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  1. Thank you for the condolences. They say time heals everything. They are wrong. Chinese bat eaters need to be taught a lesson for the pain they have caused humanity. Not just because of those who died from virus but those who have been pushed back into poverty due to lockdowns which have killed economies this year
  2. I know your pain all too well. Lost 3 family members to this Chinese virus. An aunt(Father’s sister), father’s best friend, and father’s cousin sister’s husband. After the husband passed away, brother of cousin sister passed away due to heart attack as he could not bear his sister’s husband dying at such a young age. It’s been a cruel 6 months. Om Shanti to your father
  3. Haan “mashoor mere drugs ki kahani ho gayi”
  4. Happy Independence Day
  5. Massive heart attacks don’t come out of nowhere. It’s a culmination of warning signs that have been ignored over time. If your body can’t take it, you should refuse to take part in such debates. al
  6. “Pretends to be surprised”
  7. Has anyone posted the meltdowns? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8nmY8wUkLvY
  8. Most likely a consignment for Hezbollah maintained at the docks to not arouse suspicion.
  9. Vikrant Gupta (@vikrantgupta73) Tweeted: BREAKING NEWS: VIVO won’t be the IPL sponsor this year. They will be back in 2021 and continue till 2023. The IPL will have a new sponsor this edition IPL
  10. South Africans told me something different about Dravid
  11. It was 10,000 a couple of days ago when Pakistan recorded its lowest positives. Herd immunity can only be achieved with roughly 50-60 percent having developed immunity. That isn’t the case for any country at this stage. With Eid coming up, you will see a spike in cases again.
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