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  1. The Bulgarian lady crushed the Mongolian Sonam Malik out, no repechage
  2. Dunno timing (generally they put it on their website the evening before) but 5th will see Indian men playing their bronze medal match against Ger/Aus. Tomorrow Indian women play their SF against Argentina. Exact time we will get to know by evening I guess (will tag you later in the day). 6th will be gold and bronze medal matches for the women.
  3. When we had the momentum in 1st half, 2-1 up, rattled Bel, clear PC not awarded, instead we lost a referral. Fine margins in the game, lot of scope for umpires to get the desired outcomes. We will play many KOs against these goras, umpires will always be fellow goras, all important calls will go against us in all matches. I prefer Pakistani officials tbh, no one but goras can be this blatant and still shut down any discussion/protests, worse they pretend to be morally superior. 3rd major tournament in a row where we have been shafted by nonsense umpiring, same Aussie ump involved
  4. So? Play the game on grass today, with 1936 sticks, offside rule and Punjab University XI will beat this Bel side. Goras changed rules to kill our hockey.
  5. This Aussie scumbag robbed us today. Did the same in 2018 Asian Games SF against Malaysia and 2018 WC QF against Netherlands. Has a big problem with Indians.
  6. Germany or Australia, will get to know in the evening. Close to 0 with these European and Australian umpires.
  7. Yeah, Aus umpires also screwed us over in Asian Games, Hockey WC in the past. Convict scum.
  8. India's lost referral, robbery. Umpires twice taking referrals on insistence of Belgium, first to save their team referral, second time to help them out. Why even have limit on referrals then? Penalty stroke awarded to Bel when ball was clearly going wide, nothing conclusive about Sreejesh's position as well. Manpreet's green card for a stick check, no similar call against the other side in Q2. Going soft on Bel despite them tackling us roughly, physically pushing us, so many times. We could have done better in PCs, both conversion
  9. Ball going wide, yet penalty stroke
  10. Belgium deserved the win but it wasn't a fair contest, period.
  11. Manpreet's green card changed the match's course.
  12. If Manpreet's was a green card, Belgium deserved at least 15 green cards for their shoves. Shambolic umpiring.
  13. Not selfishness. Our forwards lack experience, we dropped Akashdeep from the squad which was a blunder. Our decision making inside opponent's circle has been poor throughout the event. Lack of deflections (Dilpreet missed one sitter today), sometimes poor trapping (Lalit in Q3), sure these are skill things....but outside the circle the same players do all that well. Just that they get confused with their finishing, Belgium more decisive. With more experience we will become more efficient goal scorers. Our inability get PCs, that's a skill we must work on.
  14. Disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful. Organized cheating at the highest level, match after match. India should walk out of the bronze medal match, as a mark of protest. Don't need to play when there is no fair play involved.
  15. That was never a penalty stroke, sorry. This is disgraceful umpiring by the the convict bastard.
  16. rolling substitution, better than football.
  17. Bel's GK is better, they will be favs in penalty shoot-out. This isn't 2014 Sreejesh.
  18. Wtf they have already lost their referral!!!!!
  19. We shouldn't have lost that referral. Unbelievable TV umpiring there.
  20. This is hockey, not a cricket match and goals can't be scored like runs.
  21. Last superstar of hockey was Jamie Dwyer, an Australian legend who retired in early 2010s. Now there are many great players but no era defining superstar.
  22. Again cheating, that was not a PC.
  23. Organized cheating by the goras.
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