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  1. If we had 11 sharduls playing against 11 sharduls , every t20 will have 250 runs per innings If we had 11 bumrahs playing against 11 bumrahs , every t20 will have 50 runs per innings
  2. Yes, I mean permanent place in side...imo looks better than dhawan, pandey, Iyer etc. Although his role is different as pure basher at the end.... Also, he can do it and has done it in pressure situation...in world cup such clutch players are important... I think we have him as regular batsman in 11 and part-time bowler. ??
  3. Right...I was about to write...he has low strike rate...
  4. The thing is, we probably didn't have many better t20 batsmen... probably now we have...also, KL is miles ahead imo... competition if any should be between dhawan n others such as shreyas?
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