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    CC1981 got a reaction from Cricketics in Tendulkar shoulder before wicket....   
    ...was definitely out. A video i saw recently just jogged my memory and its suddenly amazing to see that this was ever a 'highly controversial' dismissal, given that slow-mo categorically proves tendulkar to be out lbw. The law states that so long as the ball is not pitching outside leg stump, is in line with the stumps & is not bouncing over it, the ball hitting any part of the body apart from the bat & glove = out lbw. The slow-mo clearly shows that McGrath dropped a short and slow one, Tendy failed to pick it up(that it was short & slow, not short & fast), wanted to duck under it, got hit on the shoulder and was given out correctly by Bucknor, simply because the ball was hit him in line, just a shade lower than the bails and the ball was falling, not rising in its trajectory, therefore making it a certainty to hit the stumps. But i suppose jingoism and hero-worship gets in the way of logic & sense for many because of the whole 'shoulder before wicket' castigation of Bucknor, when infact Bucknor got that one completely, 100.00% right.
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    CC1981 got a reaction from graphic23 in Tendulkar wants to play 2011 World Cup   
    Wow...a name that means 'servant of Shakti', the mother Goddess ( Chandidas), has been reduced to 'underwear peon'. How lovely...i wonder if this is offensive to just Ganguly or Hindus as well and if its indicative of your cretinous existence. On the topic though, Tendu will play for a LONG time- simply because he is good enough to. And as far as ODIs go, so long as Tendu is judicious about it and doesn't play every damn meaningless series,he would be good enough come 2011.
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    CC1981 got a reaction from Zakhmi in Why? Why why why why!??   
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    CC1981 reacted to DomainK in Gavaskar Fired......not yet!   
    Thats a big personal insult.....bad post reported:D
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    CC1981 got a reaction from Laaloo in Sachin's 42nd hundred celebration!   
    LOL! Thank you for underscoring how weak your criticism of Tendulkar is- to find someone who compares to him, you raised IVA Richards to the argument- who, it is commonly known, is along with Tendulkar, the greatest ODI bat the world has ever seen. This is a bit like saying 'yes, there is a batsman better than XYZ! his name is Bradman' or ' yes, there is a better allrounder than XYZ- its Sobers!'. That you are raising comparison with another batsman who has claims to being the best ever ODI bat, shows how silly your criticism has been and how far you've had to reach to try and justify your rather illogical/shortsighted claims regarding Tendulkar. And don't forget, there are holes in Viv's resume too- Viv rarely played in triangular series and Viv almost NEVER batted under the same pressure as Tendulkar- Viv scoring a duck had little or no impact on the win/loss of West Indies of that era, Tendulkar scoring a duck means India is immediately more likely to lose the match than not. Not to mention, given the amazing attack WI had back then, Viv didn't have to stretch too hard to keep up with the asking rate- its certainly easier to go hammer and tongs on the opposition day in,day out when you realize that your contribution is not that critical to the team's fortunes ( several other greats around) and that you are either rarely facing an asking rate of over 5 an over or that if your team total is over 5rpo for the other team, you've effectively won already. Not to mention, Viv played in less than HALF the ODIs Tendulkar did and Tendulkar's experience is a lot more varied. All in all, while Richards himself presents a very good case of being #1 alltime ODI bat, it is far from being decieded. As for the bowling faced by Sachin, sorry but Sachin's faced more quality bowlers in his time than Viv has and that is a fact. Ambrose, Walsh, Bishop, Pollock,Donald, Wasim,Waqar, Saqlain(who used to be a demon in ODIs), Warne, McGrath, Lee, Akhtar, Bond, Cairns, Gough, Caddick,Hoggard, Flintoff, Murali, Vaas, etc. Who are the bowlers in that callibre that Viv faced with any regularity ? most decent spinners retired within the first fwe years of VIv's career and only Qadir was around for most of Viv's career to present him a challenge in spin department. In pace, its Imran,Hadlee,Kapil,Botham,Lillee, Thommo and Bob Willis.... Its easy to see who's faced better attacks over the time, really. The stats you've quoted for his ODI record in FIVE countries are irrelevant. For one, home/away stats in ODIs mean diddly squat. Neutral ground stats matter a lot too, since often there are ODI triangulars for which neutral ground stats are indicative of how you've done against the whole opposition. For two, as i said, FIND me someone who is playing today, that has better record than Sachin overseas or in those 'five countries' as you call it. Find me how many matchwinning 100s they've scored. Your refusal to provide the relative scale to other batsmen in itself is indicative of how weak your argument is, really. The only point to consider at this moment, is if you really understand the nuances of cricket and the far more contextual impression that cricket demands from any conoisseur. I think not.
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    CC1981 got a reaction from talksport in Countdown To The Wallz 10k Runz   
    All the best to Dravid. The record as it stands, for the fastest man to 10,000 Test runs (in terms of innings), is jointly held by Lara and Tendulkar- they both doing it in 195 innings. Dravid therefore, cannot hold the record, since he is already past 200 innings and yet to reach 10K. However, Ponting has an outside chance of breaking the record : he sits at 192 innings and 9636 runs. Therefore, he needs 364 runs in 2 innings to break the record and 364 runs in 3 innings to tie it. Of the currently active batsmen who MAY get the record, no-one seems that likely to equal/break Lara-Tendulkar's record : Kallis is at 9414 runs already in 194 innings, thus taking 'breaking the record' out of the equation. And even then, he'd need an almost-impossible, superhuman 586 runs in the very next test innings to equal the record. Given that Kallis has never scored a double century in tests and inorder for him to equal the record, he'd need to break the world record for highest innings score and extend it by 186 runs, it is almost a certainty he won't get there(not unless Kallis meets Zimbabwe the very next match and its a timeless test inorder to give Kallis the few weeks he needs to score those runs). Hayden, another with an outside shot (though i feel he is the least deserving of the lot) , has 28 innings to make 1861 runs to break the record. At over 66 runs every innings, it is a very stiff ask, but not one completely beyond Hayden's reach. Jayawardene and Chanderpaul are the only 'distant-shots' i can see, though in Jaya's case, he'd need 2700+ runs in 43 innings (again, a very stiff ask) and Chanderpaul can be almost written off, since he needs 2550+ runs in 11 innings to break the record. Of the rest, i am not sure any other current active batsmen would even get to 10K runs- it doesnt look too promising for Clarke & Smith, who are both in a downward spiral, with Sangakkara & Yousuf almost ruled out due to age considerations ( they are over 30 and have barely made it to 6000 runs). If Sangakkara makes it, he may only *JUST* go past 10K as well. Yousuf(who is almost 34 and still 3300+ adrift of the milestone) can almost be written off from reaching the 10K barrier. KP is still too new to enter this synopsis (he needs over 2x his career runs tally to make it to 10K runs) ========================== To summarize, unless Ponting scores a double ton and a ton in his next 2-3 innings, he doesnt get to hold the record and the record will stay in the joint posession of the two BEST batsmen of the last 15 years: Lara and Tendulkar. And with Ponting & Dravid set to join the 10K+ club and Hayden the only 'credible' threat for the next few years, 10K club will remain mostly an Aussie-India milestone, with Lara the only exception.
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    CC1981 got a reaction from King in India without Kumble   
    Sachin >> Dravid. Kumble >> Sachin + Dravid. Simple as that.
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