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  1. Think we will be in separate groups as BCCI said that India will play Pakistan only in ICC knockouts if situation arise.
  2. You following PSL? Hafeez is smoking like Viv Richards and Rizwan is in form of his life. So I think this time their batting is stronger than bowling.
  3. I am not only talking about their match against India. Even without beating India...they can have a very good world cup and has the potential to reach finals. From Asia, without a doubt they are 2nd best T20 side. In Sub-continent conditions, they are better than SA, WI, NZ and maybe Aust as well. Only India and England is better on these conditions.
  4. Hafeez is in the form of his life and so does Rizwan with the bat. Then they have Babar Azam who is one of the best T20 batsman going around. Likes of Haider Ali and Faheem Ashraf are good lower order sloggers. Probably their bowling is bit weak unlike previous Pakistani sides but still got firepower in the shape of Shaheen Afridi. I am also sure M.Amir will be back by then. Then they have some good leg spinners in the side as well. Considering T20 WC is in India where they have perform well in the past, Pakistan has got decent chance in the upcoming T20 WC.
  5. Same man...I have stayed up all night to watch the entire Ind-Aust series. Just checking the scores here and bit n pieces of this tour as it a boring series. When Eng toured India in 2016, the series was successful thanks to brilliant sporting wickets. But this time they over did the rank turner thing and its awful to watch. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. This series is a borefeast thanks to the awful pitches. We just beat Australia in Australia and have got the team capable to beat any side in any conditions. Why cant we lay sporting pitch which we will assist seamers on day 1, great for batting for next two days and will turn on 4 and 5 day? Its fun to watch test cricket on pitches like those. These dutsbowl rank turners are poor to watch and borderline cheating in my view.
  7. Both pitches are poor. Point is why are we overdoing this rank turner thing? We just beat Australia in Australia which proves that we got the team to beat any side in any conditions. Not sure why we need these dustbowls where test match gets over by 3rd day.
  8. Have you not seen the fist pump celebration from our kaptaan yesterday after Root's wicket? He brings that aggression on the team
  9. Building big stadiums is fine but BCCI need to focus on the pitches more. This series has some god dam awful pitches where ball is crumbling and turning from Day 1. It takes fun out of test matches. We dont need rank turners to beat opponents at home....our team is good enough to do it in any surface.
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