans accordingly. Sachin also had the burden of carrying the team because lets be honest we were bad. He played under immense pressure and still delivered. He could have achieved more if we had good cricketers
  5. They named their stadium after gaddafi. Pakistanis pander to mass murderers.
  6. dravid was bunny for leg spin. He used to get out to shane warne quite a bit. Then enter VVS who taught dravid how to play leg spin at eden.
  7. If you go by that. Hilary on TV said she is against lesbians and gays. 70 was also very close to civil rights movements as well. Understanding your opponent is very important to win anything. Democrats and supporters fall in to this trap of not understanding why people support him. He clearly like divisions and thrives through them. Even true blue states(Michigan and Pennsylvania) voted for trump. Democrats and Obama lost track of people loosing jobs to china and just sat on it.
  8. Please enlighten us. He does rile up the base. Before he was president and his campaign do you have any evidence that he is racist ? Left wants to paint it that and he is happy to get votes that way too.
  9. All politicians are like that. In India modi is accused every time cow lynchings happen. Their is some support yes. Not saying this good. Even Democrats supports undocumented and the BLM. BLM is good if it was only civil movement but businesses getting burned and looted, hardworking business are loosing their livelihoods and the Whole community is loosing because of it. I haven’t heard voices from democrat side either to pacify and bring things to normal. Every one is in this it just about votes. All politicians have same blood.
  10. Have to agree with you on Pompeo he is the only guy who survived long and understands foreign policy and how to deal with China.
  11. Lol he is not racist but opportunistic. Simple difference. He will side with anyone who will help him win. He is not even republican to begin with.
  12. Check out Indiana. It is as red as it can get. We voted Obama. Stop believing what CNN and Anderson copper and Zakria are feeding you. Agree there are racists doesn’t mean every one is like that. Even trump is called all kind of things by left.
  13. Stop watching mallu movies I mean other mallu movies .
  14. 1) You might have seen crests of Congress and BJP. How are they different with policies ? Do you feel BJP is right wing ? 2) Why NJ assume you are citizen ? I have seen many Indians move south after citizenship. 3) Growing up I remember seeing lot of fast bowlers and bowlers in general from Karnataka representing India. Where have they have gone ? Don’t see many represent India now. 4) What do you suggest for investments in US ? 5) How tough is it to raise kids in US ?
  15. Indians vote for trump. Because of India and US relationship, China and Pakistan. US is investing lot of money in India through companies like Facebook and Google recent example JIO. Both have invested heavily. China is closed for them India is the only option but they could have invested else where. Article 375, Surgical strikes in Pakistan and support to India in recent skirmishes which India lost 20 soldiers. If it was Democrats they would have stayed neutral and not blamed China and Biden is known to have good relations with China. It is prudent for Indians to vote for trump considering what China is doing surrounding India with Nepal and Pakistan. Indians who vote for Biden will come off as traitor in my opinion when India is at war with China. In times of war this is treason if you have any relationship with India and don’t vote for trump.
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