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  1. Aussies are batting too slow...absolutely no interest to win.
  2. When most channel debating bengal violence...check NDTVs prime time debate today:
  3. NDTV is maintaining pedestrian distance from Bengal violence. Compare it to their coverage of Hathras
  4. As someone said, Bengal cant be won democratically since the voters who don't vote for TMC is beaten down and not allowed to vote. I have no doubt the last Bengal election was rigged. All exit polls cant be so wrong. So Bengal will always be under TMC gundaaraj unless president rule comes into place. Even CRPF is not allowed during the polling booth. But Modi govt is also to be blamed here. They seem to wet their pants whenever they had to deal with Mamta Banerjee. Sirf kadi ninda karne se kuch nehi hoga...disperse army and drag her from CM seat and put behind the bars.
  5. Aussies should bat at a quicker pace here and should aim to bowl out Pakistan in 5 sessions
  6. It looks fake though. For long Indian public perceived IPL as the gold standard of T20 cricket and likes of SKY, Kishan, Pandya, Varun C. etc as T20 superstars based on their IPL heroics. To see them getting exposed so brutally in world stage was an eye opener for Indian public and have put them off. At-least that is what I think. If we do well in this upcoming T20 WC, the interest in next IPL will go high automatically
  7. India's disaster performance in world T20 is the main reason. No one will care about IPL if national team dont do well...this ain't football
  8. Babar Azam - best batsman in the world. Left the likes of Kohli, Smith and Williamson far behind. Only Roooot is his comparison now. Whattay player
  9. I would never laugh at Pakistan after what they done to us in T20 world cup. Not atleast until we take revenge this year
  10. Rohit Sharma will be his shield because he is the captain but a non-performer recently with the bat. If they remove Kohli, his fans will immediately question the form of Rohit Sharma. That is why I wanted a younger captain in test cricket. It would not have blocked an opener spot and team could have been more flexible. With players like Jaiswal, Shaw, Ruturaj, Dhull etc we have so many options. Also Rohit's fitness is not that great to play in all 3 formats + IPL. We may lose his white ball batting form as well in the process. So only way Kohli will go if th
  11. There is more action in 7 balls that Rishab Pant faced than this entire test match
  12. Poor cricket from Aussies. Its quiet evident Pakistan wants to secure a draw against no.1 team to not lose points. Onus on Aussies to force you authority but they seems to not have any plan.
  13. Leg stump negative bowling from Pakistan. When a team does that on Day 1 pitch its worrying. Looks like bowlers hoping for batsmen to make mistakes rather than getting them out.
  14. Just checked the scores again from EC website. Congress won just 2 seats out of 403. Unbelievable How can a party like Congress win just 2 seats? I am no congress supporter but its sad to see a party once led by Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel in this state. Ekkis topo ki salaami Pappu ji ko
  15. Who? Bhai BJP is nothing without Modi. People vote for Modi and not BJP. The day Modi goes...BJP will also lose.
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