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  1. Zen can’t read a) and b) format points. Coz he is a fake feku Hindu trying to destroy our history.
  2. Because of Mahabharata and Brahmo samaj to idegenize our history. You should know by now that nobody on this forum has accessed as much first hand historical sources- meaning coins, inscriptions, edicts, compilations of the said eras- than me.
  3. And as I said, you have made zero refutations and you cannot touch point a or b in previous post, even your fake God can’t save you.
  4. nobody disputed that. But it is secondary to India and it will be less aligned to culture because it’s less aligned to history. Hindustan and India are the same damn name, idiot. One is in Greek, other is in Farsi, both about using Sindh/Indus as the boundary marker. Yet banal assertion with no refutation. You can’t refute the points: a) that which has greater prevalence in history is more representative of history. b) if you think history is inconsequential, then you are anti history and being anti history is anti culture, because you cannot have culture without cultural history. it is YOU that lacks understanding, which is why you cannot touch these points directly. Not even your God can inspire enough honesty in you to address this or integrity to concede. coz YOU ARE A FAKE HINDU, mr. Thomas.
  5. Part of theology and distant past. Not big part of written history and a minor part of history of the last 2000 years.
  6. All my points came with logic, all your points are empty assertions like above, rice bag convert fake Hindu. You said history doesn’t mean much. That is anti Indian history and therefore anti Indian culture. Checkmate and as usual you cannot refute .
  7. Yet overwhelming majority of Hindu literature in the last 1500 years use the word Hindustan way more than bharat. your religious hogwash to erase our history is an insult to our culture and is anti Indian culture.
  8. that is not a sense of history, that is a sense of mythology. Plenty of history fails like the Parthians, Samnites, etc claimed mythological origins. Chalukyas make ZERO mention of the Satavahana kings from just 300 years ago. Meanwhile China had written a compendium of their king list by 50 AD, same with Egypt and the Jews. this is a poor excuse. Jews got scattered but preserved their history. China got utterly annihilated by the Mongols in 1240s and kept all their history. Your rationale is proven false by cultures with much stronger sense of history.
  9. false claim, fake Hindu. You are a western rice bag convert seeking Christian. That’s why you hate our history so much and want to erase it. lol. That was from YOU. NOT ‘ Hindus’. I asked you for evidence, you ran away like a rice bag convert and refused to talk. And that’s also a false claim. I said show evidence, not make god appear in front of my eyes. you ran away and I trapped you so hard that you ended up blocking me. Coz u r a fake Hindu. Nobody is kicking my butt because you cannot counter my points. You said history does not matter. Meaning you are anti Indian history and you seek to trivialize our heritage. Someone who trivializes our history is against our culture. Checkmate.
  10. In the long term, only two jaatis can turn the tide against Muslims while they are not the majority: Sikhs and Chinese (as in their historic control of Muslim lands of east Central Asia). Therefore, modi should accept all Sikh refugees we can and settle them in Kashmir valley. Two birds, one stone.
  11. stop lying. Nobody kicked me out ad I am a hindu myself. Just not a theist one. Kicking out kulin Brahmins....that’s a first. But good job lying and slandering coz you got no logical arguments because our local ancestors left far more books and inscriptions calling it Hindustan, which is Persian form of India, same word cognate, than bharat. A new term can be coined. And a new term is less aligned to our culture than our culturally historically accepted term by everyone. India and Hindustan are the same word root, one in Greek, one in Sanskrit in origin That’s why you are the one failing to present a logical counter and only hiding behind emojis coz you are defeated by logic and have no counter argument, o indian culture hating cosmetic Hindu.
  12. lying as usual. coz you lost. you dont speak for hindus. one book that is a smriti, amongst many. Our ancestors used Hindustan, aka persianized version of India, far more commonly. That is fact and therefore it’s more culturally aligned. Why do you hate the term Hindustan so much ? It’s a term that originates with sindhu being our own periphery and ‘Sindh paar’ meaning foreigner in even post independence era. you have been proven to be anti Indian culture because you said you don’t care for history. Anyone who doesn’t care for history is anti culture, period. More evidence of your inability to debate logically coz you don’t have a point.
  13. you cannot throw out anything without refutation and be called rational. So. Nothing thrown out. false allegation. Nobody kicked me out and there is no evidence or claim to back up kicking out a kulin Brahmin. Neither is such a thing possible. because it’s less aligned to culture because it’s less aligned to history proudly used by our people. We ourselves prefer Hindustan in the past. That is decisive. Crashing case allegation has not been substantiated. You spend million hours saying nonsense, bullshit, thrown out, dismissed and less than 30 seconds arguing the point. Coz u have no point and no challenge. We can all see. So you can only laugh and not challenge logic. Coz u can’t and u r anti Indian culture because u r anti Indian history. As I said, checkmate.
  14. Name calling and saying delusional and there are other ways and this isn’t right etc. Is not logic, it’s just whining. Which is all you have, which is why you cannot axiomatically challenge the thing you are laughing at. Because it is right and just and fair and has also precedence in world culture for continuity. Yours is anti- culture because you are anti history. Those who are anti history can never be pro culture to any real effect. For they are violating culture by violating its living truth. Again, checkmate. Cannot call yourself culturally more aligned and then dismiss history as a must-have in determining culturally aligned.
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