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  1. Delhi players will be laughing at the standard of other teams. Give us the trophy already.
  2. Didn't listen but saw folks sharing some clips on twitter.
  3. Nah, just spice up the pitches.
  4. This TV series is even more unpredictable than GOT.
  5. Systemic discrimination (origin in creation of Pak and the constitution), hence maybe minorities prefer to keep low profile. Some like Youhana may take the easy way out by converting. Why restrict to cricket? Where are the Hindus/Sikhs/Christians in Lollywood, popular culture, business, army, bureaucracy, politics etc? Every time Pakistanis want to counter Indians in this regard they say'Rana Bhagwan Das' (who btw majored in Islamic studies). They keep repeating the same name like parrots while we can come up with a few thousand prominent Muslim achievers in India. And then Imran
  6. What filthy diatribe by Imran Khan at UNGA. Joke of a leader, disgusting human being, makes Nawaz Sharif look like a statesman.
  7. Stay away from Delhi, panauti baba.
  8. Many such thefts happening in the state. Good job TN police but more should be done to preserve our artefacts.
  9. Now Kanpur, cos of FB post by a 4th standard kid. ‘Maaro, Kaato’, Muslim mob shouts as they attack beleaguered Hindu family in Kanpur over Facebook post: Read details
  10. Latest attack outside former office of Charlie Hebdo. 2 innocent people critically injured, total 4 wounded.
  11. Paris knife attack suspect is of Pakistani origin, French authorities say Knife attack in Paris, again a Pakistani link.
  12. Om Shanti....sincere condolence to you and your family.
  13. Wish we had Roy available, he would have made this team invincible.
  14. We have all bases covered: Best Indian batting core among all teams, not hacks....have firepower and can destroy pace/spin Most players in their prime, in their 20s Good mix of youth/experience Calm captain who also seems to be flexible, driven coach in Ponting Best keeper bat Good spin resources...with variety 2 gun quicks With Stoinis, we have 6 bowling options Bat deep, with Ashwin/Rabada/Mishra at 8/9/10 Maybe Carey comes in place of Hetmyer if the latter doesn't click. Have to finish in top 2.
  15. As pitches start seeing wear and tear, might not be a bad idea to have 3 spinners in the XI. All bring something new to the table: offie, leggie, SLA. We already have two good quicks in Rabada and Nortje. Also keep rotating the bowlers so that everyone is injury free and fresh in latter stages of the tourney.
  16. Yeah same with Steve Smith, before with Steve Waugh. Every team should always have one clutch player, the only reason I support Iyer is because I have a hunch that he is mentally tough and he (often) somehow manages to survive despite batting like a clown. To win an ICC event maybe we need one such player.
  17. Have been a backer of Gopal for at least a couple of years. Give him a chance at least.
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