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  1. This team alone might have a chance to qualify for the playoffs and win IPL. If this side was the Indian team, might perform well in T20I and ICC world t20. On bowling friendly pitches especially slow tracks, quite deadly . Though I am not sure how they'd perform on batting pitches.
  2. Ipl needs 16 teams, into two groups. Top 4 from each group qualify to the playoffs. Play off format : knockouts, Quarterfinals, SF and F, matchups based on points , NRR and standing position.
  3. This has a 200+ score MI win written all over it. DC has a mental block over MI. They used to be good against them. Lost the last 5 times.
  4. Is he hitting the ball well? He got out early in all 3 matches without affecting the score much.
  5. Vohra has played 50 IPL innings and scored only 3 50s. Last time he had any success was in 2014.
  6. Too many passengers in the team. Get rid of Vohra and Dube. They'll perform better. Even Parag and Tewatia can be dropped. They are missing Stokes and Archer badly. With them they would have had a chance of qualifying in the playoffs.
  7. Well they almost beat RR if not for Morris heroics.
  8. Without Stokes and Archer, the entire RR team looks weak. They need Archer back, and a replacement for Stokes.
  9. Lol that looked not out. Miller should've reviewed.
  10. RR set to lose this. With passengers like Vohra and Dubey, and Samson underperforming, they never looked like winning it. Playing too slow.
  11. What has Rohit ever done in a tournament final?
  12. They bought Jhye and Meredith for huge money, no way they are dropping them.
  13. He can bat in the middle order, in order to ensure stability and to prevent collapses. That way he can play his defensive tuk-tuk game in case a collapse like 3 or 4 down happens early. And if they end up 140-2 or 3 after 15 overs, he can come in and play aggressively. Gayle and Agarwal should open, Pooran can bat at 3. Rahul at 4, Hooda at 5, Srk at 6.
  14. Middle order didn't do badly. Both SRK and Hooda did well. It was Gayle and Pooran that failed. Pooran is out of form, mainly because of being wasted and underutilized in Punjab. He is the biggest talent in the West Indies. The moment he goes into another team, he'll have a Russell 2019, or a Gayle 2011 like season for his team. Gayle is old, and is not as explosive as he used to be. He can only bat at opening , or else drop him. Rahul should bat in the middle order if Gayle opens. PB can try Dawid Malan, but I'm not too sure of him doing well on Indian p
  15. As long as PK doesn't do an entire team, management, and staff overhaul, they will never win anything big. The entire problem has to be addressed from the roots. They don't have good decision making. Poor team selection, and auction buys. Poor scouting as well.
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