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  1. Most if not all posters look 25+ ICF not attracting people in the 18-25 category? I was familiar with ICF a decade back.
  2. @coffee_rules bahut bhola lag raha hai yaar.
  3. @asterix da is best known for infiltrating BD forums and causing mayhem there. Our very own Toyger Killer, the scourge of every BD cricket fan ever. Cool gangsta look.
  4. I don't like my pics taken, rarely smile in photos unlike in real life lol Closest I could find, where I am trying to smile, poorer quality but still you can see my teeth
  5. @Singh bling looks cute @Rasgulla has that mischievous grin, ready to troll his next victim @speedheat and @MechEng padhaku acche bacche @Austin 3:!6 has style but wtf are you doing with a bag on the cricket pitch? @maniac looks like an easygoing guy with sense of humour, just like how he posts @sandeep can't tell much but sporty guy perhaps? @velu the drunkard @Rightarmfast like some genius prof @Trichromatic a high performing corporate employee @Global.Baba warm clothing maybe dude? @zen swag Other pics I can't see, maybe deleted or not loading....
  6. Legendary, am sure this is the face you make everytime you troll those poor Bambis esp @Laaloo
  7. Great pics out there. Was hesitant at first but took the plunge, others do join in.
  8. I still manage some bodyweight exercises but the motivation is lacking, and no cardio. I am someone who easily puts on weight, gained 10-12 kilos since lockdown began. Can't manage intermittent fasting as well, waiting for normalcy to resume ASAP.
  9. Now I don't have beard. But a fatter face since no gym or physical activity for 8 months...
  10. Generally I don't like to take my pics, especially individual ones, and no 2020 pic from my side since I have put on some weight From circa 2018, cropped out the pic since there was someone else as well
  11. Yeah same with Steve Smith, before with Steve Waugh. Every team should always have one clutch player, the only reason I support Iyer is because I have a hunch that he is mentally tough and he (often) somehow manages to survive despite batting like a clown. To win an ICC event maybe we need one such player.
  12. Have been a backer of Gopal for at least a couple of years. Give him a chance at least.
  13. Relentless pressure cos of that accuracy, subtle with his variations, and excellent support bowlers...bowlers hunt in packs and Ashwin-Jadeja complement each other beautifully. Brilliant test spinner, his real challenge will come after Ash's retirement, might force him to be a bit more aggressive but that is not his strength. He is the McGrath equivalent of a spinner, ok maybe not that class but similar approach to bowling.
  14. Or maybe his stupid smile every time he gets hit for 6. But seriously for someone as 1D as him expectations will be higher, same with Kuly at least in this format where player needs to be multi-skilled. Hope to see Gopal get a look-in ASAP.
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