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  1. LINK No Warner, Cummins for remaining 4 white ball matches. Warner doubtful for first test, if 4-6 weeks part is true he may miss more than one test.
  2. ‘Can’t understand that kind of captaincy’, Gautam Gambhir not happy with Virat Kohli’s handling of Jasprit Bumrah Ashish Nehra criticises ‘impulsive captain’ Virat Kohli’s hasty decisions on bowling changes in Australia ODIs
  3. NZ did chase 350 against us earlier this year and very comfortably, 2-3 overs to spare. 3rd ODI they made mockery of our 300 total. If our quicks are unable to provide breakthrough in first 25 overs what do you expect against top sides? Unless our new ball bowling improves we are toast.
  4. NZ match saw a rank turner, we should avoid extreme of anything. Just a bit more sluggish, lower bounce, offering more turn than normal Indian pattas, we have enough experience on the back of 10 IPL seasons. Teams like Pak, SL, BD maybe even NZ, Aus will do well on such pitches but it will also amplify our strengths, hide our glaring weaknesses and let's be honest WI/Eng will be the teams to beat.
  5. Since we are hosts hope we tweak the pitches a little bit, make them 160 decks instead of 180-200, Not unsporting by any means (ICC curators will oversee but can't object), just more bat-ball balance. WI, Eng are more vulnerable on two paced pitches. Suits our team better.
  6. Kohli must play simply because of his WT20 record (apart from one season he was never good in IPL), he has always found a way to peak during those tourneys esp must-win matches. His future in this format can be discussed after 2021 T20 WC. For T20 WC in India: Rohit(c) Rahul Kohli SKY Kishan/Pant/Sanju Hardik 2 out of Krunal/Tewatia/Sundar D Chahar Varun C for his mystery (maybe R Chahar and Saini as backup options) Bumrah Rahul should be instructed to play freely and not get bogged down, relieving captaincy resp
  7. Smith's batting has been a treat to watch, the highest level of ODI batsmanship we have seen in a long time. Already established himself as the test GOAT and ICC KO GOAT. If he can take JAMODIs a bit more seriously his ODI creds too will get a boost, we all have seen what he is capable of, B2B 60 ball tons against first choice Indian attack and fully in control, don't see any other batsman doing it, not even those English freaks.
  8. The larger game plan of fifth column, split Hindus. Mamata has already indicated that Bengal will follow suit, earlier this year stopped mass marriage of Sarna tribals when they wanted to conduct it as per Hindu traditions. This Peerzada used to support Mamata, now thrown weight behind Owaisi for next year's election. Organized rallies in support of BD Jamaat, Razakars, 1971 war criminals when some of those bstards were sent to gallows by Hasina govt a couple of years back. Notorious figure. ‘We are majority here, not minority, because Dalits and Adivasis are not Hind
  9. Disgraceful. Daily kafir women are raped/abducted/killed just because they resist forced conversion cum marriage. We hear about all these horrible kidnapping stories from Pak/BD, but also happening within our borders. Not all of it makes it to MSM, so look at vernacular media, slitting of throats so common when the girl resists conversion to Islam. For most Muslims the answer is always mindless violence, how can one group cause so much trouble and terror? Even the Syro-Malabar church is raising its voice against Islamic fundamentalism. From LW outlets: Syro-Malabar Church firm on its
  10. Will never appear on MSM, but many Hindi websites and some twitter handles have info. Weapon from a nearby mosque and a maulvi involved as well, communal tension obviously. But this isn't communal murder, this isn't intolerance, no 1 crore compensation by secular state to the victim's family (only cattle and bike thieves get that honour), no WaPo article, basically only Hindus are the aggressors, all Muslims are tolerant/peaceful.....
  11. Lack of accountability has been the saddest part. Ganguly too a huge disappointment. The people running Indian cricket have such a low bar, we can never be a dominant team unless all other countries lose interest in the game. No ambition, no desire to achieve something great....
  12. No expert/commie questions his non-performance. Why is he even in the squad?
  13. 2nd test 2nd innings he started coming in the groove, too late by then. Before that terrible. But as you said can be overlooked, batsmen were to blame. If you can't score 400 runs across 2 innings in a test match even Lloyd's quartet won't save you from defeat.
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