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  1. Musa has actually gained extra pace it seems. When I saw him at the U19 WC...he was under the shadow of Shaheen.
  2. Well he is bowling today. Lovely flowing bowling action. Sharp.
  3. That’s very wrong imo. He should be on a plane home. No way will he be in the right frame of mind.
  4. Hehe I give you that one...quite funny coming from you ;)
  5. Sadly, we might not get to see Naseem Shah this tour afterall. He’s mother has passed away.
  6. Not just greenbros actually...orange, blue, white, red bros etc too.
  7. Even worse are supplements such as protein shakes that athletes take regularly.
  8. Okay, do you now feel better that you got that weight off your chest?
  9. Jeez...did I state that anywhere..? Why so defensive? My point most batsmen have their weakness...
  10. Tendu averaged 40 vs Pakistan home & away.. goodnight sir.
  11. If you are talking about Test cricket..then he actually averaged 45 away from home. In ODI’s he a averaged 38 away from home. Yes, facts are a b!tch.
  12. He will most likely have to change he’s bowling action to prevent further stress fractures.....which might affect he’s pace.
  13. Very saddened by this :( Died of cardiac arrest.
  14. Very saddened by this :( Died of cardiac arrest.
  15. Misbah haters in meltdown. It’s not a ideal situation but we’ll just have to put up with. No harm in trying out a new strategy.
  16. Fitness is key..especially with that action...he needs to be wrapped in cotton bud. But he seems a strong lad.
  17. One of the ATG innings
  18. Who says Test cricket is dead??
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