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  1. Babar acha player hai bro...only batsman in top 5 rankings across all 3 formats. Rahane would sell his arm and legs to become half as good as Babar. You know I have no love loss for Pak players but its about time we give respect to players like Babar who will be ATG when he retires.
  2. Pitches in IPL this season are unusual in a good way. Most of them are fast, bouncy pitches where seam bowlers getting assistance and batsman also can hit through the line by trusting the bounce. Spinners on the other hand have limited role to play. Normally you associate these kind of tracks in Australia where the T20 world cup is this season. So the question is there a deliberate attempt by BCCI to give Australian type pitches this IPL keeping T20 world cup in mind?
  3. With all the drama of Thala being a great finisher, I have seen DK finished many more games playing for both India and in IPL.
  4. Yeah I think Guptil tried to took him on in 1st over by charging down the track which deterred his line n length
  5. Butler Rizwan Babar Bairstrow Russell Livingstone Rashid Khan Chahal Hazelwood Shaheen Afridi Cummins
  6. No one. And LOL at people saying Pant would. He is not even best Wicket keeper batsman in India, let alone taking on the likes of Butler, Rizwan's of the world. I doubt even Bumrah would based on his current T20 form. Maybe Yuzi Chahal is the only guy who can make it but then again he would have competition from Zampa. Our T20 team is simply poor
  7. Its your country's politics...why would Indians care? Infact, its only under Imran...you guys lost Kashmir's autonomy. Your previous PMs never allowed that to happen. So if anything, Imran Khan is a boon for India. Have a look at your economy.
  8. Modi already faced no-confidence motion in parliament and won in landslide majority. He didnt ran away like Imran. Didnt he say he is a player and will play till last ball? But ran away even before the voting started...lol.
  9. You keep repeating the same stuff in every post. Pls read the OP and the question asked pls.
  10. Pakistan will win 2023 world cup and lift the trophy in Narendra Modi Stadium. No one can stop them now...bas apne ghabrana nehi hai
  11. Shaheen Shah Afridi's first over seems to be an event. Most often than not he picks up wicket in 1st over and pegs the opposition back. We have seen that regularly in T20 world cup. In that India game he got Rohit in 1st over and India could never really recover back. He is doing the same against Aussies in the ongoing series where he is picking wickets for fun with new ball in flattest of pitches. So what is he doing so well with new ball that batsmen around the world are struggling? What can other bowlers learn from him? Most importantly, how to survive hi
  12. They should have experimented a bit more and dropped Finch. He is a clueless batsman who gets LBW every freaking match. How is he the captain for a team like Australia is beyond me.
  13. Aussies chocking...anything less than 350 and Babar/Rizwan will chase it down.
  14. I would trade my birthday, christmas party, biryani for a month...anything just to see a Indo-Pak series. We would smash these bowlers for oblivion. Pls Ganguly do this
  15. Mitch Marsh left for IPL and no longer in the squad. Green need to bat on top of the order. He is not a lower order striker.
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