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  1. So you wanna be a commercial pilot ?
  2. Ok spammer, have the last word, since you can’t present a reasoned argument and justify his reasonings. Superficial Hindus like you are LOL-worthy
  3. As far as aerodynamics or physics of flight goes, that’s two of us then. Are you a professional pilot or just wasted a ton of money to learn something fun and useless ??
  4. Fun is fun and it’s far more fun to fly for an hour than fall for 10 min is what I found.
  5. It doesn’t change the fact that majority of our literature uses Hindustan, aryadesh and jambhudwip more than Bharat and hindh/Hindustan/India has much greater historical traction than Bharat. It’s due to the local language popularity that Bharat has even been given co-name status. If it was purely based on what names have the greatest cultural continuity,usage and history, it’d be India/hindh and aryadesh/jambhudwip more than Bharat
  6. Spams by saying spam. Any excuse to get the last word
  7. As I said, prices for a tandem dive here ranges from 200-400, one hour instruction based flying is 150-300. The range is mostly buying normal or groupon. The 1 hr flying is much more cost effective for the casual fan. as for me, flying was a much, much bigger mental barrier than jumping off a plane
  8. @EnterTheVoid I am an engineer turned programmer. Suffice to say, you are barking up the wrong tree if you wanna get into physics of flight or aerodynamics with me. That’s not the point, point was what is way more fun.
  9. Hey kid, who now wants to get into ‘ I am more hardcore than u coz I wasted a bunch of $$$ learning how to fly’ contest- nobody said that flying with instructor on is the same as flying solo. i said that flying a plane with instructor on is way more fun than skydiving. I have done both, multiple times and flying a plane with instructor around is also way more cost effective than skydiving for a recreational fan
  10. Relevance ? My point is, it’s way way more fun and cost effective than skydiving
  11. Landing/takeoff and big diff following instructions than making decisions
  12. Your authority to throw out stuff is rejected since you have no rationale justified or logic behind it. india is more culturally important to us because it’s persianized version hindh/Hindustan has been used by our Hindu ancestors more than Bharat. Period
  13. Never ever is this the case in Canada. Err the multiple times I have gone, I have been allowed to change the trim, change altitude, even ride the updrafts by the mountain side. I ask, instructor barks commands, I do and confirm back. No ****. He is there for the emergencies but as I said, we get to actually change trim settings as well as engine modes if the instructor is comfortable enough
  14. Spammer spamming by saying spam alert just to have the last word.
  15. Says the spammer himself who literally made the most useless post ever ( the quoted one). Seems like you have a need to get the last word.
  16. As I said, you will grow out of it, like I did, kid. As the saying goes, if you are not a liberal at 20-30, it means you have no heart. If you are still a liberal at 40, it means you don’t have a brain.
  17. Very few of us want our own gear that itself costs in the thousands and carries the added responsibility and stress of packing one’s own parachute. In Canadian army, anyone lower than the rank of a Lt or Sargeant isn’t allowed to sign off on parachute reassembly. Not a thing I want to be responsible for. out here, it costs 200-400 bucks for a tandem dive and 150-300 for a one hour instructor accompanied flying lesson. They take off/land and rest of the time it’s for me. And lasts a whole damn hour, not 10-15 min. Much much better value
  18. Don’t worry, as you get older and become a full grown adult with responsibilities, you will agree with me a lot more. You are just a Islam loving version of me from 10-15 years ago, as my posts will attest to from that time period , kid.
  19. Also @sandeep , Skydiving is massively overrated. It’s exhilarating to free fall for a while but personally, it’s much much more fun and exhilarating taking the controls of a Cessna and flying it for one hour with instructor onboard. And about the same price.
  20. Yours is worth even less because you haven’t even supplied justifying reasons or a debate. Nobody here cares for your ignorant opinions either. India >>>>> Bharat for reasons of our cultural history
  21. Thats another of your baseless allegations. The mentality is one of those who know Indian history and know that India/hindh is a more historically significant term even for locals than Bharat India should be predominant as discussed since it is more culturally and historically representative than a solitary Hindu epic
  22. Yes thats called the mentality of those educated in Indian history, unlike you. No reasoning has been provided , only blank assertions from you. Sorry but until you can presentreasoning behind your assertions, we can all see that toy have nothing significant to contribute. India >>>> Bharat for all who care about our cultural history
  23. Says the enemy abetting hinduphobic fake hindu kid who is yet to grow up
  24. As many times as it’s required to drive into your head that India >>>> Bharat in our cultural history Refutation first please. Saying it’s irrelevant isn’t a refutation logic, it’s a declaration.
  25. Sorry but an ABCD Islamist supporter who is hinduphobe and supports enemy nation’s economy has zero rights to call others any names, kiddo. Use it for your own education and confused ABCD white approval seeking Islamist abetting activities, kid.
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