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  1. We promised them to be part of India after independence. They are part of national anthem what else do we need. We have constitution that attests they are part of India. If you mean by looks they look different. Everyone in India looks different Punjabis have prominent features , people in south look different from north. Tell me how people in Telangana, AP, TN etc are related to Punjabis, Delhities etc.
  2. How ? India has only 53 pc first dose and 34 pc fully vaccinated. How will we be 70 pc fully vaccinated ?
  3. India is struggling to vaccinate current population. It will be at least 6 months- year before they can even start looking at booster.
  4. Marans don’t understand sports. Their treatment of Warner was shameful. These guys should be kicked out of ownership. Bring back telugu owners like Mega
  5. Lol this is diverting blame. How are they not responsible? Many Chinese are in govt positions. They are not aliens. They like their government. This from experience from talking multiple Chinese people. They do pride in their government.
  6. Why are we allowing travel from South Africa ? We didn’t vaccinate high number of people.
  7. Or Amit shah and Bjp not doing much. Can’t even save their own people and say they change the country.
  8. I remember it was 2010-11 he was in great form was scoring centuries for fun. After that England series everything was bad for Indian batting when they rolled green wickets. We went to Australia lost badly and lost to England in 2012 as well at home. His stay in the end hurt little bit with loosing to England we are poor at trying multiple players and maintaining good bench strength.
  9. lol exactly why it should be pinned against him because who would have bad luck if loosing with boundaries count.
  10. It’s a big debate going on in US with trans as well especially with restrooms. Parents are concerned that people take advantage of it.
  11. Lol sachin got his friend kambli selected when he was captain. Kambli wasn’t even in form. Stop giving free pass to sachin. If he had problems with changing lineup he is the captain could have dropped azhar.
  12. If this is true pandya should be no where near Indian team after his kareke aya episode. Seems like a bad influence in the dressing room.
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