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  1. Right, fight between Kazakh guy from Ravis semis vs russian finalist
  2. Russian finalist vs Dahiya, old fight
  3. I think he faces russian guy who beat Iranian... Russian guy looked like he could be beaten by Dahiya. I mean didn't look like a better wrestler or anything... infact muscle strength wise Dahiya could be stronger.
  4. Wrestling Deepak won't make it ...coz Russian semifinal loser looked strong...repechage going to be tough
  5. Punia seeded 2 but Dahiya gave even more hope than Punia with his performance today
  6. It is more similar to throwing ball from the boundary to the wicket keeper...I was thinking about it in the morning.
  7. Agreed.also Dahiya himself looks in smashing form winning with big margins
  8. Iranian 86 kg defending gold medalist destroyed swiss
  9. Deepak 7-1 ... should win play Chinese in quarters
  10. Seeded 2 for 86 kg freestyle wrestling.
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