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  1. TRF threatens to kill ‘Indians’ who plan to settle down in Kashmir This while Kashmiri Muslims buy properties and showrooms (check Mufti's business activities in South) all across India.
  2. मेवात में अनुसूचित जाति के लोगों पर हो रहा अत्याचार: पवन कुमार
  3. Haryana’s Mewat has become a mini-Pakistan: Committee headed by former Justice Pawan Kumar on Muslim atrocities against Dalits Shri Valmiki Mahasabha of Haryana had decided to constitute a 4-member committee led by Justice Pawan Kumar to bring the reality of the atrocities committed against the Dalits to the fore.
  4. Batsmen got blame esp top 3, I was against Shami's exclusion since day 1 (wouldn't have played Jadeja, hindsight be damned)...something like Bumrah, Bhuvi, Shami, Kuldeep, Pandya. These things have been discussed to death but Chahal's nonsense showing is never brought up, that's what I was saying. On that pitch the so called specialist wristie went for 63 in his 10, Santner gave 7 runs in first 6 overs and finished with 34/2 in his 10 accounting for 2 well set dynamic batters....difference in the end was just 18 runs !!!! Not just the figures we all saw how both of them bowled, also Jadeja (who btw went for 34/1 in complete quota), really Chahal didn't look like an international player out there, no idea how he keeps getting picked, can't bat, can't field, can't catch, defeatist body language, just a bang average cricketer.
  5. Kohli will continue to play Chahal as a token of friendship, he will be number one spinner in 2023 WC, mark my words. Kuldeep hasn't been treated well by TM but the kid needs to toughen up, crying after getting hit in a random IPL match doesn't paint a good picture. But man am I still annoyed cos of these 2, never have I seen Indian spinners be so dreadful in an entire WC campaign and getting outbowled by so many mediocrities , compare it to how well Ash bowled in 2015 on some of the flattest pitches in living memory, or 2011 where though they weren't at their best (esp Bhajji), kept things tight and got a few big wickets in the QF/SF. 1996, 1999, 2003, our spinners were not 1/10th as bad as in 2019. Hope to see some new faces like Rahul Chahar and Gopal.
  6. Can't even enjoy their bowling cos they were so pathetic in the WC. One tourney where we needed them to not suck balls, look what they did. Chahal is a forgotten match ka mujrim in the enounter that knocked us out.
  7. I picked Viv because of his style....Lara, Smith, Sachin, Kallis are good but they can't dominate the way Viv did. I want my #3 to be an enforcer since the openers will mostly be defensive in nature, Viv is in the Ponting mould but a level higher in quality. Marshall because he is the GOAT, all conditions great, Hadlee sometimes lost heart when pitches were too flat but Marshall was relentless. I might still pick the Kiwi in my side but at least to me Marshall is first choice. Ambrose because I want a giant bowler in my team, an opposite of short, skiddy type (Marshall, Steyn, Waqar). Just the style and he was the best at it, on uneven pitches like 4th innings his height/bounce would run through teams like knife through butter.
  8. Just for the occasion, a ball that killed the 2015 final
  9. Not the best the second one but quite rare.
  10. Though he was a rubbish bowler, Sami's yorkers were quite good, more so in his initial 2-3 years. And his debut series in NZ was special !!!
  11. I will take Marshall over Hadlee, remaining 4 agree. My #3 will always be Viv for his impact and because he would take the fight to the opponent side, one tall quick in Ambrose. So for me the no-brainers are: #3 Viv #4 Bradman #6 Sobers #7 Gilly Marshall, Warne, Ambrose Total 7 in number. Tough to choose openers, around 6-7 contenders for #5 including SRT, Lara, Kallis. Just one more bowling slot, Hadlee a contender for that alongside few other greats.
  12. May be some amount of torture was involved in training them, but still
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