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  1. RP Singh MOM in 2006 Faisalabad....6 wickets on a patta.
  2. Munaf Patel had an outstanding debut in the 2006 home series against Eng. 7 wickets total, 4/25 in 2nd innings. Looked like the real deal back then. 4 WH not on YT.....
  3. Ashwin was MOM in his test debut at Kotla, brought us back into the match with a 6fer after we surrendered a huge lead in our 1st innings. also MOS..scored a 100 in 3rd test. That debut against WI, remember the challenging 4th inn chase of 270 odd, Sachin played one of his better knocks post-2011 WC but missed a 100.
  4. Test mace plus cash prize is awarded once a year, 1st week of April....top ranked teams get to pose with it for photo ops at any other time of the year (Misbah 2016 after our final test against WI got washed out) but officially there is only one season ending #1, last 5 years it has been India. A bit late this time probably because of this stupid virus otherwise ceremony is held in April. India has the mace for 2021, unless we lose top spot post our 2021-22 season we will keep the mace next year as well.
  5. How the mighty have fallen!!!!!! 2nd most prestigious leadership position in Australia->Bradman, Morris, Lindwall, Harvey, Benaud, Simpson, Chappells, Border, Taylor, Waugh, Ponting, Clarke, Smith to a guy with less test 100s than Jayant Yadav...and 3 less than Saha despite playing almost same number of matches.
  6. Since 2001, the top-ranked Test team in the world has been awarded the ICC Test Championship mace. It is worth £30,000. The top-ranked team at the start of April each year is also awarded £750,000 ($US1 million).[5] Team Awarded Australia April 2002 Australia April 2003 Australia April 2004 Australia April 2005 Australia April 2006 Australia April 2007 Australia April 2008 Australia Apr
  7. 'Nightmare of a week' for Ashwin's family after 10 of them tested positive for Covid-19 6 adults, 4 children tested positive, scary **** !!!!!! Chennai not far behind Delhi I guess.
  8. Information from Boria Majumdar on Sports Tak: There was no breach of bubble by Varun Chakravarthy or Sandeep Warrier. His visit to hospital was well within the guidelines, with all protocols followed. He was in hospital for only around five minutes, and the staff that attended him were asymptomatic and vaccinated. KKR players are currently in hard quarantine. Varun and Warrier will be in quarantine for at least 10 days. Interesting
  9. DC with all first choice players available (despite his flaws Iyer is an upgrade over Rahane, Smith type grafters) and with Pant/Shaw in form isn't inferior to ,MI especially if we get our tactics right. Shaw Dhawan 2.0 Hetmyer (wasted too low down the order in UAE) Pant Iyer Stoinis Axar Rabada/Woakes Ashwin Nortje Avesh Dynamic batting order, L-R combo all the way down to tail, power hitters, range hitters, gun pace attack, excellent spin duo, 6 bowling options....MI's main advantage is skipper Rohit (and coach Mahela
  10. Year end ranking is flawed in cricket, in fact moronic is the word.....unlike tennis, the cricket season doesn't end at the end of the year. Imagine ATP declaring YE #1 in July before the US Open, ATP Finals and North American+Asian hardcourt+indoors swing!!!!! Southern hemisphere, Ind/Pak/SL/BD all are in the middle of their cricket home season in December. They must come with season ending rankings to give a better picture, cricket season generally ends all over the world in March last week, new season (historically) starts in May (now June courtesy IPL's window) in Eng/WI. That's why the IC
  11. I don't care about JAMODI/T20I rankings. Test rankings different matter. Kohli doesn't need to ever take back #1 spot in ODIs, if he can do in 2023 WC KOs what Smith did in the 2015 edition that will be much bigger for his legacy and our team's chances. Kohli was #1 during 2017 CT, 2019 WC, did it matter?
  12. Wrongly victimized? Muslim card? Riots? Hindu-Muslim blah blah blah @sandeep @asterix @Austin 3:!6 this OP is simply trolling now, we don't need such threads on cricket talk. We hardly discuss religion in cricket unless there is some genuine reason or jovial stuff. This kind of baseless speculation plus fake news (like the HC judgement) drags down forum quality. IMO this poster deserves a few warnings at least, let him peddle this nonsense in green ghetto, ICF can do without such specimens and their inane ramblings.
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