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  1. Yes and for many others too. Refutation logic first please. Explain the nuances and explain the rationale on why the analogies are incorrect. Till then, ghanta for you
  2. Not interested in your dumb and historically ignorant position either. Repeating your proclamations won’t change the fact that you have not provided any justifying logic. No one is obliged to take your anti-Indian history and therefore anti Indian culture stance seriously either. Your dumb speculations are ignored due to being dumb slander with no substantiation. I presented option D, which you ignored. Coz you are ignorant of Indian history. Bunch of random comments and no refutation from historically ignorant dumbos like you mean nothing. india >> Bharat because India is more representational of our cultural history.
  3. @zen: India >>>> Bharat because India >>> Bharat in historical usage and history is part of culture. The end.
  4. Tes, that’s what we expect from ABCD fake Indian jihadi lovers like you, who goes and gives money to enemy nation economy out of self interest. Pffft. Fake wannabe western Indian descendants who are hinduphobes like you don’t elicit that reaction, what you get from me is pity. Now go find a cliff to jump off of, Adrenalin junkie kiddo and come back when your brain has developed fully.
  5. Yet another empty claim. It is a criteria because history is part of culture. Even our own sources use Hindustan, an alliteration of India, more than Bharat in the last 1000 years. a new term is not historically representative so it has less cultural value. Thats your speculation, I don’t even know where you mentioned Jews. Self congratulatory nonsense from a person who has no concept of history. Indian is also an ethnic term. Jews still call themselves Jews, a term that they do not call each other by, just like with India. Hence comparative basis. Analogy of how one marginalized group uses identity to another marginalized group that is less historically aware(indians). Analogy still not refuted. Nobody doxxes themselves over the Internet. You can assume whatever you want but VHP is slowly waking up too on why India >>> Bharat. Nuances and such are excuses without justification from you and you are the one lacking nuance, because of the simple fact that even our own ancestors have used the term hindh/Hindustan, which is represented by the anglicized term India, more than Bharat
  6. yes, but it doesn’t apply to India yet. I dont need to be reminded of my priorities by a fake abcd Indian descendant who is an Islamist bootlicker, helper of the enemies of Indian state and a hinduphobe. Says the hinduphobic foreigner enemy abettor to India.
  7. Canada and states, depending on weather. Your hinduphobia is showing yet again, sanskriti betraying clueless ABCD. grow up first kid. Once upon a time I was like you. But unlike you, I am a real Indian,so it’s much easier for me to return to my culture than gora wannabes like you.
  8. Nothing has been provided because none of your pronouncements have supplied a reason. Saying ‘ they are different’ isn’t a reasoning, champ. Now go learn some history and learn that Hindustan and India are the BAAP of bharat in historical usage.
  9. Trust mr enemy outside and fake Indian to expose his hinduphobia and dodge the point that Indian results for covid are superior to those of shitty western nations so stfu trying to instruct nations with superior outcome due to western superiority complex.
  10. Reasoning first. I asked first, you won’t get to jump the queue
  11. Fraud alert: reasoned arguments first, as is the order of requests, please. You can keep dodging but you owe explanation first, as asked first.
  12. Whatever, fake ABCD Indian. India is already having way better covid outcome than your unhygienic western nations.
  13. Except Donald trump is gaining in popularity due to Covid response, not losing and some democrats have even said that to follow the president’s advice. But don’t let blind hatred stop you.
  14. First supply reasoned arguments as asked rather than empty pronouncements.
  15. As I expected, no reasoning or logic behind your ‘ it’s irrelevant/it’s different/it’s nonsense’ proclamations. Coz people like you are ignorant of history and are the reason why indians suck at collective history.
  16. I am part of it and this is gaining ground because I am part of the group that seeks to remove dumb superficial naming influences like yours which leads to forgetting of our history, which we are guilty of. Until you provide logical refutation of my argument, you have zero right to demand anything.
