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  1. which is precisely why the term ‘Indian’ is more relevant to me than Bharatiya: my ancestors died and were butchered, enslaved etc. as Indians. Not bharatiyas. even non European Jews use the term Jews because that is the term associated with their repeated genocides and discrimination. Hence Jews use the term, which outsiders used to genocide them, when talking to outsiders. We should do the same: bharatiya for us, Indians for the rest. Foreigners learning bharat erases the suffering we did as Indians. It’s our brand-name, more recognizable than bharatiya and it is the term that evokes the memories of genocide, conquest and discrimination. Yehudis didn’t get genocided. Jews did. Bharatiyas didn’t die to the Turks or British. Indians/hindis did. That matters way more than a native term that isn’t our brand name or tied to our suffering.
  2. I am pointing out to you why the label ‘Indian’ is important to us and why it is more meaningful than Bharat: it is the name used by our oppressors, hindh/hindu/Hindustan is just an Arabized version of India/Indian. It is the name under which millions have doesn’t of genocide, under which we have forged a common national identity in its current avatar and why it unites us as a concept more than Bharatvarsha. and I am using another group in similar position as us - genocided through history and hated by outsiders- Jews- to underscore the point why to oppressed people, the label used by the oppressor matters and even overrides native terminology. i want to be known as an Indian to foreigners and as a bharatiya to my bretheren: just like Jews prefer being Jews to foreigners and Yahudi to their bretheren
  3. I would like to see both used concurrently and predominantly. This is because reality is, bulk majority of Indians who have died, died due to the ‘indian’/‘Hindi’ tag. The tag matters to us or at least it SHOULD matter to us as much as the term ‘JEW’ matters to Jews. Jew is also like ‘ Indian- a tag used by all non Jews ( just like for India it’s usage is mostly from non Indians) ‘and has been used to subjugate them. Their term for themselves is yahudi/yehudi and they use both terms concurrently and dominantly. Heck, they make sure we know them mostly as Jews and are usually surprised when we call them yehudi.
  4. The Sankalpa we recite every day - we say Jambudweepe Bharatavarshe Bharatakhande, , it has always been in our memory that this land is Bharat. Err, there is no inconsistency. Our historical literature uses aryadesh and madhyadesh way more than bharat and I still think bharat, India should be used as Germany, Deutschland or Finland,Suomi etc.
  5. That’s fine. You can love Jihad the 0.1% Hindu Pashtuns. We will ghazwa e Islam the 14% Muslim indians.
  6. And we are converting them back from pedophile prophet religion. 20 more years of yogi and mission will be complete.ghazwa e Islam is underway.
  7. Secular ideology is far more hostile to Hinduism and has called Hindu festivals like Holi and dusshera as barbaric and is nothing more than abrahamic ideology trying to infiltrate the last major bastion of non abrahamic ethics.
  8. atheism is within the fold of Hinduism because it meets the definition of a heterodox pantheistic ideology. except they didn’t come out of the fold because the fold accepts atheism. Hindu orthodoxy isn’t absolute, since our creation stories are speculative, not authoritative.
  9. secularism is inapplicable to Hinduism , Buddhism, Jainism or Sikhism because these religions do not hold religious laws as ultimate for society, nor do they make it a religious obligation to convert or oppress the non believers. As such, these religions are inherently secular and secularism originated in Abrahamic ideology lands.
  10. Says the guy who cannot form proper sentences....are you also a product of cousin incest ?
  11. Sorry but no. I will spend money to erase pedo religion from planet.
  12. Awww. I hurt your feelings... sorry but it’s true, Koran is crap.
  13. nope. Reading Arabic is NOT fun. It’s a highly confusing writing style and Urdu looks similar. I had reason to learn Arabic a bit- living in Arab lands. I had no reason to learn to read Urdu.
  14. Sorry fake khan and sister seller, soon we will deconvert you from barbarian religion.
  15. Not quite... I am still an atheist Hindu
  16. He auto banned me once when he used to be a mod coz I said Afridi should be persona non grata in India for having a terrorist cousin who got arrested in India for infiltrating. Calling him a chewt is an affront to chewts
  17. Btw, that was before I got old and boring- like muloghonto
  18. Why thank you. I am still the same guy: I still defend liberalism in its original, liberal definition, which is based on personal freedom, not millenial liberalism, which is socialist identity politics and minority appeasement. And I have always hated Islam- dunno why people nowadays think I was pro Islamic at some point.
  19. Baseless and unsubstantiated charge from the fake Indian.
  20. Whatever, fake khan. Go sell your sisters and daughters to the Turks and Persians, like Pashtuns real historical position.
  21. Word has it they got divorced, sold the house, spent the proceeds to get plastic and gender reassignment surgery in Kazakhstan and re-emerged as Swara Bhasker
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