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  1. Kohli & Rohit is not going anywhere. We will lose both T20 WC and ODI WC 2023 with them. Then people will react and board will send a younger squad in 2024 T20 WC where we may have a chance. Also, Jasprit Bumrah need to be added on the gang too, He seems to have past it as well in white ball cricket.
  2. You can post them in Chit Chat section. Maybe create a generic world news discussion thread.
  3. Wolve's team at top and his ex team at the bottom
  4. Expected as England is really struggling under his leadership
  5. @maniac - What your eye test says about Kuldeep Sen?
  6. I have voted for brother @JaFanatic's team Sachin, Dhawan, Kohli, ABD - thats a terrific top order. Then there is my icon & my idol Stuart Binny in the team as well Sorry folks but I have to go with that team
  7. OP did a Mushfiqur like pre mature celebration which came crashing in matter of few days...hahaha
  8. Too many spam threads...do something @Trichromatic Maybe only allow posters to create new thread after they have 20 posts?
  9. Ramiz Raja will also go now as per news
  10. It was not op India's opinion...they took tweets posted by Pak people. Pls check the link
  11. Imran Khan beaten up in his office by General Bajwa: Pakistanis claim on social media amidst political turmoil in the country On Sunday (April 10) morning, social media was rife with claims that Pakistani Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Bajwa roughed up Prime Minister Imran Khan at his residence on Saturday night for allegedly trying to remove him and changing the leadership of the Pakistani army. The development comes at a time when Pakistan is going through a period of political turmoil, with the Imran Khan government failing to win the no-confidence m
  12. Hearing Imran got beaten up by Army last night
  13. Congrats @Autonomous Who will be next PM?
  14. Protection from arrest, no PM post for Shehbaz Sharif: Imran Khan's demands to oppn Ahead of the no-confidence motion in the National Assembly, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan laid down three conditions before the opposition. He said that he would allow the trust vote only if his demands are met. The three demands include protection for him from arrest, leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Shehbaz Sharif should not become the prime minister and immunity under Pakistan's controversial ordinance, National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). The loc
  15. Bhai neither running a country is WWE and nor Imran is Undertaker. Yeh rise like Phoenix kya hota hai? In a democracy you need confidence of house to remain in power unless the govt has complete majority. Since Imran don't have it, he is sticking to his PM post undemocratically which is against the law. Yeh filmy drama phoenix ashes etc se bahir niklo...aur mature insaan ke tarah baat karo
  16. Done There are more spamming threads than actual ones...LOL Looks like they wait whole year and join this forum during IPL to post the spam contents
  17. Too many spamming threads and posts in IPL section. Please note - no dubious link, advertisements or promotions will be permitted. Its a cricket forum for fans and only to discuss cricket.
  18. Imran has not even attended the parliament. He is a bigger chicken than I expected. I thought kaptaan is a fighter and fights till last ball. Yeh to ghar me chup ke baitha hai
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