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  1. theres a guy on twitter who calls Boria..... Borium Sulphate.
  2. https://www.financialexpress.com/opinion/punjab-farm-subsidy-higher-than-annual-income-for-farmers-in-rest-of-country/2141854/
  3. acutally pujara is a better batsman against short pitched bowling than anything else. his main problem is inseaming deliveries if you look at his record in England, NZ, and South Africa. i think main reason he copped blows yesterday was because of the situation where he wanted to tire out Aussie bowlers. Aussie bowlers also made mistake of not bowling more good length balls to him. In the end, it was an inseamer from Pat Cummins that got him out.
  4. Hes done well here and hell do well against England back home. However, dont expect any miracles in the other SENA countries. hes still a predominantly back foot player who will struggle against inswing. this will be a problem for Shubman Gill too, even though he deserves the praise hes getting right now. People like to call Pujara Dravid but hes just like VVS Laxman to be honest. No matter what, hes the rock who was primary reason for India winning 2 series in Australia. thats something he can look back with joy when he retires.
  5. I will agree to one point with the other side. This govt doesnt have it in them to go through with laws they themselves passed (like CAA last year which remains in limbo). Need stronger leaders like Yogiji at center. Modi and Shah have become UPA 3. Honestly, theres no difference between Modi and Manmohan Singh. Shah should go back to being BJP Party President. Congress remains in power without holding power. This is the message that will go out.
  6. i was thinking Syria.... they are trying to bribe Iran out of a nuclear weapon.
  7. Requiem For A Dream... i feel sad for whichever MIddle Eastern country the Military-Industrial complex chooses to go after next.
  8. thats why they stick to paddy and wheat... because it guarantees MSP. remove MSP for those 2 crops and they will stop growing it.
  9. if he can help India achieve a Series victory in South Africa, all his other failures will be forgiven :( but he remains a special player for me
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