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  1. kohli is usually at long on or off hardly talks to bowler. Rohit Rahane at cover always talking to them.
  2. to know what kind of captain Kohli is all you need to do is observe where he is fielding during tense situations compared to where Rohit and Rahane usually stand
  3. Kohli the batsman absolutely YES. kohli the captain NOOOO
  4. Kohli dropped Pujara who is Gill. I can already hear garbage coming out of his mouth 1st test at toss 'with 3 spinners we decided to go with saha , pant will get his chance in series '
  5. this is the squad i want but i am willing to be bet kohli we will do atleast 2 of following 5 1. mayank for gill 2. Ishant for Siraj 3. saha for pant 4. pandya for sundar 5. xyz for kuldeep
  6. None. We will continue see India keeping with Rahul in shorter version, with Dhawan opening. Test team wont see much change either except pant for saha. Rest whoever is fit will be back to fill slot of natrajan saini and shardul
  7. So a guy with nothing till 3 months back becomes a house hold name, possible contender for t20 WC and maybe even next WC, decides i want spot fix in the very first test i play. That makes sense.
  8. If we have full day of cricket Aussies will win. Only hope is one session is wiped out by rain. 1-1 and 50 points, I'll take it.
  9. If Pandya the batsman could extend the application we saw in ODIs to test then he certainly could play test. If he had not gone back home he would have certainly played 3 and 4th test purely as batsman.
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