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  1. Ashwin lacked intent, how the * do they come up with these pieces? At least make it believable.
  2. Worst fielding display I have seen in a match, at any level. Full torture.
  3. Zero accountability, even RSA better than us now. At this rate we will be fighting it out with Pak and SL in a couple of years time. Another feather in the cap for these crooks
  4. Torture. Worse chokers than the men. And our fielding
  5. Please God, make this happen. May force BCCI to sack this loser from ODI captaincy as well.
  6. Nation of retards. This clown was their Science Tech Minister at that time.
  7. Some time in the near future, an all out war between BCCI and ECB is inevitable. ECB is our real enemy, not PCB.
  8. From Indian pov PCB is a local level gunda, like Tuco Salamanca. Crazy but can be easily outmaneuvered. No long term planning, can't keep emotions in check, too many blunders. ECB is Gus Fring, biggest villain in the story but so polished/refined, very patient with long term plans in place yet subtle so they escape scrutiny. Even here they screwed over PCB much harder than NZC, guess who Pakistanis are abusing atm. English didn't rule over quarter of the world for 2 centuries just like that. USA is just a legacy continuation of Great Britain. ECB have BCCI
  9. Knowing Kohli, Varun won't play a single game in the WC. Wish we had Ro as captain to maximize output from our resources.
  10. These haters are assholes, too much toxicity on SM. Jaffer didn't have to respond to these unemployed scumbags.
  11. Indian hockey teams unlikely to compete in Birmingham Commonwealth Games The Indian hockey teams are unlikely to participate in next year's Commonwealth Games in Birmingham to ensure that they hit peak form during the Asian Games, which is a qualifier for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Indian Olympic Association President Narinder Batra said on Friday. Batra said he has conveyed this to Sports Authority of India (SAI) Director General Sandip Pradhan during a formal meeting here on Friday. Batra, who is the chief of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and wa
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