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  1. right. what are the lottery numbers for next week again, O future seer ?
  2. Every batsman declines from their peak and most greats find that their declined state is still good enough for many years for the most part. Not everyone undergoes a Ponting-esque decline. Kohli will be fine.
  3. If we have lost test series 4-0 with Tendulkar in the team, to Pant kaun si kheth ki Muli hai - mere muloghonto may to nahi jayeega
  4. Yeah. Also tests are the most exhausting, particularly the long series. If we are winning 3-1 or losing 1-3 and its 5th test, i can see the merit of resting Pant
  5. i would say that as long as Pant's stamina keeps up and his glovework keeps improving, he has to be the main guy or backup across all formats. Even if he plays like Sehwag, as long as he is scoring 20 ball 30s regularly in ODI format, he will be worth his spot in the team.
  6. not gonna happen. He is too good an ODI player to give up completely on the format and no cricket worth his salt will willingly or unwillingly sit out the world cup without grumbling. And that means he cant just show up to the world cup every 4 years - he has to play the format to stay confident and match fit in the format. Which means rotation.
  7. All joking aside, We need to develop Kishan or another one of the young wicket keepers as the backup keeper. Pant cannot play every single test, ODI, T20 and IPL for the next 15 years running. Periodically he will have to be rested and scoring a ton as a keeper is no joke - its the bowlers equivalent of scoring a 50 and taking 5 wickets in an innings. We have to manage his workload of he will burn out by the time he is 30.
  8. every batsman goes through a 10-20 test rough spot. Kohli is in one. he will be fine.
  9. Like saqlain he became over-reliant on the doosra and due to his preference of ODI cricket, lost all flight,loop and turn to basically become a less variety right arm Jadeja - wicket to wicket dart bowler who is incredibly hard to score off of but you can block all day long.
  10. it was supposed to be 5 tests at home too but Covid restrictions and protocol made it 2 venues of 2 tests each. If covid is still rampant in July, i expect similar 2 per ground 4 test series in England too.
  11. Ashwin and its not even close. Aswhin is far better overseas than Bhajji.
  12. Well you dont need stamina if your plan is to run the 100m. same applies for T20s. Nonsense. Total, utter, nonsense. The only thing that has changed due to T20s, is the line and length of the bowlers. Runup, pace, etc is the same. Yes, but since teir main money-maker is T20s, they have lesser durablity and stamina, since both are not very high on T20's bowlers list of needs So playing more ODIs == less cricket overall ?? Yep, not only did you pull it out of your buttocks, you have also lost the plot by saying more odi cricket == less cricket ove
  13. just giving you example how your 'newer is better' ideology has objective evidence against it in history. because easier on the body doesnt mean you have the skillset to do it. T20 cricket is all about dot-balls, not wicket-taking while being tonked around ala Waqar. The latter is whats worth its weight in gold in the longer formats. And sometimes they devolve, trying to re-invent the wheel. Like bowler fitness has devolved in terms of longetivity and durability. Progress isnt linear function. Sounds like yet another thing you pulled out of your butt to ju
  14. @Soldier "Past cannot be greater than the present" - Indian idiot, circa 1500 BC, after the collapse of the Indus Valley civilization. " Past cannot be greater than the present" - an italian in 700 AD, looking at the coloseum
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