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  1. Some would say leaving the tree was the most important stepping stone.
  2. Well you dont need stamina if your plan is to run the 100m. same applies for T20s. Nonsense. Total, utter, nonsense. The only thing that has changed due to T20s, is the line and length of the bowlers. Runup, pace, etc is the same. Yes, but since teir main money-maker is T20s, they have lesser durablity and stamina, since both are not very high on T20's bowlers list of needs So playing more ODIs == less cricket overall ?? Yep, not only did you pull it out of your buttocks, you have also lost the plot by saying more odi cricket == less cricket ove
  3. just giving you example how your 'newer is better' ideology has objective evidence against it in history. because easier on the body doesnt mean you have the skillset to do it. T20 cricket is all about dot-balls, not wicket-taking while being tonked around ala Waqar. The latter is whats worth its weight in gold in the longer formats. And sometimes they devolve, trying to re-invent the wheel. Like bowler fitness has devolved in terms of longetivity and durability. Progress isnt linear function. Sounds like yet another thing you pulled out of your butt to ju
  4. @Soldier "Past cannot be greater than the present" - Indian idiot, circa 1500 BC, after the collapse of the Indus Valley civilization. " Past cannot be greater than the present" - an italian in 700 AD, looking at the coloseum
  5. You mean they didnt play the easiest cricket on the bowler's body and STILL played more. Maybe thats why they are on record calling out inferior fitness of the modern bowlers.
  6. Blah blah blah. Fact : your current lot plays less cricket than the older lot. Fact: your current lot is the ONLY GENERATION EVER to get called out for inferior fitness and work ethic by the older generation. Uh...yes it does. If they keep the same training regime they would be fitter because the fitness regime back then was superior. False. They were fitter and its evidenced by them playing far more cricket. Current players have been called out for their fitness culture. The past is greater than the present in this respect and
  7. I would like to include ALL playing stats as it pertains to fitness. For eg its known that through the 90s Indians played a lot more LOIs than Test cricket compared to the english.
  8. Ishant. now do Shami please.
  9. I would have to check their total career length along with their total career span to see who is playing more and who is playing less.
  10. In general those who play county cricket end up playing the most cricket in their careers. If you look around the world, most bowlers of the pre 2005/6 change of guard era had far more durability and played far more cricket than the ones who came after.
  11. Yes because bowlers clearly sit on their asses and dont train unless its T20s. Only for T20s they practiec yorkers cutters, slower balls, not for LOIs or Tests. Anything else, kiddo to whine against simple fact that your modern training methods are inferior for fitness as objective evidence + expert testimonial shows ?? Cricket has been well paid for county cricketers for decades now. Dont make lame excuses on why your modern training methods are inferior for durability and fitness. Nonense. Eveyone trains and practices for their professi
  12. It has helped their bowlers show significant improvement in fitness. great is great, regardless of past or present. Unlike you, i am old enough to know that everything new is not by default better. You too will realise this as you get older. That is, if you have a backbone left and havent already americanised yourself. We do know that they were fitter, hence they played more cricket through their careers. T20 is ez for the bowlers bodies. Because 24 legal balls for one whole day is easy for those who are used to bowling 36-42 balls within the first 2 hrs of a day.
  13. Syria is a gone case and USA wont be able to do jack in there. Because of Russian interest in Syria far outsrips that of US interests in syria.
  14. I am glad you believe so. Yeah, as i said, Sikhs would rather vote for the party that killed their own than vote for the hindu party who sheltered them. Because Sikhs- especially Akali Sikhs & the Khalsa hates hindus. Sikhs have been ahsan faramosh for a while now. We hindus are slow to recognize this but we have recognised this, so thank you for the lesson, ahsan faramosh kaum. Yep. Any father of the nation that hold dharna to give rightful money to an enemy nation in middle of war deserves to a firing squad. Glad godse did what he did.
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