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  1. 2 minutes ago, zen said:


    These roles, if they exist, are invented unnecessarily ... Both batsmen have to play per the situation and go for the bowling in PP. Only when a wkts fall and depending on the situation can the batsmen decide on the approach 


    Also let's enjoy IPL rather than worrying too much about India ... India plays tons of tournament besides IPL, where these things can be discussed  :dontknow:



  2. 3 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:


    HE wil hit a few 4 and 6 and make the strike rate look not so bad. lol

    Yes his strategy is to tuk tuk to death, score his own runs and then play some shots at the end to make up for the run rate. :tounge_xd:

  3. 29 minutes ago, Jay said:

    Don't know if he was a good guy or not but a few of his mates were quite racist from the 2000 era Aussie side. Not as bad as the uncouth saffers though from the 90s -post 2000.


    Donald, g.smith and a bunch of others. No one likes racists. Maybe some Indians do because they like to grovel up to their white masters. Need tow at watch your mouths bros. 


    Rip symmonds. 

    Was this post really needed in this thread?


    No one is saint in life and we all got flaws.

  4. Lots of time before WT20.


    We have T20 series against SA in home, T20 away series in England and Asia cup T20s before the mega event.


    So if SKY is not fit for these games, no point playing him straight into WT20


    DK > SKY anyway...so it may well be a blessing in disguise? :dontknow:

  5. 18 minutes ago, Lone Wolf said:






    Jadeja (did well in Oval) 

    Shardul ( real MoTm in Oval) 





    Siraj badly out if form..  X factor pick Umran. 


    Picking Gujara will be suicidal...  Murli Vijay scored truck load of runs for Essex after getting drooped...  Conned his way into Indian team...  And was destroyed in Australia in 2018. Before mayank saved that series for us. 


    Definitely wont risk playing Umran in a 5 day game so early.


    I would play Umesh Yadav instead

  6. 24 minutes ago, Clarke said:

    Lord Thakur instead of Jadeja, he did his job as a swing bowler in Eng & SA. 


    Agree on Pujara and rest of the squad, would pick someone ahead of Kohli although that's not happening.

    Yeah missed Lord Thakur. He replaces one of the spinners.


    Also, July 1 is early season in England where there wont be much for spinners anyway.

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