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  1. As expected. Strong comeback by Eng. @Khota you can come out of depression now. Pak will lose this match
  2. @Khota Eng are all over Pak. Looks like Pak took Eng too lightly You can start enjoying Test cricket again.
  3. Bullsh*t. You are the most intolerent guy here. Always whingeing & crying. You are butthurt. It is visible that it hurts you to see Pak doing well. You are the same guy who was crying that there is an obsession with India on Pak forums- yet here you are obsessing about Pak daily. The irony. You are the same guy that who claims lungi cricket is better than Test cricket- yet here you are discussing Test cricket daily. If you hate it, you should not be worried about how Pak performed & how Ind will perform, right? IPL is over...retire from the forum until IPL 2019. Also Pak drew a 4 match series here in 2016. I don’t know if you are a troll but you certainly are an emotional person. Maybe both.
  4. cric_fan

    Is this fake?

    There is a glass barrier between the child & the person at the top
  5. Man, you really are butthurt re Pak. Give it a rest.
  6. The difference? They went straight to a training camp on green wickets after PSL.
  7. What a farce. I can’t even give Madrid any credit. They were literally handed the trophy on a platter. The worst final I have ever seen.
  8. Bakwaas band kar. Go watch bollywood cricket. Lets see if your rockstars can match this performance.
  9. Listen to Mickey’s post match interview. The prep started after the PSL. Green tops were prepared & duke balls were used. They arrived in England & got a couple of warmups. They were mocked for playing a Test match vs Ire here which infact benefited them. The team was more prepared than England.
  10. I thought you are not interested in Test cricket? Fraud fan. Stick to bollywood cricket.
  11. They were mocked for arranging a Test match vs Ireland. The 6wk preparation for this tour has been top notch.
  12. Obviously you are hurt to see Pak doing well. Hence the bitch fit about Tests. You will be watching Eng v Pak ball by ball. Guaranteed.
  13. Are you thick or just have comprehension issues? I said pace is not everything..what does this have to do with whether they had a bowl or not?
  14. Tbh, If the pitches are flat, I don’t expect Ind bowlers to perform.
  15. They have been outplayed. World class bowling.
  16. Huge breakthrough. What a bowler this Abbas is.
  17. Very irresponsible from the skipper. Idiot.
  18. Bumrah is nippy but boyyyy is that action ugly or what. Does he have a celebration?
  19. Test cricket is here to stay. The real deal. Battling it out for five days requires mental & physical strength. Fast bowler runs in, batsman watching every delivery like a hawk- some miss the edge, some take the edge, some whilstle past the chin, some swing, some seam, some slam into the body, some crush the toes, some connect the middle of the bat. Patience, patience is required. A leggie plans he’s next move meticulously- the batsman is trying to figure out the leggie’s next move. A close in fielder stands nervously meters from the bat, the slips constantly on edge. There are stares, words exchanged...at times heated & physical. The intensity cannot be beaten. Test cricket is here to stay. There is not much to say about IPL & other leagues. Test cricket is here to stay.
  20. That is the only reason you are laughing..because Pakistan are playing. As I said earlier, when Ind come over, you will be w@nking over it. I never said I feel sorry for you. And you did type 3mins.
  21. Are you trying to make us feel sorry for you? Who cares if you watched it for 3min or 30min. It’s a working/school day. Obviously you will see more pensioners. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t. We don’t need a daily update from you. And shut the door behind you.
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