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  1. lot more names can be added Dileep Vengsarkar Raman Lamba Ajay Sharma Hrishikesh Kanitkar
  2. feels so sad for that unfortunate man ... what a terrific fate!!!!!! Again ..... can any body in the right sense go for a living in this **** hole full of chronic mental patients????
  3. Hats off to Dodda Ganesh for calling spade a spade.... Not only Ganesh , every fan has the right to criticize non performers who undeservingly earn millions... Hope more and more former cricketers open their mouths against the 2 shameless leeches...
  4. surprising surprising question ....... both senior parasites occupying the TOP/MIDDLE ORDER of which the 'Gujju waste' holds the most vital ONE DOWN. Then asking the question as to why the team did'nt win!!!!!!!
  5. Sick of seeing this 2 leeches still at the crease .... needs to kicked out ASAP. Hope both of them won't play the next test.
  6. surprised to see both pujara & rahane playing this series...
  7. well qualified to soon become the prime minister of that nation full of wizards...
  8. hassan ali paid the price at one of the most crucial moments of his career for his imperfect movements till date at each and every important entrance gate he got involved in . Pakistan paid the price for not lecturing about discipline in life & arrogance to players like hassan ali . Law of Karma sometimes can be soo cruel and emphatic... Both the parties can take that ...
  9. the same England who chased at 10runs/over against a much potent AUS bowling attack with the loss of just 2 wkts is struggling against this SL attack. That shows the amount of advantage winning the toss and fielding first has .... What is the point of even playing this tournament ... .Just concede the match once toss is lost...
  10. Manjrekar is spot on w .r.t Jadeja ..... he is more suitable to longer formats especially in batting where he can take his time, settle and then cut loose... Slogging at once and wicket taking in mere 4 overs is not his cup of tea. And hence he is least suited to T20s when compared to longer formats. but to realize these even after these much years of time let alone at the start itself , a captain of minimum sense is required....
  11. no need of taking the acts of these religious fanatics w.r.t cricket results seriously. When they win against India they will go OTT and when they lose there would be a sta te of emergency in the entire country of theirs. With this attitude of theirs they would lose more than they benefit in the long run . What Indians need to do is to keep level headed and concentrate on doing at the best level all that is required to put up the best effort against them on the field.
  12. the main streak of 7-0 still is in place.... How ever Pakistan can be relieved of the fact that they could finally get rid of at least the lesser streak of the 2 and there by the over all streak.
  13. be happy that such a streak of 12 matches was created in the first place. Again be happy that there is still great chance for extending the longer streak of the 2(7:5 in ODIS:T20s) that too in the by far important format between the 2. Sooner or later these streaks would have got broken even by the law of averages. So , not at all disappointed that the lesser important streak and there by the over all streak has been over. But the only major disappointment is this 'thrashing' .
  14. streak would not have gone on for ever any way .... So nothing much to worry .... Team should try hard to win the cup ....
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