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  1. Okay will take all of this into account. I did my Bachelor's in India, hence the 10 scale.
  2. Well If I could, I wouldn't be needing financial aid now would I? The cost would range from anywhere around 60k-100k USD depending on the university, and living expenses in that locality .
  3. Okay, I do have an job offer, but that is from Infosys, and they usually take a year after graduation to recruit. Plus the salary, and work is below standards for a fresher. So, I was searching for other jobs and for better offers but no luck so far. Doing a master's was my main idea even then. I am actually a little weak in Programming, in the sense I know only the basics. So advice from my professors was that studying further would help broaden my prospects. Since you mentioned Carnegie Mellon, their acceptance rates are very low especially for CS since their one of the best universities. Would an SOP with LOR really broaden the prospects of a student with 7 CGPA (approx) and an estimated GRE score of 310-320(say on average)?
  4. Oh right, I forgot to mention that . I haven't decided on a specific course yet. I've majored in Computer Science and IT. So it would be something related to the field like MS in CSC, or a MS in Data Science/Analytics, or MS in Cyber Security. I have not decided on the exact specialized course.
  5. I'm almost finishing my graduation, or rather I've essentially finished, just waiting for exams to be conducted . I have decided to study my masters abroad, I am a US citizen. Since , I'm not financially suitable to pay for the costs and expenses of a college education abroad, I'm planning on applying for loan/financial aid in the US such as tuition costs and living expenses. I have been doing research on the procedure of applying as well as acceptance rates of various universities. Had anyone gone thru a similar process and ended up studying there? If not USA, then what other countries have you ended up applying to? I am open to the studying in other countries such as Europe, Singapore Japan, Australia, Canada, etc. But the US is my top priority for now. And how was the procedure? I am planning on preparing for my test scores such as GRE, GMAT etc. It'll take me a few months, so I'm targeting the 2021 slot for admissions. My CGPA is around 7(6.8) to be exact. Do I stand a chance of getting into a decent university? I'm going to prepare to write my SOP , and get a LOR from my professor's. Some advice, or tip's and pointers would be nice.
  6. Yes he is. He also believes in fake gurus and charlatans.
  7. Yep! And so has other players such as Dimitrov etc. It was Djokovic's fault so many people got it in the first place. Organising a tournament without any precautions or measures, denting the severity of the COVID situation, refusing to get tested for it or vaccinated if it were to come etc. Not good on Djokovic's part. Plus he arranged an after-party with no social distancing measures at all. I've lost respect for him a long time ago.
  8. There are a lot of reports and rumours going on in social media that he was murdered, Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty played a hand.
  9. His uncle is saying that he might have been murdered and asks to conduct a probe.
  10. But, Sushant's recent movies did well. He didn't have any flops per se. He was most likely either in debt, lack of finding work, or suffering from depression as sources say.
  11. RG, might be played without crowds. Plus players might be reluctant to play. If it happens, there's no guarantee tennis willr resume normally, a lot of players will be rusty, especially Nadal who hasn't touched a racquet for two months until recently, and he's been only practicing twice a week. There's no guarantee that he'd be ready until then. Both Djokovic and Nadal expressed dissatisfaction playing, they'll only play one of the two GS if it takes place. Thiem is the favourite for USO/RG if that happens .
  12. Let's see if the ATP season resumes this year. I don't think it's possible for USO to play, especially when players themselves are hesitant and dont want to play without crowds.
  13. Well pop is the most popular music genre in the world. And MJ was the king of it. Plus his style , charisma, and dance moves were unmatched. So there won't be another MJ, but there will be future pop icons and sensations of that time period.
  14. Wel MJ is more recent than the other names I mentioned. I mean they all either broke up, or the artists died around 20-30 years back, while MJ died only 11 years ago. He's still fresh on people's minds over the world. There's no guarantee he'll be thag well known in every place in the world another 10-20 years from now. It'll be a similar recognition like the other artists get.
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