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  1. Too many emotions over decades of watching Indiancricket and lots to say but at the moment speechless. Going on a break until the next big tournament/series. Almost, like the end of a long era. Enjoy your life folks
  2. Play not resuming today for sure. And if would, then it would've been a 20 over game. And yeah, they would've continued from where they left today.
  3. No way is the match going to start today folks..still raining. Go drink some chah See you all tomorrow.
  4. Looks very gloomy and they have an hour to get the game going.. very likely we will be losing overs. Rain spoiling an entertaining contest.
  5. Man, to be honest, I really wanted India to beat England and then Australia in the finals. This last twist in the last game of the league means India vs New Zealand, which India can't take for granted for sure as anyone can win on the given day. It is by no means a walkover for India vs New Zealand. Can only play who's matched against India. Anyway, India earned the top spot and deserve to play the #4 spot team.
  6. Gormint of India should award 1 lac to each Saffer Ind vs NZ Aus vs Eng Confirmed
  7. Smiling Assassin Pity, Saffers had a really poor turnout at this WC. 3 matches bunched together at the beginning didn't help either.
  8. Smiling Assassin strikes haha, khawaja going legside again..wicket
  9. khawaja go to area is behind square on the leg in the end overs
  10. good to have rahul have some form and more importantly confidence going into the knockouts.
  11. Saffters looking for IPL contracts in the other match
  12. Rahul, it's the mindset. Now hitting boundaries at will after the 50
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