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  1. Umesh, Siraj in please. Keep Ishant fresh for the tests in England.
  2. Happens sometimes , for me more in chit-chat. We forget or lose track of our own threads, that is why merge feature is helpful.
  3. If he starts playing all formats, more chances of injury and fatigue. Don't see him playing 100 tests, 85-90 will be my guess. 350-375 wickets, 3500-4000 runs.
  4. Too early to speculate. One day before we will get a better idea.
  5. Same thread was opened earlier this month, same title, can merge I guess.
  6. Some people can't refrain from ridiculing a player on his retirement thread, so classy
  7. And 5 100s, 11 50s....he has the ability to increase the count in next 3-4 years. Dhoni in his 90 tests long career scored 6 100s, none outside Asia. For all the hype Imran scored 6 100s despite batting so much at #5, #6 and in home umpiring era when no Pak batsman would be given out LBW or even caught close-in. Hadlee/Pollock had 2 test 100s to show for all their batting efforts. Among Indians, Ashwin has more test 100s than Engineer, Jaisimha, Wadekar, Sandeep Patil, Srikkanth, Manjrekar, Yuvraj, ...all with decent sample size. Level with proper batsmen
  8. Aur ro lo, ghanta faraq nahi padta This test you got this treatment Next test you will get this treatment Isse zyaada nahi add karunga since NSFW, sudhar jao dear firangis
  9. Hope he becomes India's "Project Steve Smith" , from white ball bowler to who knows leader of next fab 4/5 in the 2020s
  10. Apart from the above mentioned knocks his unbeaten 100 against NZ in 2010, Chinnaswamy was fun to watch. One of his 6s went out of the stadium and we saw shades of peak Cairns/Kemp in that shot, remember us thrashing them 5-0 in that series under skipper Gambo.
  11. I think this team will surprise us in a good way this time. 2020-21 Aus victory will be regarded as a turning point in Indian cricket history when it comes to our overseas performance. On SENA wickets we will do much better in 4th innings with addition of Gill, Pant. Just hope team selection is spot on (eg by now TM must realize Shami and Umesh won't click in English conditions), must play Jaddu-Ash both in Eng (imagine before 2020 MCG both had played together only twice outside Asia and once in SENA!!!) not just for batting depth but because together they are stronger than sum of parts, meani
  12. Doubt that, Afg/SL/BD are equally as good/bad. Lol. In SC conditions WI has won 2 out of last 3 WT20s. We saw what NZ did to them in 2016 and look at the personnel NZ, Aus have. RSA is weaker, agree. Ind, Eng, WI, NZ, Aus and maybe even Afg, BD. Stop overrating that team dude.
  13. Eng vs NZ/WI in the final. Eng to win for the 2nd time. Another mega-choke (and wrong team selection) by us in SF. Pak will get violated in the group stage....hoping Afg lands in that group .
  14. early 70s Aus, Pak, RSA late 70s, 80s, early 90s Pak, WI though WI came close on 1-2 occasions 1995-2008 Pak, Aus though Aus came quite close esp in 1999, 2005 Dec and yeah one famous series in Sharjah between the 2 sides which is often cited as the GOAT series ever played.....Wajatullah Wasti did loads of masti and outscored both innings of Aus (53+59). 2008-12 4-way battle....RSA, India, Eng, Pak 2013-15 RSA, Pak 2015-20 Ind, Pak...IMO Pak has been the best side but coward baniyas don't have the daleri to challenge padosis
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