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  1. Good ground fielding by Pakistan...few boundaries already been stopped
  2. 1st Test in Durban today. SA 95/0 batting first. Joy Bangla
  3. I used to like Sports Tak shows before but these days they talk about anything but cricket. Sirf bakwaas karta hai...thats why I stopped watching them.
  4. Australia's all format best opener potential wise can be Will Puvcosky. But poor guy is concussed most of the time.
  5. This Finch is a garbage batsman. Why is he the captain? Usman Khwaja should be playing this series
  6. If your predictions come true, that ownership of the ICF will be handed over to you. You may need to change your user name. Rangeelaraja sounds like an owner of a dance bar and not a sports forum
  7. Green is a proper batsman and should be batting at top. Maybe at no.3
  8. Aussies choked big time...should have scored at least around 320.
  9. Anything below 350 and Babar & Rizwan will chase it down. Its a flat pitch and Aussie bowling is poor to say the least. Australia should have retained inform Khwaja for the ODI series
  10. Neil Nitin Mukesh should have slapped on that night too
  11. He is dissing India everywhere. Its a different story no one listens to him. But how is he best PM from Indian perspective
  12. For eg - Mumbai Indians used to be a team filled with superstars before like DeKock, Pandya, Boult etc. all playing together. Now they all got split due to 2 new teams. Quantity does not mean Quality
  13. There was a time when every IPL team used to be filled with superstars. But this season I see lots of mediocre players in each and every team. This has happened because: 1) Addition of 2 new teams has spread the players. 2) Many top international stars have opted out from this season 3) Clueless franchise owners in Auction If they have increased the number of teams, they should have increased the quota of foreign players. Now every team has lots of mediocre domestic players. Who could have imagined few years ago that likes of Mayank Agarwal w
  14. We will beat poyz 3 times this year to take revenge for that Wt20 defeat. You will surely feel better by end of the year
  15. Btw, it is just a light hearted thread. Nothing wrong with IPL as a tourney but feel it is bit too long. Would I watch KKR takes on CSK on this saturday? Ofcourse I would. Will I lose sleep over it thinking whole weel? Perhaps not
  16. I used to but after they cancelled the 5th test last year my view changed. Also its too long...hope they reduce it to a month.
  17. Torture time awaits as the drama cricket starts this Saturday. But the worst part is it will run for next two months and will be forced upon us. For next 2 months no team India, red ball cricket, swing , seam, passion, emotion nothing. Only Carbon Kamal sixes, Yes Bank Maximums and everything in the name of entertainment. So real cricket fans - how much you gonna miss international cricket and how much you looking forward to June when it resumes? Also how are you planning to spend time the next 2 months?
  18. Why does he want to continue playing? Should just retire and join the CSK mentorship team.
  19. This will be a drawn test too. 0-0 is 3 match series is unheard off these days.
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