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  1. Exceptional talent no doubt. Considering the poor cricket infrastructure in Pak...he is a an anomaly.
  2. Hundred on debut for Abid Hundred on home debut for Babar Emotional moments
  3. Well this isn’t India or Aus where Test cricket is played regularly dohhhh
  4. What? They are broadcasting the series in the UK. In HD.
  5. Sony MAX is a Indian channel right? Im surprised they are broadcasting this series..?
  6. Just checked the lineup for Pak. Laughed my socks off.
  7. Well, Shoaib Akhar made it in the Youtube Rewind video 2019.
  8. Bond guy hasn’t aged very well has he?
  9. You seem to have an obsession with ‘Muslims are on free run to rape kaafirs’ Yet most of the news about perpetrators that comes out of India regarding rapes are non-Muslim.
  10. Out of the recent Bond movies, Casino Royale is the best. The rest are OKAY.
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