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  1. Right this is the one where Zak hit sixers of olanga. Mistaken as this match.
  2. This zimboks first win india. Zak looked clueless. Also he slammed few sixers off olanga. Olanga redeemed himself after in the end by scoring by scoring some runs.
  3. Remember in one of the ODIs he really struggled it was during their tour to India.
  4. Don’t remember dhoni ever hitting rabada for a six
  5. CSK fans should build a temple for rayudu just like they built a temple for kushboo in TN. @velu he has been the most consistent performer for CSK.
  6. They have built city in low lying water catchment areas. Hyderabad had a history of flooding since nawabs. TDP government built necklace road and Madhapur Hi Tech City both are low lying areas. I am also not giving free pass to TRS government they have to think differently have to increase the size of drainage and make sure this doesn’t happen. This has been happening for sometime now.
  7. Commiserations to @Laaloo and @coffee_rules. Repubs loosing this election. There was a plan to kidnap Michigan governor. I don’t think suburban voters will go easy on this. These people wanted to take over government buildings in Michigan.
  8. Democrats are raising crazy amount of money. Trump seems to have motivated corporate as well lot of Americans. South Carolina senator Lindsey graham might not win this time. His leading by 1 pt or tied up with his democratic counterpart. India needs to understand the repercussions of US elections and tread carefully with China. They should be on guard from now till elections are complete.
  9. I am surprised so many people are saying Iyer is bad. Iyer has played really well for India in T20s and ODIs.
  10. He was like pankaj Singh from Rajasthan. Ungainly action not much impact from bowling. Those were awful days of Indian cricket we used to struggle to get saaed anwar , jayasuriya and Gary Kirsten out.
  11. I searched google and I couldn't find any link that says he is kannada all of them say he is telugu.
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