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  1. I wanted Smith in playing xi . I want Delhi to win and Smith to get runs but just not able to support Smith getting runs against bumrah. It's like i am betraying India.
  2. We has seen some strange captaincy decision from some of our young captains like Pant, Sanju and even Rahul. From Pant not getting Ashwin to complete 4 overs to strange batting order from Samson yesterday. Rahul also has made some strange bowling decision plus i cant understand why Dawid Malan is still on bench considering he did well against India. Point is these guys are all playing under Kohli and is their style of captaincy a reflection of how Kohli thinks or captains India team which needless to say is odd.
  3. you do realize it was supposed to be tongue in cheek
  4. This is how you take catch.enough of reverse cup nonsense.
  5. only one. team opening with someone as talented as Sachin whom Kohli should learn from, team which comes from the great land of big heart, junoon jazba DC.
  6. Even DC is guilt of same, both Smith and hetmyer on bench last game. With iyer gone smith is a must.
  7. This is the key to their success. The sooner they go to this better for them.
  8. https://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/144219.html https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/how-the-match-fixing-drama-unfolded-part-4-91167 Ajay jadeja apparently confessed and its on tape. Most so called pak greats were also named. Rashid latif I remember has accused almost all of them dont think he play for pak after that incident.
  9. jadeja and hardik are the only allrounders on that list who irrespective of format or surface can contribute with both bat and bowl. jaddu is 8 hardik -6
  10. He was a cheat , singlehandedly destroyed Indian cricket. Promoted mediocre cricketers to keep his match fixing shop running. Within 5 yrs of his departure we had won test in Australia, england, wi, entered WC final, found legends who will inspire generations to come.
  11. One thing I have never seen is a calm Kohli. Even in ipl he seems pretty pumped up.
  12. What about India's test win in Australia? Dinesh Kartik against BD ? India's collapse in WC semi ? Or even 36 ao?
  13. Now that he has attention of every Indian cricket fan it's time to launch YouTube channel
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