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  1. When the tour first started, everyone was expecting a total beatdown at the hands of the aussies ,after how the first two ODIs panned out. But, India had turned it around by winning the final ODI, the T20 series nearly whitewashing Australia, and a legendary test series against Australia winning it 2-1 , coming back after one of the worst performances in the first test. A very excellent tour for India. In fact we could've won the Odi Series as well if he had batted first in at least one of the first two games, a little unlucky to bat second. EDIT: All of this occurred
  2. Guys like Federer were accurate servers relying more on precision and placement rather than power. And Federer was quite respectable and competitive versus Nadal off clay.
  3. Speed of the court also matters. Nadal grew up in a slow surfaces era. Current HC and Grass is nowhere near the surfaces there were in the 80s or 90s. Nadal struggles against big servers on Grass and fast HCs. Especially indoors, where guys like McEnroe and Edberg would feast on Nadal. Slow HC Nadal is probably top 5 all time.
  4. What about Lendl? Agassi was quite strong on grass, made a few Wimbledon finals, and would've won more if not for Sampras, or his vanity(concerned about his wig falling off instead of actually winning, in his first W final). McEnroe as well, his second best surface was HC and he dominated Borg in HC and Borg was a great HC player, his lack of a HC GS was more of McEnroe being clutch in the Us Open Finals.
  5. He is a decent player off clay, no doubt. But half of his off clay Slams are because of easy draws, and aided with choking of opponents. Eg. 2017 US Open, not a single top 25 player faced in his victory. There are a few more. Of course, he's probably top 15 all time on HCs, and maybe top 20-25 on grass. So that by no means is bad.
  6. Read my statement again. There is no mention about Nadal's clay prowess. I was talking about OFF clay.
  7. Aside from Jadeja, Vihari, Pant, and Ashwin are also injured. It wouldn't be surprising to see 4 changes the next match.
  8. I6MTW

    AO 2021

    Sad to see Federer out. It seems like it's the end of the road for him. I think Thiem and Medvedev are the favourites to win. Djokovic of course is always a threat at AO, but considering his level the past year and the fact that he should've lost the AO final last year, I wouldn't put it past him to lose before the SF-F stage. His focus is anyway on catching Federer's 310 weeks at No 1 record which is almost 99.9% certain.
  9. China and India were two of the oldest civilizations to have existed. Plus since they were geographically proximal to each other , it is only natural that they have many similarities.
  10. Djokovic eats fish. Ishant is prone to injuries. Yuvraj was known more for his timing of the ball than his power. I'm not eating meat bring more to the table. But it does give a slight advantage.
  11. Bumrah is always overrated in limited overs. He only performs in IPL.
  12. Not to mention that choke from Zverev at USO. If not for these two chokes, Thiem would have been winless in finals of big tournaments. For a guy that is so ahead of the field when it comes to playing against the big 3, he loses his clutchness in finals. Idk how many more chances he'll get to win WTF as he's 27-28.
  13. It's a known fact that Nadal sucks on indoor HC. The main reason Nadal won anything off clay was easy draws, weaker competition at that tournament, and chokes from opponents.
  14. Yeaa, I am on MTF and ive heard many saying it's because of age and his decline has started. Many are saying Djokvoic never really even played a convincing match all year other than the ATP Cup final .
  15. I was following the tournament but forgot to create a thread for it, must be because of all the archiving that was done . I watched the Thiem - Djokovic match. I thought the match was over when Thiem choked 4 MPs and when he waz trailing 0-4 in the TB. Suddenly Thiem raised his level and Djokovic lost his clutchness. I didn't see the Nadal match but I knew Medvedev would finally be able to get rid of his demons against Nadal, considering the form her was in. I guess Nadal's last chance was this year, he'll never win the WTF now. Thiem-Medvedev could go both ways. I don't mind either of them wi
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