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  1. Army need to be vigilant before gunning down anyone. Action must be against the culprit. Though, the person gone will never come back but govt should compensate family members with monetary benefits.
  2. That was a horrible post. Action taken against the said poster.
  3. Had Kohli scored some runs here that would have been surely end of Pujara. But since Kaptaan himself gone for a duck, not many will blame Pujara now.
  4. Kabir Khan should already make a sequel of 1983 on Pandya since he is next Kapil Dev
  5. Heard KL Rahul will be getting 20 crore from Lucknow. That is freaking huge money. No wonder his feet dosent move in big international games bcoz he simply dont care. Orange Cap is precious than all world cups
  6. Though I am not into Netflix/ Prime or any OTT stuff but my wife just finished whole season of 'Selling Sunset' over the weekend
  7. Well done to the young lad and congrats to Ravi sir. Though Rachin's innings costed India the game yesterday but we were all happy for him. If this draw somehow means no more Rahane from next test, then we will be even more grateful
  8. Pakistan is producing few good batsmen lately. Earlier, most of the hype names were only hypes but now they seem to have good temperament. Abdullah Shafique, Haidar Ali, Babar Azam, Rizwan etc are all very good batsman.
  9. Former India leg-spinner Laxman Sivaramakrishnan has said that he, for years, has faced insults because of his skin tone. Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, who has played 9 Tests and 16 ODIs for India, wrote on Twitter: “I have been criticised and colour discriminated all my life, so it doesn’t bother me anymore. This unfortunately happens in our own country.” https://indianexpress-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/laxman-sivaramakrishnan-says-he-has-faced-colour-discrimination-all-his-life-7645519/lite/?amp_js_v=a6&amp_gsa=1&
  10. Best bowler in the world right now by a long shot. He has left Bumrah to the dust.
  11. He times his centuries well. That Lords century dragged his career for few years and when everyone was adamant of dropping him, he got that MCG century. Now he will play for atleast 2 years due to that Melbourne century.
  12. Bangladesh should bat sensibly and atleast put 200 here. Pls dont throw this opportunity
  13. Next test when Kohli is back, they would rather drop Shreyas Iyer
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