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  1. Lucknow badnaam hui...Rinku ji tere liye
  2. This game is going same direction like yesterday MI-SRH game. KKR would go close but wont win
  3. Who is that girl in KKR balcony?
  4. Need big innings from Kaptaan Iyer tonight
  5. KKR should never have let Shubhman Gill go and should have made him the captain. He is better than Shreyas Iyer anyday.
  6. Who will take the aggressor role between KL and Rohit when they open for India? Think it would still be Rohit with Rahul playing as sheet anchor.
  7. Yes his strategy is to tuk tuk to death, score his own runs and then play some shots at the end to make up for the run rate.
  8. KL in that 100 mood today...rotating strike and looking cautious
  9. Bumrah should not be playing these meaningless games, especially now since MI cant qualify
  10. Was this post really needed in this thread? No one is saint in life and we all got flaws.
  11. Taking him out from WC 2019 was unfair move...who knows he could have stabilized the middle order in that semi final. A good servant of the game who mostly got unfair treatment. Good luck to him in future, if he is really retiring
  12. Lots of time before WT20. We have T20 series against SA in home, T20 away series in England and Asia cup T20s before the mega event. So if SKY is not fit for these games, no point playing him straight into WT20 DK > SKY anyway...so it may well be a blessing in disguise?
  13. Definitely wont risk playing Umran in a 5 day game so early. I would play Umesh Yadav instead
  14. Yeah missed Lord Thakur. He replaces one of the spinners. Also, July 1 is early season in England where there wont be much for spinners anyway.
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