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  1. Women's hockey bronze medal match against Great Britain, tomorrow morning, 07:00 IST Impossible to match the drama, thrill, quality of today's match but hope result is similar.
  2. Still a better campaign than London 2012. But huge opportunity to hit double digit mark missed. We will accomplish that in Paris, clearly we are on the right track. Except the shooters of course.
  3. Yazdani-Taylor bout was something, what amazing wrestling by both Congrats to the American.
  4. Disappointing afternoon feel for Deepak, so close.
  5. Being FIH President doesn't mean much. Shashank Manohar was ICC Chairman for so long, did he do anything good for Indian cricket?
  6. Agree that was cringe. Highly irritating personality. Just a hobby man.
  7. Batra is a clown, among other things he wants India to play 5-a-side hockey. Besides we don't have clout in the boardroom and will get outvoted every time, whatever said and done BCCI is the richest cricket board and can get things done in ICC often by being a bully. No scope in hockey, we need a successful league first and foremost.
  8. PHL team names were dope, much better than IPL Sher-e-Jalandhar Chennai Veerans Maratha Warriors Orissa Steelers Bangalore Hi-Fliers Hyderabad Sultans
  9. Chalo at least someone is talking about that BS. Heads must roll.
  10. Maybe Germans deserved that. Today they stopped the clock when 29 seconds were remaining, lost some 10 seconds when ball was in play, and they got a PC in final 7 seconds. Imagine the level of organized cheating!!!!! Goras have ruined hockey.
  11. Didn't watch a single ball of action, maybe that worked well for us. Scorecard is surprising but we have so many deadweights in our batting order.
  12. Skipper Manpreet and a few other players visited this legend's house when he wasn't doing well, Balbirji showed them his Olympic gold medals, asked them to touch it and made them promise they would win in Tokyo. He passed away last year at the age of 97. Not quite gold this time, but we'll get there great man.
  13. We needed more of Simranjeet, less of Lalit in the SF.
  14. Concerned officials should be fired for such kind of cheating/incompetence, and a life ban from officiating in hockey at any level. Had Germans converted that PC I would have destroyed my room I guess, was fuming at that time.
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