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  1. You know who Smith really is? Lukkha avenger Bumrah couldn't handle Kiwi hobbits, huge step up in quality this Aus team. Smith 650, Labu 500, Warner 450, itna minimum maanke aage chalo.
  2. You are wrong, ecosystem will simply collapse.
  3. Those suggesting sending millions of these dry cows to the forests, that is the easiest way to screw everything permanantly. Forests aren't labs that you get to play with these scenarios, fantasies should be limited to video games. Ever heard of the term 'Invasive Species'? Cattle are a top candidate to get that honour. You don't * with the flora/fauna....do read about how introducing feral cats in Australia has wrecked their environment. Anything can take the role of invasive species, even a minor herb !!!! Waise our target is 33% forest cover, long way away from that. Really no escape from harsh realities, beef industry is necessary, if that hurts your feelings stop consuming dairy products, replace with almond/coconut/soy milk, give up curd/cheese/ice cream....are you guys ready to do that? Farmers and herders cater to our demands, not the other way around.
  4. Right. I won't be surprised if the TJ/Saad fiasco was a grand BJP strategy (Amit Shah Chanakya neeti) to further sow Hindu-Muslim divisions and reap electoral benefits. Nothing else can explain how the govt is responding. Or maybe they wanted an exit plan in case they couldn't handle the health situation, blame everything on TJ so that public never asks tough questions. Whatever it is, MSM focussed on Saad for maybe a couple of weeks and now they have forgotten him, a BJP spokie was even scolded by higher ups for raising Saad's case a week back, something is definitely fishy. Likewise the SB thing wasn't nipped in the bud for strange reasons, buck stops with HM Shah. Since I can't tag you JC what do you think, you smell any conspiracy about the Saad/TJ/Markaz/Doval saga?
  5. Disgusting, one of the worst chapters in independent India's history. Kabhi kabhar mann karta hai ki kaash main IB yah MHA mein koi high post mein hota, Saad jaise suar ko tadpa tadpa kar maarta. Every second that bastard lives freely a part of me dies. Do people have any idea how many CRPF jawans got infected because of those Markaz creeps? They did it deliberately, despite orders, and then hid away from authorities, molested and spat at nurses, pooped on hospital floors etc. how is it not waging war against the nation? Why should a Saad be treated any differently than the jihadis Pak pushes across the border?
  6. Forget SB, why is that son of a * Maulana Saad still free? Why this VIP treatment to the terrorist scumbag who is responsible for 90% cases in some states? Who knows we could have opened up much earlier if not for Jamaati creeps? These panels, probes are nothing but eyewash, had the intent been there that pig would have been squealing 2 months before, instead our policemen were first beaten up by his followers, then went and had chai at his house. I mean wtf, why are Modi, Shah, Doval protecting him? What explains the state's capitulation? Doval went to his place and bowed like a pet dog....
  7. Totally agree, SB was a massive goof up by Shah as was the Delhi violence. No need to blame others like Kejri or Maino, Delhi Police is always under Centre. Same BJP didn't hesitate to kill 40 supporters of Gurmeet Ram Rahim in Haryana, 2017. Any BJP supporter who claims otherwise is a Trojan Horse. Mistake was done in 1946-48, when we had to show ruthlessness we behaved like wimps. Look at Punjab and compare it to rest of India. Majority who voted for ML stayed back and we did nothing.
  8. Killing and all who asked them to do? They have the numbers, just need to to mobilize and defend, but I won't fault them as I said in my post. We need a dedicated militia for that.
  9. Goes without saying that if India stops being dharmic the country will simply disintegrate. Just one identity holds us together, otherwise we have different ethnicities, clans, linguistic backgrounds, castes etc. If Muslims (especially), Christians can respect the dharmic nature of India, fine we can work together. We have been through tougher times during the Sultanate and Mughal eras, but even during our worst years there was someone to uphold dharma and protect us, guide and lead us, be it Shivaji, the Ranas of Rajasthan, Lachit, Sikh Gurus, Vijayanagara kings.....can't throw it all away now, we owe at least that much to hese legends. Must add that even though we were enslaved for centuries, we had the indomitable fighting spirit till the arrival of Brits, then somehow dharmics became wimps, worst thing that ever happened to us was MK Gandhi and his non violence BS, made cowards out of our communities....Muslims never paid heed to that psycho's teachings, hence they are punching above their weight.
  10. VHP/RSS are softies, partly because of institutuional/historical discrimination and checks on them, partly because of their lack of killer instinct, wrong priorities, lack of intelligence etc. Recently during Howrah riots they were nowhere to be seen, we need some mean SOBS, a private dharmic militia or something like that....if not immediately at least set the ball rolling and let it take shape in due course of time. A dharmic militia will by nature be very fair, humane, adhering to dharma but ruthless when required, like the Khalsa founded by Guru Gobind Singh after Guru Tegh Bahadur ji's execution by that reptile Aurangzeb. Police is spineless, RAF just a bunch of clowns and CRPF/SSB/BSF have other pressing matters. Anything short of fully armed private militia and we will be sitting ducks. Almost all Islamist households have weapons, hell at least a butcher's knife and their appetite for bloodshed can never be matched by our side.
  11. Or Congress may assume the role of Muslim League, RG's shift to Wayanad might be a precursor. The sane Congressis may shift to BJP like Scindia recently.
