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  1. Shaheen Afridi, Ollie Robinson etc are playing in County Div 2. Not sure they are club level bowlers.
  2. So the series stands 2-1 in favour of India and 5th test will be played from July 1 in Birmingham. Lots of water has flown under the bridge since last year with both Kohli & Root is no longer the captain, Anderson-Broad is no longer permanent in English test team, Pujara-Rahane is no longer permanent in Indian side etc. So keeping everything in mind, what would be your India playing XI for this game? I would go first: Rohit (c) Rahul Gill Kohli Pujara** Pant Jadeja Ashwin Bumrah Shami Siraj
  3. CSK and MI out. KKR is also potentially out Fight is between RCB, SRH, Punjab and Delhi for 4th spot
  4. I want to support GT bcoz Subhman Gill is my favourite batsman. I was also liking the intent from Pandya in 1st few games. He was bowling fast, batting well...I was under the impression that 2018 version of Pandya is back. That version of Pandya is an asset. But he has once again back to his poor form...not bowling, hardly scoring runs etc. Cant support that.
  5. Honestly speaking, I dont support any specific team in IPL and couldnt care who wins. But I tune in for most games to watch the following players play: Gujarat - Subhman Gill, H. Pandya Lucknow - KL Rahul Mumbai Indians - None (sorry) CSK - None Delhi - Pant, Shaw KKR - None Hyderabad - Umran Malik, Natarajan Punjab - Arshdeep RCB - King Kohli Rajasthan - Samson, Jaiswal So which players you look out for most from each teams?
  6. Where is the match thread for tonight Mumbai fans? @DarkProfile @Mariyam @asterix
  7. Not surprising actually. He stopped working hard on his game since his marriage and focussed more on other stuffs like spreading awareness, giving gyan in SM etc. He started considering him as a page 3 celebrity more than a cricketer. Jasprit Bumrah is going in same direction. Mark my words - the effect of which we will see in few years.
  8. 100% sure Virat will retire from white ball cricket by end of this year. Maybe will play test matches till WTC Finals 2023. You can only play for reputation for song.
  9. Boult is sympathetic towards Kohli...bowling too short. Should have been full and on his pad 1st ball.
  10. Samson has so much talent but is a brain dead person. He missed the same ball, played the same shot very next ball and got out
  11. I would go with this team: Shaw Gill SKY Samson H.Pandya (c) DK (wk) Sundar Chahal Natarajan Arshdeep Umran
  12. Agree Gambhir should be in the mix as well. Can someone post his stats pls
  13. Is it just based on stats or impact wise as well? People may argue Yuvraj was instrumental for us winning 2 WCs and Gabbar always performed well in ICC events.
  14. So these are the 3 prolific left handed batsmen India has produced in past 3 decades. But how do you rate them and who is better among the three? Statistics Ganguly Tests: Matches - 113 Runs - 7217 Avg - 42.17 Centuries - 16 ODIs: Matches - 311 Runs - 11363 Avg - 41.02 Centuries - 22 Yuvraj Tests: Matches - 40 Runs - 1900 Avg - 33.92 Centuries - 3 ODIs: Matches - 304 Runs - 8701 Avg - 36.55 Centuries - 14 Dhawan Tests: Matches - 34
  15. I dont want Pujara in the team either but atleast he (and Rahane) is in better form than Kohli. If later can play...both Che and Rahane should be in the side. Rules/Selection criteria should be same for all.
  16. “We will be informing all state units of the Indian cricket board to not allow him inside stadiums. He won’t be given media accreditation for home matches and we will also be writing to ICC to blacklist him. Players will be asked not to engage with him,” a top BCCI official told The Sunday Express on condition of anonymity. Boria Majumdar likely to get two-year ban in Wriddhiman Saha case | Sports News,The Indian Express
  17. Why would you avoid Shaw? Think his cameo at the top is exactly what we need.
  18. Playing XI: Shaw Rohit SKY Rahul Pant (wk) Pandya Sundar Chahal Bumrah Siraj Natarajan Reserves: Gill Jadeja D.Chahar Umran Prasidh Mentor: King Kohli Mentor's mentor: Thala Dhoni I am inclined to include Karthik but considering WC will be in Australia and DKs form is mostly in Sub Continent, I would not pick him at this stage of his career. The same reason (WC in Australia) I would pick Rohit & Pant where they have historically perfor
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