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  1. The site is not working when I use Jio mobile data. It only works on WiFi.
  2. Jordan is a better death bowler than Neesham though.
  3. Might be too late for KXIP though. They would need to win every remaining game to stand a chance of qualifying.
  4. Will Maxwell ever hit form . If only he could channel his inner 2014 self.
  5. Lol can anyone tell me why Jordan is dropped despite performing well with the ball last game? Neesham is a an average bowler compared to Jordan.
  6. 1) Wide not given in the 2nd innings when Punjab were chasing. Even if the wide was touch and go, the MI players were laughing and smiling sheepishly. 2) Chris Jordan suspiciously running around, instead of running straight. 3) Both Rohit and De Kock instead of playing sensibly when only 5 runs were required in the super over, randomly starts to struggle against Shami who suddenly bowls like Bumrah, even if the bowling was good, Rohit playing the sweep shot when only 3 runs off 3 balls were required was suspicious. 4) Running between the wickets when 2 off 1 was required in t
  7. So CSK are out of the tournament if they lose today? What are their chances after today?
  8. Why is there a malayalam GIF for a team based out of Chennai?
  9. BUMP I hope my thread makes more sense now. Every year IPL gets more and more suspicious.
  10. I would love to see punjab in the final, lekin paanch aur matches kaise jeet saktha? They would have won 7 in a row to make it, which is a tall order. They can make it close though.
  11. WWE could learn a thing or two from the IPL seeing how it's been pretty poor the last 15 years.
  12. They should've won first match against Delhi when they needed just 1 off 3. They should've won the match against RR where they scored 220+. And they definitely should have won the match against Kolkata when they needed just 20 odd off of 3 overs with quite a number of wickets and hand. Instead of 6 points, they would be sitting right at the top with 12 points now. A very thin line and fine margins between success and failure.
  13. Just watched Whisper of the Heart. One of the few anime films I hadn't watched till now. It was really good. Nice, light hearted, breezy, and quite realistic as well. This is the most underrated Ghibli film, or even one of the most underrated animation films. The song country roads(which is also one of my favorites) blends so well with the movie and the background. I'll put this among the top of my list of animation.
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