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  1. One thing CSK doesnt lack is exp. Tahir WAS a match winner like everyone else in CSK. Faf, Watson, rayudu, dhoni, jadav was good batting like in terms of IPL but 5 yrs ago. Sure they reached finals last year and i have no idea how. My point wasnt about santner it was about how CSK thinks .
  2. As if jaddu is bowling his full quota, santner however is a far superiors fielder than tahir and can bat which csk truly needs.
  3. "This is an Indian plan, this incident never happened, RAW is publishing fake stories so that pakistan continues in fatf gray list and in return India will buy more weapons from France to destroy Pakistan because they are jealous of our peace loving nation" - educated pakistani.
  4. Yesterday Tahir played ahead of Santner. Am sure people could come up with whole bunch of cricketing reason why that was the right move but hasnt this been fundamental problem with CSK, pick has been in the name of experience over youth. Its as if Dhoni is trying to prove a point. What this IPL has shown is good teams arent dependent on home support, MI are good everywhere, team with potential like Delhi will perform anywhere and king xi under tight situation are sh-it everywhere
  5. its amazing how lara predicts what bowler is going to bowl next, no wonder he is one of the greats.
  6. jf1gp_1

    WTH is this ?

    living out all his fantasies like our beloved pradhan mantra ji
  7. Best part about IPL, doesnt work on reputation, they are ruthless when it comes to replacing underperformers.
  8. I wonder if social media is showing what democracy looks like, when everyone has the power to voice their opinion or rather phobias. I am worried we aren't far away from get one of the commentators (nutjob) from youtube as a politician .
  9. Has to be Kumble. In 90s India were 1 batsman and 1 bowler team. People look at his overseas numbers and pass judgement. Look at the garbage which was being dished out at the other end on seaming wickets. I remember a test in NZ where he bowled more than our fast bowlers. He was king at home, improved his overseas record in later year when he started getting some support and lets not forget ODIs, again 90s his 10overs ending without wickets would literally mean end of India defending any total. Pickup any score card from that era, i am willing to bet every second wins, would be thanks to
  10. Finally... Aamir should now feel safe in Paris.
  11. During that tour one of the WI commentator who saw Abey bowl said 'i dont understand how such a large man with that runup bowl so slow'
  12. Aiims report at least shuts this murder nonsense. You want to investigate abetment to suicide, by all means carry on. Lockdown has given birth to a new breed of citizen detective/journalist called professional alternate theorist (read looney who will sells whatever they can). Indian will blindly believe anything, no wonder we have likes of ram rahems at every corner of this country.
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