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  1. Nice juicy thapar on OP’s bootha lmao
  2. Reaction is over the top? You are basically justifying the vile abuse. Well done.
  3. Sorry, what? I hardly ever post on the ‘other forum’ but you will never find abuse on this level directed towards Indian’s there. I have the right to criticise.
  4. No I won’t log out. I come here to discuss cricket. Not to read abusive posts.
  5. Some of the posts in the Haris Rauf thread are downright disgusting. Keep up the good work guys.
  6. They don’t bring in players based in celebrations..but skills dohhhh
  7. Keep wishing he is a chucker..:you are making yourself look like a fool. Here you go, take a look.,he’s wrist action at point of delivery gives misleading impression of ‘chucking’.
  8. Keep crying about he’s action...you must be an expert in this field. Play it in slow motion and you will find he’s wrist position at the point of delivery gives wrong impression to the naked eye.
  9. Yea and all Indians look their age. If it makes you feel better..continue adding extra two yrs on Pak cricketers.
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