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  1. The prime job of a #5/6 is to beat up on spinners and be the second openers to see off the new ball. Its not a coincidence that for highly specialist role of test opener, its usually the #3 and the #6 that have been used a stop gap in emergencies.
  2. well it was an idea that had the mass backing- but an organising principle would be hard to base it outside of state/ethnic ideas in a land as old as India- we are not America or Canada, sitting on genocided land or land in complete diregard to any concern of its natives that we can only focus on administrative ease.
  3. So the few protesting farmers are lying right now. You will take the word of easily swayed illiterate people over the actual statements of the government. Sounds like a typical farmer.
  4. they wont because they rejected it themselves. IAF is on record saying that the Tejas is the bird best suited for its needs.
  5. The Tejas has more indegenous components than Gripen. Ie, DRDO/HAL makes more of their plane than SAAB does, so they are ahead. its just that simple. irrelevant. whether you are ahead of behind in your item design depends on two factors - how of much of it you make and how good is it. Tejas is just as good as Gripen in demonstrations and DRDO makes more of its components than SAAB does, hence they are ahead.
  6. Yes. Much like the Democrats in USA and liberals in Canada uses the POCs as a vote bank. The woke are absolute menace- the biggest one facing the world currently due to their growing hold in university arts departments. As such, the party that panders to them, is the clear-cut enemy in my eyes, period.
  7. Kamala is herelf a psychotic progressive commie. So the baton has already been passed to the crazies in the democrats. Hence California just passed a law that ignores parental consent or even informing the parent about genital modification surgeries and hormone therapy. Hence on the docket in HoR there is a law asking for removal of gendered languages and no more reference to father mother brother sister in the house documents as its transphobic.
  8. They have been given a future project. Has made a jet fighter that less than 20 in the whole world can do. That makes them elite. Except a company that is making fighter jets of its own isnt a failed company. DRDO is batting ahead of SAAB as far as the fighter jet is concerned. Which means there is at least one inferior one out there in an exclusive group of less than 20. No wonder a low skill farmer has no idea how elite skilled this work is.
  9. They have already said that APMC is not being removed several times. What more do you want ? This law does not address the APMC at the slightest.
  10. Bahahahaahaha If you were not rich farmer, you would not be a part time farmer. All part time farmers are rich farmers. In off season they go work labour. Even in Canada many farmers go and become part time truckers ( fits well with the industry). So now it makes sense- Rich punjabi farmer who has stakes for keeping the rest of the punjab farming sector ghulaams to just APMC doesnt want to give them option to sell to the open market as well while keeping APMC.
  11. The PSU that is making 80 new 4th generation figther jets is by definition not a failed one but giving us unprecedented success. Selfish ? I dont even work in India or in the defence sector. I am a programmer these days, not into electronics. So what selfish reasons ??? You are anti-India because you are anti farmer- because you are a rich farmer and punjabi- the ones who have mas control of this system and want your farmer ghulaams to not have an option. Now you want the strategic defence provider to be decomissioned and privatized, in a country that does no
  12. so basically a rich farmer. No wonder you want the monopoly of pagrii dalaals to continue.
  13. Honest discussion is, this is the LIE they are being fed by punjabi dalaals. Reality is, they have the option of the same old APMC rates AND additional option to sell to the private market if price is higher. Which is what is happening in cotton sector. Small fraction or large fraction of cotton is irrelevant. Relevance is, when market pays more - like it ALSO has for wheat in the past- farmers will make more. Right now its cotton, due to yarn shortage due to covid. El Nino causes worldwide wheat fluctuations- mostly towards the negative FYI. Nobody has to cover the farmer
  14. It was british. No longer. H&K, Rolls Royce are not DRDO. H&K mostly makes small and medium arms. Not radars. Yes, you can name private companies all day long, doesnt change the fact that the DRDO equivalents in most countries are government run or owned. Dassault has over 50% French govt stakes in it, champ. Your anti india lies range not just in farming topics it seems.
  15. US is the exception, not the norm. Most of the French defence sector is French govt owned by more than 50% share. Same story in Russia, Israel and China. They arent making too much, is why modi is giving them option to sell for MORE in the open market, like they are doing now for cotton. Its YOU who is opposing farmers having more options to protect your punjabi dalaals. Part time farmer and part time what else ?? Liar. if you did you wouldnt be against a law that lets farmers sell for more on the open market when the open market offers mo
  16. Yes, thats why you keep running away from acknowledging that this law wasnt tried in bihar and that farmers are making more money not less and have more options, not less under this law as in the cotton sector right now. \ Dalaali bachane ke waiste kya ??
  17. they are developing a new one. They havent made any old ones. So how is a future project under 'cannot do it currently' criticism ??
  18. yes, the word is patriotic. critical defence sector developments are mostly government run in most countries. i guess thats why you run away after your lies about this farm bill being passed in Bihar or such get exposed as lies. Are you a dalaal of the mandi ??
  19. Next gen means NOT tasked with the prior one, you liar. Misinformation ? You mean like you tried to say this law has been tried in Bihar and then ran away when pointed out that Bihar repealed APMC and this one does not ? Or like how you want Farmers to be subject to your punjabi dalaals and not make extra money if they can in the private market, like they are doing with the cotton harvest currently ??
  20. yes, its called patriotic. PSUs that serve defence needs shouldnt be privatized. yeah thats why out of millions only a few dozens showed up. It is very clear you are an illiterate when it comes to anything technology related. if copy paste was an option, then everyone would do it instead of paying 2 million per radar unit. yes, the issue is i am not top 0.0001% engineer. Why are you running away from the fact that this bill has helped farmers right now, allowing them the option to sell at a higher price ? Why did you lie about th
  21. Mine: Gavaskar Sehwag Dravid Tendulkar Kohli (c) Mankad Kapil Kirmani(wkt) Ashwin Kumble Bumrah
  22. Any keeper who gets picked for these Alltime XIs have to be the best glovesman, period. If Tendulkar-Gavaskar-Dravid arent enough that we need a batting keeper, then that batting keeper would be worthless in the big picture too.
  23. Again, dont lie. You keep running away from the simple fact that they have objectively benefitted the farmers by allowing them to sell cotton under this new bill for higher than MSP prices. Its you who wants to hurt the farmers to keep your mandi dalaali scams alive.
  24. Key word - adjacent. Those who are captured by the Punjabi mandi-broker criminal entities. India is more than just Punjab and its captured market. Why did you ignore the fact that most farmer unions have supported the government on this ???
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