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  1. He cannot compete for Pandya's place. He should be a replacement for Jadhav.. and improve his power hitting to be a No.6 bat who can bowl 3-4 overs..
  2. He's picked players from only Aus, SA and WI His choice.. dunno why it should be criticized
  3. It only impacts older people. 16 year olds should recover quickly
  4. That's 58 or maybe 68.. my grandfather looks like this.
  5. Sachin Dhoni .. .. <daylight> .. Babar Shakib Don't think anyone else has such a big fan following
  6. Can someone remind me what caused his downfall after this? I remember him playing some good knocks against Aus too batting at 3
  7. Very tough to pick - Jayasuriya, Klusener, Starc, Tendulkar in no particular order
  8. First half of his career - Finisher for his team Second half of his career - Finisher of his team
  9. I don't care much for grades.. he played 2 Tests.. and that's atrocious for someone that averaged 60+ for most of his domestic career, particularly when he gets accused of getting favoritism
  10. Still Badri barely got any backing during that time despite Srikanth and Srini at the helm.. got to play less than 10 international games.. he did waste a couple of opportunities though.
  11. No DK in the mental midget team? He should be captain
  12. Why would you put Irfan at 4 and Raina at 7? That is straight from Greg Chappell's book
  13. retirement only on April 1st.
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