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  1. Man you need let hime enjoy. He did setup strategies for us to win and gave confidence. We all didn't like him but we need to accept he is a great coach for our setup. Shastri was never gifted or talented like many others during his time. He made most of his limited capabilities may be this is what is helping in coaching as well.
  2. Gill has very good average in India. After the last knock he will score big. The confidence he got against aussie pacers should help. If he can survive 10 overs he can score lot of runs considering the english spinners.
  3. We were never stronger in bowling though. The current has good fast bowlers and good bench strength. The older teams had one good fast bowler.
  4. 189 in second innings. Wow. England prepares very well. They are smart got to say this. They arranged the prep tour to Lanka. Now they will tour India. Another cause for concern is playing cricket in the same venue twice this will play in to the hands of England. We are playing 4 tests at Chennai and Ahmedabad. It seems in Ahmedabad they can prepare the pitch they like.
  5. Grated Srilanka bowlers are average. But on a spinning wicket he scored double and another century in second test. We will be with out Jadeja. It will be tough. They have new batsman Lawrence as well who is pretty good with back foot game against spin.
  6. Look at his strategies. He asked ashwin to bowl early at MCG and asked team to bowl legside to smith and labu. These are the key things.
  7. Pant has different technique though he is off balance when he is playing shots. I don’t how he can do that when he little bit old.
  8. Btw where is our own dandaroy. Havent seem him.
  9. Listening to Ashwin's show he said Anil Kumble was impatient when australia was touring India. In the chennai match he asking Ashwin to change his line and try to go around wickets etc. Now it definitely seems Shastri look good.
  10. Yup we are not respecting him at all. He achieved more than John Wright and Kirsten. Best Indian coach of all time.
  11. Why put that strategy out ? To think of Steve Smith just 31 is scary. May be he will play till 34.
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