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  1. Tukh kar chatva diya. Farm bills repelled— Jatboy

  2. Came back to ICF after a long time just to post this
  3. Yet everyone goes there. Out of compulsion
  4. LoC will light up soon… but Situation will remain in control. Initially we will take some casualties but our anti infiltration grid has pretty much eliminated 95 percent of the threat in Kashmir. It will take time to develop new tactics in response to whatever the Pakistani-Talibunny nexus throws at us. Kashmir now faces a new problem of jihadi elements doing shoot and run attacks on local police and CAPFs. Also, with Balakot, we sent message to Pakistani that we are prepared to escalate at any moment if required. I wanted to see a greater push from Modi during that time but it was not feasib
  5. Mumbai is where hope goes to die.
  6. Im gujarati and everything you said about our food is right lol
  7. India should not get involved in this crisis at all. For all the israeli RW supporters, Israel offered a very diplomatic statement on Ladakh last year. It suits us to remain neutral on this topic.
  8. spelt backwards, your name has mayiRAM. true definition of secularism.
  9. dude he just likes having the last word. move on.
  10. two ridiculous decisions that were clearly not out!!!
  11. how can you have a best movie dialogue thread without the legend himself?
  12. His job is to wake up say a for ambani ,b for bjp and go sleep... dude check your DM.
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