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  1. Dunno man. For Indian viewers Hotstar generally covers events like Pro League....I also have Sony LIV just to widen the net. Why not check out when tournament/match preview comes up in some UK based site, since England will be one of the participating teams....also London will play host to several fixtures. Asian Champions Trophy last time was streamed on FIH's YouTube channel. Hoping they do that this time as well, starting in 2 weeks time...so keep an eye on that.
  2. Relax, many assignments have been cancelled/postponed because of the pandemic. We play the Asian Champions Trophy next month in Dhaka, schedule is out. Opening fixture against South Korea on Dec 14, we will also play decent sides like Pakistan, Malaysia, Japan. Boys have been in training camp for the last month or so. Few star players were forced to retire keeping in mind squad age for next cycle of WC/Olympics...Birendra Lakra, SV Sunil and our ace drag flicker (and Tokyo hero) Rupinder Pal Singh all retired last month....all seasoned veterans with 200+ international caps but now
  3. Ashwin lacked intent, how the * do they come up with these pieces? At least make it believable.
  4. Worst fielding display I have seen in a match, at any level. Full torture.
  5. Zero accountability, even RSA better than us now. At this rate we will be fighting it out with Pak and SL in a couple of years time. Another feather in the cap for these crooks
  6. Even Lord Hanuman would smack these filthy casteists with his gada. Other so called UCs should step in and teach the culprits a lesson, not mere apology. Boycott such temples, surprised we have such a thing happening in Karnataka. At least in Bengaluru temples, nobody does this kind of ****....a Kali badi (constructed by old Bengali couple) nearby is run by so called 'lower caste' priests.
  7. Please God, make this happen. May force BCCI to sack this loser from ODI captaincy as well.
  8. Nation of retards. This clown was their Science Tech Minister at that time.
  9. Some time in the near future, an all out war between BCCI and ECB is inevitable. ECB is our real enemy, not PCB.
  10. From Indian pov PCB is a local level gunda, like Tuco Salamanca. Crazy but can be easily outmaneuvered. No long term planning, can't keep emotions in check, too many blunders. ECB is Gus Fring, biggest villain in the story but so polished/refined, very patient with long term plans in place yet subtle so they escape scrutiny. Even here they screwed over PCB much harder than NZC, guess who Pakistanis are abusing atm. English didn't rule over quarter of the world for 2 centuries just like that. USA is just a legacy continuation of Great Britain. ECB have BCCI
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