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  1. He is a Team India tormentor.. in the same league as Dilshan, Saeed Anwar, BMac etc
  2. Trained by Root.. borrowed and used by Thala
  3. Pujara. Blunt the new ball. That's the only thing he can do these days. At least use it at a time when we need that, and have KL bat at 3 or 5
  4. Everyone in their no. 6-11 can bat. That's our biggest problem. They'll score 200+ runs every innings and set up their wins
  5. I'm reading that Shaw and SKY could be replaced given the Krunal Pandya situation and potential COVID exposure.. anybody heard about that?
  6. Last match, Saini played as a specialist batsman.. This match it was Sarkariya.. Great planning because there has been complaints that the lower order is not contributing with the bat
  7. Still okay with giving him the long rope in T20, but that's the only format he should play. And he is behind Pant, Rahul, Kishen for T20 WC considerations. Should be in contention after the Dhawan, Kohli, Rohit stop playing T20I, hopefully after this WC
  8. Guys who've spent a lot of time in domestic cricket are always good options as talent scouts. Good choice.
  9. Kohli is like a child wanting toys.. Always looks for what he doesn't have, wants to take other kid's toys (read players from the squad to SL), instead of trying to make the best use of the toys that he already has (squad to England)
  10. No way.. Still our best T20 hitter at the end overs.. Will do well in UAE.. Needs to sort out his attitude. That said, he should not be an automatic selection in ODIs any more.. Open it up to others who can contribute with bat and ball, and let Pandya earn his place
  11. First one was as good as Shane Warne to Gatting
  12. Correct. Lala is the only all rounder worthy of the title
  13. No, Washington went for a low price to RCB.. I distinctly remember being so annoyed at CSK for not bidding for Washington at the auctions.. They were just bidding on 30+ year olds in that auction
  14. Surprised that they bought Habhajan instead of Washington in 2018. Would have added another all rounder
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