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  1. Good interview. Precise questions asked and well answered. If this was Star Sports, they would ask about Super V, his famous Chole bhature joint etc.
  2. Brother Joshila single handedly laying the smackdown in parosi forum for past 2 days. Absolutely relentless...padosis dont know what had struck them. They might as well surrender POK
  3. How many wickets India will lose tonight guys?
  4. Mere Shyam Karan aayenge aur 200 par karenge
  5. India bowled poorly this session...just got a fluke wicket. With Shyam Karan and Josh Buttler coming next, Inglund on top
  6. He is an idiot. Only want people to bend their knees..lol
  7. But what is stopping Star Sports to create their own? There cant be copyright on ear piece
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