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  1. This isn't photoshopped right? Because it should come under the definition of 'massive excruciating phaadu phatela hangover' in the dictionary.
  2. Yeah the series was pretty interesting Draw, Tie Aus win (7 wickets) WI win (222 runs) Draw Aus win (2 wickets)
  3. https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/_/id/17375/west-indies-tour-of-australia-1960-61
  4. Love the thread title. Imagine going up to SRT, Lara, Ponting and that other ATG, Shahid Afridi, with this line: "Mr SRT/Lara/Ponting/ Afridi, how are you today? I'm from ICF, and I've got excel and statsguru tools to, erm, expose your holes....."
  5. I read Ganguly's comments more as highlighting the unshakeable self belief that you need to play and succeed at that level. This quote summed it for me. “You might not give me an opportunity to play but how will you break the belief inside me?” I recall an interview of Syed Kirmani in the late 1990s and one line stood out for me. Kirmani said "The call can come at anytime", implying that he kept fit because he could be called up for national duty, and deliver. Kirmani, by the way, had retired from all cricket in 1987.
  6. There are boring games, there are no boring teams.
  7. Exactly like Raina's cousin/ friend sirjee. As for the ban- VPN, no worries.
  8. Well then I can't give you advice. Best of luck!
  9. I just got educated. I am now going to try and download BIGO LIVE for a 'friend'. I will also ask my 'friend' to check his bank balance. Fap fap fap fap fap.
  10. Unless I missed it, what course are you applying for? Your costs would vary accordingly, as would the advice. I did an MBA from the US.
  11. Jai jai Vijay Shankar Kaanta lage na kankar, I just came in to say that.
  12. He held a kitchen knife to Grant's throat because all the hand grenades were then being used by the Pakistan Army, Shahid Afridi had loaned the rifles to his cousin to 'fight for freedom' in Kashmir, and Mohammed Amir had sold the entire cache of revolvers to Bob the bookie.
  13. Surprised me that Donald played alongside Marshall and Richards but that was before I realized his FC career started in 85/86. On topic, his list therefore his rules.
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