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  1. Federer had the greatest playing style of all time. One can argue his clutchess and his records, but one cannot argue he had the most pleasing game to watch. Much more than the likes of Sampras and Agassi (thougy Agassi was quite nice to watch in his time).
  2. Siraj probably. The current Bumrah no. Ishant is past it. Shami is decent but NZ pace attack is better.
  3. I6MTW

    Its OK.

    We had also lost T20 WC 14 and 16. As well as massively underperforming in 2012. Since the WC win in 11, we have lost every major tournament except 2013 CT being the outlier. I wouldn't even be surprised if India failed to win the WC 19 at home soil.
  4. IPL before t20 wc is good practice for indian players, but depends on where t20 wc is going to be held this year. If it's UAE, then better to hold IPL in UAE right before t20 wc
  5. Bevan was a anchor/consolidator type. He wasnt a slogger/power hitter. He doesn't score 15 runs off of 1 over. Andrew Symonds vs Bumrah would've been a better contest.
  6. IPL will definitely be cancelled after this.
  7. It all depends on scenarios and overall performances of all the teams. I think in 2019 SRH were able to qualify with only 6 wins(12 points).
  8. Siraj is out best bet now. Seems to be really good at the death.
  9. I expect Morgan to follow suit for KKR. Make Dre Russ the captain.
  10. Bravo in for Ngidi would've won the game for CSK. And CSK were atleast 10 runs short. This was a 230 wicket.
  11. Lol CSK collapsing. What looks like a 200 total will now be a 160-170 and MI will chase it easily.
  12. Lol reminds me of all those matches back in 2013, where CSK lost 6 wickets early and huffed and puffed to mediocre score against MI. This is giving me those vibes.
  13. If MI reaches the playoffs it is stopping CSK no matter how good CSK is or how bad MI is. Delhi seems to have a number on CSK. They've beaten CSK the past couple of times.
  14. Lol Harshal looking to complete his century today after scoring 53 earlier.
  15. Mayank can't bat in MO. Only Rahul can do that.. Malan can open with either Gayle/Agarwal and push Rahul to 4. Strengthens their middle order, and top order is solid. Bring Sarfaraz in as well.
  16. Can Malan play in middle order? Isn't he an opener?
  17. It's time for KL to play in the middle order. Open with Gayle and Agarwal. Play Malan/Pooran at 3. KL at 4. Play Sarfaraz as well.
  18. Vintage Gayle. Shows he's still got it in the odd match or two.
  19. Lol you have three teams with the same number of points and wins. How is it lonely? You could only say that if CSK was 6-0(12 points) and the next team was 3-3(6 points).
  20. Pant being captain is not good for his career, already he's starting to play slow.
  21. It seems Pant is heading that way as well. Rahul had already started.
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