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  1. Thala on active duty somewhere in Kashmir https://mobile.twitter.com/mayanky87704108/status/1280362255238918144
  2. So no Mandir in Islamabad?
  3. Bsp and SP combine would never work given their history although you never know after looking at Shiv sena tying up with Congress and NCP
  4. murderers in uniform. they need to make an example out of them
  5. our assets in Baluchistan will come in quite handy. just yesterday, the head of LeT in Baluchistan, a known 26/11 conspirator, was gunned down in Karachi. we are saving those assets to strike at the right time.
  6. we sent another division to Ladakh today. thats 5 divisions in Ladakh already counting the troops in Siachen... basically 2 corps
  7. they have built a sizable amount of infra between finger 4 and finger 5. its an open dare by enemy, one which we cannot avoid.
  8. why do you think they have so much interest in a destabilized Afghanistan?
  9. one regiment is enough for Pakistani. read this article by a retired PAF Air Commodore and see why they are s h I t ting bricks over the combined use of Rafales+S400. http://southasiajournal.net/impact-of-s-400-air-defence-sam-induction-in-india-on-the-paf/
  10. war is coming no doubt. dont be surprised if there is a midnight raid by our paratroopers at Pangong Tso. in Galwan and Depsang, there has been mirror deployment by the Indian Army but Pangong Tso will remain a symbolic defeat for India unless Chinese are not sent back to Finger 8.
  11. against Pakistan, it is enough. they lack strategic depth.
  12. what people here are forgetting is the biggest weapon in our arsenal in the next decade, the S-400. The S-400 was bought primarily to make up for the diminishing squadron strength of the IAF. dont be surprised if one battery is placed somewhere near Amritsar in future to deter PAF now we can analyze 27 Feb in great detail, but the main outcome of the operation is this. We targeted Balakot, 70 km away from the LoC while our fighters made at least a 8 km ingress in PoK despite Pakistani jets being on CAP duty. in response, they assembled a 24 jet strike package and intentionally "missed" our Brigade headquarters in Rajouri, which can be easily targeted via artillery due to its proximity to the LoC. ACM Tipnis already spoke in depth about this in an interview to a Marathi newspaper where he explained that their targets were AFS Srinagar and AFS Awantipora but they were promptly denied by our Mig 21s coming in undetected from the Pir Panjal mountain range, so they had to choose secondary targets to save face. We had our own range of failures that day, but the reason for these failures were already known to IAF and the govt, so you cannot blame anyone but yourself. a) lack of adequate radar coverage in some key areas along the LoC b) lack of SDR for our pilots, which were ordered after this incident c) the 500 AMRAAMs were procured by the Pakistanis back in 2011, yet no alarm bells were ringing in IAF or MoD over this. d) lack of HAS for our frontline air bases, which exposes you to missile salvos by the enemy. e) most importantly, not investing like madmen in the LCA Tejas project, which could ensure we have the quantitative numbers to ward off the enemy, instead of being content with only 8 CAP on duty for the entire LoC!!!
  13. https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/younis-khan-knife-grant-flower-pakistan-batting-coach-6486770/ One can only imagine what they did to Bob Woolmer.
  14. Petrol prices increased by 25 rupees in one day. from 75 to 100!!
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