  17. D) people who are educated in history and see that in our own literature, coins, inscriptions as well as foreign ones, India/hindh/Hindustan is the most dominant usage, second most common usage is between aryadesha or jambhudwipa and bharat is historically a much less used term, therefore has less historic meaning to our culture and history. Hence we want to keep our prime name as the one that has most usage and weight of history.
  18. that is a parallel and I have given reasons for my position: your dismissal of my analogies or reasons are knee jerk childish proclamations with no reasoning supplied- just blank pronouncements. The linking it to suffering is YOUR doing. I simply mentioned that a fellow marginalized community that is far better than us in remembering their history do not let germs that historically define them become obscure, just coz they didn’t use it amongst themselves much. You made the speculation that Jews do it to highlight suffering, I made an observation that they do it, which is true. What is important is India, also an official name, far more prevalent and far more used in history should dominate over silly obscure historical names that gained prominence recently, like bharat.
  19. Yes, your comments are childish because they don’t come with any reasoning. Just declarations. They also sponsor the usage of the word Bharat and we are going to ensure that fraud history fails like you don’t repeat our civilizational mistake in forgetting our history and as such, we are well in the process of giving India primacy over an obscure historically insignificant term like Bharat
  20. Not interested in your dumb opinion that’s afainst history and culture Thank you again for proving your judgement carriesno reasoninglike a child’s That’s your claim, not substantiated. Again, your unsubstantiated assertion. False. Those communities are who ?? Name them False. It assumes remembering history as is , is the key goal. Display of lack of understanding is from you, hence no logical counter from you. Your unsubstantiated nonsense opinion is summarily dismissed. Yes, coz they do. India >> Bharat coz our ancestors used India/ hindh more than Bharat as well
  21. They do not remember their history is why. India forgot Ashoka or samudragupta and had to be rediscovered by foreigners. Irrelevant. They are called Jews, a term used by non natives , just like India is used mostly by non natives. That’s the point of comparison. It assumes no such thing. My point simply is jews prefer being called Jews by outsiders and it’s just like how we should prefer being called Indians by outsiders. Doesn’t. It points out that Jews/yehudi nomenclature applies same way as Indian/bharatiya. Changing names is changing and ignoring history so screw those communities Nope. The key goal is to honor history and use the term most used in history. It also ties in with our suffering identity. Baseless speculation and self congratulatory. I have lauded the Jews and drawn comparisons with them before you even existed on this forum. Bharat is historically a lightweight term hence it cannot gain supremacy over India. Yep. Learn to preserve history from a group that is far better at it than us. Your comments are stupid because it has no justification. Another hogwash comment by a cosmetic change seeking historically ignorant Hindu. Nope. Mentality of cosmetic change seeking modern Hindus who have zero knowledge of history is why Bharat is being peddled as a greater name. I oppose it is because it is historically insignificant name compared to India/hindh. Even VHP more or less agrees with this FYI was my point
  22. people also prefer the name India. nobody grasps non existent logic, saying something is irrelevant doesn’t make it so. You have empty judgement, nothing more. Then you should care bec that’s where the Hindu org is moving towards. India/hindh>>>>>>>>> bharat.
  23. D) people who want to preserve their history and not devalue the name that has far bigger historical usage amongst all people- foreign and native.the kind of people who most Indians aren’t, the kind of people who want Indians to grow a sense of culture and history over cosmetic name changes to have a native vineer over things. Larger group of people have used India/hindh historically than bharat, including natives.
  24. People who assume that remembering our history with the names used means begging for foreign sympathy are the foolish cultural sellouts and the reason Indians forgot Ashoka or samudragpupta. No sense of preserving history and names, just morphing into modern usage and lage Raho attitude. It’s ignorance to equate modern linguistic prevalence with history or culture by people who are ignorant of Indian history. The other group serve as an example of a point you cannot refute, hence call it unnecessary without any justification. Coz you have no logic, just whining coz your point was destroyed with logic,
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