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  1. Gone for a duck off a painful 23 deliveries and 38 minutes. Caught off Broad in the slips.
  2. Prove it then. Go on, prove it. I'm curious how you will prove it, and to whose satisfaction, but go on.
  3. It can't be proven in this case. Ie, that it was 'wilful'. This is just street smarts. It's not even contrary to the spirit of cricket, far less the laws.
  4. Do you remember? Do Indian fans of a certain generation recall the years of trauma of being shown up by Sri Lanka? It was as if our collective egos were put inside a washing machine, drowned in a maelstrom, and hung out to dry. For decades Indian fans mostly thought of Lankan cricket with casual condescension, if not contempt. Compete with us? Hell not the 'little' Sri Lankans, not against big brother India. Then came the 96 world cup - the game in Delhi when Jaya and Kalu took us to the cleaners. I refused to believe the evidence of my eyes. This
  5. I do hope that Yadav meant just this one game. Otherwise, an international bowler, especially a spinner, conceding that he did not know what length to bowl in general, and that too in his home country? Then there is a fundamental issue with that bowler that requires more than just a small adjustment.
  6. Batting average be damned I'm sure their scoring averages went up uniformly across the board.,,
  7. Not in the same time period but I can't forget my excitement and anticipation when Robin Singh (1989) was selected to the team. He's West Indian, pancho! (The more sophisticated among us said he's Trinidadian, pancho!) We all thought we'd recruited a world beating combination of Clive Lloyd and Malcolm Marshall to our team. He didn't do too badly, but those were the days, eh?
  8. Wow. This thread is like that midlife crisis downer when you initially believed that your baba was the ultimate holy, wise, benevolent, all -seeing conduit and guide to god. Turns out, he may be a sex-addicted, opium addled money launderer... Oh Global.Baba
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