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  1. In this case, where wickets were losing and collapsing from the start, and noone to steady the ship, he played an anchor role, while Gaikwad was the aggressor. So in most cases yes, it's not a good knock, in this case it was okay.
  2. He shouldn't have won 2011 either, he should've lost the SF. In fact Nole struggled in every USO except 2018.
  3. I wouldn't even want this to be broken. Let it be tied for all I care. Should be testimony to the three greatest players of all time.
  4. Easy draws. Easy draws can get you as many slams as you want.
  5. Disgusting from the crowd, shouting just when Med had CP to serve. Can he serve it out again? Certainly not another choke?? I won't be surprised by anything at this stage.
  6. He had a month of rest after Olympics. He would've overplayed instead and got an injury or mental exhaustion like the prev USOs. Ironic that the once time Nole gets extremely favourable support from crowd, he falters. Probably likes the negative energy. Feels pressure when there is support.
  7. Yep. I might have been wrong. Nole is clearly tired and fatigued, and also nervous , and full of pressure. Med leads by 2 sets and a double break, surely not even next gen can choke from this position?
  8. Med was nervous as hell serving for the second set, almost a mini choke. If Med gets ahead in the third set, I expect a choke while serving.
  9. Same thing happened in the first two sets against Tsitsipas. He came back in the last 3.
  10. Medvedev takes the first set. Now expect him to lose in 4 like all other players have been doing against Djokovic all tournament. Med can't keep up this serving percentage throughout 5 sets.
  11. Yea, Nole is more dominant at AA. But this is is the final. In the later stages Nole will not lose, he said that he'll play this match as if this was the last match of his life. The only factor that might influence the result in Med's favour is pressure. If Djokovic is nervous that might reflect in the match. But Med will be nervous himself as he has never won a slam, and is into his 3rd final at the age of 25/26. The last non clay final Nole lost was in 2016, and that was to the Stanimal, and Nole was in even worse form than now. There's even the injury excuse if that'
  12. USO surface has changed since last year. It's much faster now. Also, Nole lost to multiple slam winners in those finals , not to these slamless mugs. Also, Medvedev doesn't have the game to trouble Djokovic for 5 sets, especially when he's on. Medvedev had an easy draw and no notable opponents , and his form wasn't even that impressive this tournament. He was playing much better at AO, and all the tournaments leading up to it. He was on a 20 match winning streak, and Nole was injured and struggling throughout the tournament until the SF. I would love for Med to win, I
  13. Zverev was the endgame not Medvedev. Zverev was the toughest opponent for Djokovic once he got through him, it's easy pickings. Medvedev isn't as good as Zverev when he's on . Medvedev doesn't have the variety to trouble Djokovic in BO5 especially if Djokovic is playing close to his best. These next gen mugs are so weak. This era had really been weak since 16-17. Only active players who have the mentality and/or game to beat Djokovic are Thiem, Nadal, Federer if he's back to 17-19 level, Delpo, Wawrinka etc. Murray has the mentality but not the game and the hips. We h
  14. Djokovic vs Medvedev it is for the Calendar Grand Slam on the line. Djokovic clear favourite. He's almost there to the finish line. No stopping him now.
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