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    https://voca.ro/1cwz7arNmVFl Short, without music.
  2. Not yet but noted it down... chhole bhature is omnipresent when it comes to Delhi/Punjab.
  3. Northies opening Chhole bhature shop in south and southies opening authentic idly/dosa/vada shop in north... that's a sure shot success....one restaurant in our area serves south indian food made by TN folks, always full of customers, delicious food... likewise when I was in Hyderabad, there was a chhole bhature restaurant run by Northies, sooo much rush over there... Best business opportunity that people should explore...demand is there.
  4. Pls let us Northies enjoy Aryananda Babu , little and divine singer from Kerala, in Hindi.
  5. randomGuy

    War is coming

    Funniest I heard today : Xi ki kursi pe timebomb laga hai (xi can be ousted any time)
  6. randomGuy

    War is coming

    Analysis by Major Arya.
  7. randomGuy


    Good attempt coffee... maybe I will try out some day
  8. ^^ remember watching a vid. Of this guy Hambleton with another guy Omid beating a 1500 rated in some trap in Caro kann that he knew...with good music in the background...seemed a scene out of a comedy movie... good stuff... will post it if i find..but I somehow can't find time to watch other streams than Anish samay sagar vidit adhiban... sometimes hikaru
  9. Samay: just setting things up. Meanwhile Vidit, say something good about me. Vidit: I am out of words. Everyone including magnus: *laughs* Anish is also a great addition to the streams, great entertainer.
  10. Anish is awesome...sense of humour, intelligent and interesting
  11. Vidit has not peaked yet....rest I agree.. our younger boys' lot is scary (for other countries)... thought younger girls were weaker links but proved the opposite yesterday by Divya.
  12. From arnd 3 yr back... interviewer (sagar) n interviewee both cute(and talented of course)...
  13. Gollum bro ...got this update from here only.. much love...very happy, awesome..team deserved nothing less than gold. Respect to FIDE.
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