  12. No matter what tools, power, authorities yada yada Centre has certain pockets simply can't be controlled, look at Kashmir valley today. Even our PM can't visit public places and hoist the national flag without massive security arrangements, precautions, losses, terror attacks etc. In Bengal you must be familiar with how elections are conducted in Muslim majority districts, right? Doesn't matter bring in police, RAF, CRPF, Army whatever the bombs won't stop exploding, villages won't stop getting gutted in arson, and a whole lot of other horrible stuff that is par for course. Bengal is a classic case study if we are to foresee how other parts of India will look like 20-30 years from now. I am sure there will be similar stories in half of Assam and Northern Kerala. Speaking about Kerala the centenary of Malabar genocide is due next year, no foreign force supported them Mapillah jihadi bstards, in fact if not for the Brits the entire Hindu pop of Kerala would have been wiped out. Kerala knows, Bengal knows, Kashmir knows,funnily enough Hindus (in general) from these regions live in a parallel universe.......what about rest of India?
  13. Bhai you are so naive. Read what Ambedkar had to say about this, many Muslims identify with India's enemies and would like nothing more than breaking us from within, that is a product of their immediate environment. To a great extent they have been successful, @someone is right, we have lost control over many districts, I have seen this myself in Bengal. 75 years ago Indian Muslims broke India and caused large scale death/destruction, many chose to stay back after participating in the Pak Movement, and they will do it again when time comes, inherent nature, even secular/tolerant Vijaynagara fell apart and got reduced to rubble because of its Muslim citizens (accorded equal rights, opportunities, freedom, power, justice as Hindu subjects....like Western Europe of that era) and a similar fate awaits us. Civil war is coming and it is up to us how well we can prepare for that, no hiding, it is coming. Don't need foreign forces, this happens everwhere where Muslims gain a foothold, China, Russia, Myanmar, Philippines, Lebanon, Kenya, Nigeria....and England/France/Sweden won't be spared 50 years from now. Only question that remains is how do we equip ourselves to face D-Day, certainly lessons from 1946-48 shouldn't go to waste. There are many Muslims who won't go down that path, patriots, those who can live in harmony and co-existence, I wouldn't want them to come in harm's way.....but what is their %? If anyone has doubts check how the Muslim community responded over CAA, national capital was held hostage and later set on fire. And how did the coward state respond? So called Hindutva govt? We are already on the backfoot because by nature we are timid, chilled, tolerant, forgiving, not much penchant for bloodshed. Need more ruthlessness and more importantly an action plan.
  14. #StandWithZaira and #IslamophobiainIndia are the top two trends, victim card khelna koi inse seekhe
  15. Rahul Roushan @rahulroushan · 42m Zaira Wasim comes up with religious **** around locusts and she becomes "oppressed" for her views. Here Hindus are daily mocked for gomutra and gobar, even when though bulk of them don't make any claims like Zaira did, and continue to be "oppressors".
  16. Bhai kabhi baaki sab threads bhi dekha kar.
  17. Typical Kashmiri Muslimah, no hope from that lot.
  18. Ancient Buddhist rock art in Gilgit defaced, replaced with Islamic slogans and Pak flag.
  19. Message is more important here, apply FOS for all or none. If mocking Hindus on these shows is fine, Muhammad and Jesus too should be fair target. Pains me to say this but here it is a Kaur who is the instigator, Sikhs are a butt of jokes in India but it never extends to gurudwaras, Granth Sahib, the Gurus etc. If some comedian crosses the line and invokes say Guru Nanak I will object, don't worry.
  20. K, I think I saw a couple of Khalistanis during the Balakot episode, or maybe they were just Pakeez impersonating them, they are famous for forging identities everywhere. Majority Sikhs are proud Indians, they will defend our nation, represent us well, I will never generalize based on ramblings of a few turds. All communities have these scumbags, look at the Mamata thread where I posted about some Bongs who want to secede from India and merge with Bangladesh, if they spout that BS on a street in Kolkata they will be skinned alive by other Bongs who are patriotic to the core. Likewise for Mallus, Tams, Delhiites, Hyderabadis....not so sure about non-Kashmiri Muslims, maybe % of good apples will be less but guarantee many won't fall for ISI propaganda. The only community which won't mend its way->Kashmiri Muslims, valley origin trash 99% anti-India Islamists.....not to be confused with Ladakh's Shias or Jammu's Bakarwals though exceptions do exist among them.
  21. Na re, I don't give traffic to those sites. Lurked on PDF during Balakot saga, election victory, Ayodhya judgement, 370, CAA etc. just to enjoy their tantrums and meltdowns.....sum total maybe 3-4 hours max, PP I don't even bother. Came to know about this Afrazul/brumbyoz thing on twitter, recently many of those toxic handles are being deleted and action being taken thanks to efforts of some nationalists, guys like https://twitter.com/brumby_slayer They do share screenshots of these forums and activities of some of our traitors.
  22. 2014 we never should have lost there, choked hard after we had them on the mat (1st innings they were 160 behind with 6 wickets down on D3 morning). Spectacular day 1 100 by Vijay, even better than the Dada one.
  23. Wtf !!!! I saw a rabid India-hater Afrazul Mondal on PDF, thought he was a Bengali from South 24 Parganas but now it appears he is brumbyoz (Marathi Islamist b@stard based in Aus). A couple of Khalistani wannabes as well, never thought other Indians would do this **** over there.
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