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  1. Let's wait until he reaches the final, Zverev and Medvedev are his biggest threats now, with Tsitsipas a close third.
  2. Lol at calling Australia authoritarian or totalitarian, Russia is invading Ukraine as we speak, and the criticism is on Australia.
  3. Don't count out Tsitsipas and Alcaraz. The kid is developing faster by the minute.
  4. It seems Djokovic owns an 80% share in a biotech company developing a COVID treatment similar to vaccines. So that's why Djokovic didn't want to take the vaccine or is against them, he has his own business ventures and interests and he doesn't want to indulge or contribute to anything that might hamper his business profits.
  5. Khachanov has always troubled Nadal, never gonna win, but enough to take the legs out of him, particularly with Karatsev and Zverev looming. Khachanov-Karatsev-Zverev-Berretini/Alcaraz-Medvedev/Tsitsipas/Rublev is a nightmare draw for Nadal even in his prime. Even if half of the potential opponents never make it, it's still tough for current Nadal.
  6. Still doesn't justify, faking documents, and going out in public , attending events and spreading it to children even after knowing he was positive, breaching quarantine requirements etc. I agree Australia is to blame fot mishandling this situation, they should've just told him that he is not allowed to play, there is no medical exemption allowed. Actually thats what the federal government mentioned, it was Tiley and Tennis Australia that gave him the false promise of playing and invited him to play with an exemption, it was their greed for money that allowed this to happen. But D
  7. Federer is Swiss. And swiss are known to be the most neutral and diplomatic. Federer tried to be as neutral and diplomatic as possible. Which is much tougher to do than taking a stance. Anyone can take a stance ,but to be neutral and diplomatic and still maintain a positive public opinion and image of the person is tougher.
  8. 2017 was even worse. It was Roger's to win, but the draw was screwed by Murray withdrawing in the last minute. I thought you were a Rafa fan? I dislike both Rafa and Nole. They are interchangeable for me depending on the day and according to situations.
  9. Let's see. I don't believe Nadal has it in him to win on HCs these days, especially a tournament which he has been cursed throughout his career. Nadal probably believes he can win it and is happy Djokovic is not playing but he is in for a rude awakening if he thinks Djokovic is his only competition. But yes luck factor can play. If his top opponents get COVID and have to withdraw, then Nadal is the favourite with no one to stop him, since he had Covid last month.
  10. Nadal is not getting past Zverev and Medvedev. Even Kokkinakis, Khachanov, Hurkacz/Karatsev are too much for him. Even in his prime this draw would have been too much.
  11. Rohit is already selected as the next test captain. He's now India's all format captain.
  12. If the entire world agrees upon a universal mandate or solution, there is nothing to be questioned, it has to be adhered to for the time being , for now it is the only solution until a better alternative comes up. No one enjoys taking vaccines every single day, but taking a couple a year in order to reduce the effects of a virus on a larger population should be doable for every individual. People have been taking shots and vaccines since the time they were born for various other causes such as polio, chicken pox, MMR, etc, how is this any different? You can argue the effectiveness of it(especi
  13. Song beats are good. Something decent from Badshah after a long time.
  14. Pretty soon every country in the world will make vaccination mandatory to travel, if they haven't done it already, all these anti vax tennis players, or anti vaxxers in general better get vaccinated quickly or they will have to stay home for the rest of their lives. Even in India, the national and state governments are making it mandatory for people to be vaccinated to go out and visit places. If these anti vaxxers want to live in this world they have to follow it, or get away from civilization.
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