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  1. If MI win this, that'll be 3 in a row where the opposition choked and gifted them the match
  2. Same old story.. Slightly more than run a ball with 5 overs left.. Hope wickets don't tumble after this
  3. Which is a good thing.. Because other teams chasing 140 scores got out trying to play big shots on this slow wicket They just need to make sure to keep it at run a ball required rate
  4. This is going to end line 2017 IPL final.. Smith will stroll in an easy chase and finally get over in the last overs and end up losing for a run
  5. DC is batting too slow.. This Chennai pitch is difficult to score of in the latter half of the innings.. They need one big over in the next 3..
  6. Same story every game at Chennai.. batting team has an explosive first 8 overs.. slows down between 8-14 and loses heaps of wickets.. scrambles to 140.. same thing happens with the fielding side and they fall 10 runs short.. Hope DC overcome the standard Chennai script
  7. Sky has specific scoring areas. A team can plan well against him. Seen him score a lot playing inside out to deep cover and sweep or flick to long leg.. those should be fielders outside the circle in the first six for him
  8. 8 is considered safe.. 7 win a good NRR might sneak through
  9. But he always does the opposite
  10. The arrogance is getting annoying though.. He needs to show it in his performance
  11. So batting at no.7 means coming up the order when the team is in trouble?
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