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  1. Tera baap aaya: Stumbled upon a couple of days back... Meaningful and fun song.
  2. Man beheaded medieval style on camera in Madurai Tamilnadu. https://m.timesofindia.com/videos/city/chennai/shocking-man-beheaded-outside-church-in-madurai/videoshow/79244091.cms These ugly jokers still carry holier than thou attitude around ICF. Do these ugly stinkers have a clue how ridiculous they sound?
  3. 1. No ban on gaali-galoch and nudity. 2. Ban on anti india, anti hindu stuff. This is how it should be if I could have it my way.
  4. Chirag Paswan Good counter to JDU n Nitish
  5. 126-110... 74 - 73 bjp ahead of rjd... single largest party fought on less seats
  6. What I was surprised is Sadhguru who is a spiritual teacher from there, who I deeply respect still, even he would consistently put down north and praise southern aesthetics and what not.. lol... So I guess these things are deep-rooted.
  7. Aise chewtiye ke paththe ugly tamil supremacist bahut hain duniya me...funny thing is these people are disgusting ugly corrupt immoral dishonest in all ways themselves but pointing fingers at others. Same goes for Shiv Sainik type marathi supremacist.
  8. OP needs to create all future election result threads (if nda wins this one). Lucky charm.
  9. Sometimes I think just for the sake of having an opposing policy to Trump, they can come up with this idea during elections...but after becoming president I doubt Biden will want to upset India...I think the usual 'human rights' groups from Usa will keep harping, that is it...
  10. On different note, fox news live watching on youtube 100k people, nbc 300k, WION live watching 11k Good stuff by the Indian network covering the election
  11. Good bye Trump. All the best. Biden is a level headed guy from what I have seen. Hope India US relations blossom under him and Modi.
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