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  1. why just Virat ? pant, bumra ashwin all have been playing non stop. He want to skip then please go back to domestic prove yourself and then return.
  2. Before taking pot shots at India do let me know how much per month do you pay you house maid / driver / car cleaner etc etc. That is there full time job. We now need to start looking at household income considering multiple working members across all levels.
  3. With all the dream 11,my 11 etc etc do players need middle men
  4. Every now and then its worth reading article. I was amazed how he wasnt banned till i read he had prior approval from ICC. Garbage headline.
  5. How is charging support outside city ?
  6. Wouldnt that be a bigger problem ? Imran the politician and PM cant be your role model. As a PM he has been clueless on both domestic and international front. Eg from India would be Rahul Gandhi who hardly attracts youth.
  7. When i first heard Boria (i think it was during saurav - chappell disagreements ) his views at that point were so refreshing.
  8. Likes of Tucker carlson or hannity or Arnab are not the ones I would want promoted in the name of freedom of speech
  9. Anyone still thinks Virat will win us T20 wc is I guess still voting for Congress with Rahul as pm
  10. The way salaries and fuel has rocketed in last 12 months both material and service cost have gone up and how long will we have that advantage
  11. Chahal atleast is performing. What about 2 among our top 3
  12. If RCB were to 'rest' him that's went bcci will also be able to rest him.
  13. We just need enough to be a deterrent for our neighbor. Chinese and us aren't getting into a nuclear war anytime soon. I am good with whatever we have
  14. Virat and Rohit need to be dropped by rcb and Mi
  15. Exactly, if she doesnt believe in Indian ritual then why go through all of it but honestly i feel sorry for the guy. He now has to fast on karwa chauth and all the things SHE doesnt believe in. Would be funny when she is pregnant, will make dude carry also carry some crap around his waist.
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