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  1. Steps to fool security agencies. 1. open opera 2. turn on vpn 3. Send threat emails to anyone you want 4. things cancelled eg cricket tour of nz
  2. BCCI didnt have money to host world cup till reliance came to rescue. PCB had its challenges but they did their part. Yes it was a joint effort.
  3. We will be there soon. 5 trillion wasnt an unrealistic target.
  4. My favorite was the first t20 which ended with a bowl-out. It was a young team, the whole concept was fresh, it was just fun.
  5. One of Axar or Varun might have to make way for Deepak. He was brilliant yesterday.
  6. We have SKY who not many have seen. We have Pant and Pandya at 5 and 6 which covers x factor. If we try to put more X in this team it will become women team.
  7. 5-6 months into his presidency he was hit by Covid. No cricket for over 6 months. Conducted a successful IPL, team won in australia and then a second covid wave hit him. Moving IPL and WC out of India was the right decision and both seemed planned well in advance so no last min nonsene. Also do not forget recovery from a cardiac arrest. I think he has done brilliantly give the hand he was dealt
  8. On paper they don't have team which can beat India or NZ. They need luck, lets see.
  9. Let Virat request for Akshay Kumar in the squad its selectors job to select 15 members which aligns with teams goal and vision. If they didnt think Dhawan fit in the vision they have every right to overrule Kohli. I blame selectors for giving in and not Kohli. What would have kohli requested, i want an attacking left handed opener, i want dhawan. Selectors could have easily selected padikkal
  10. I bet it was made for Vikrantgupta76 on second thought how apt for a Pakistani cricket fan
  11. I dont know why are Pakistanis getting so riled up ? This is a country which shut down because of 1 covid case, of course they are going to cancel tour if some agency tells them of a threat. Also they need to stop blaming NZ cricket board, am sure they are only following govt orders. While i feel sad for average Pakistani fan but I wonder if there is a realization how Imran has done more damage to Pak image than any Indian could ever do.
  12. Last post sums it up for Pakistani and their logic. My largest worry however is complete collapse of Indian economy if Pakistan refuses to play India at T20 WC.
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