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  1. I think 400m is not a big deal...it can be sorted out...also, if u open those coordinates which I shared, u can see shyok river nearby, from where the dbo road passes...
  2. 1. Open maps.google.co.in 2. Enter coordinates 34°46' N, 78° 13'E in search bar and press enter You will locate the exact location of clash site
  3. Good point...in this regard (exposing ccp) , TFIglobal and wion Indian YouTube channels are doing awesome...these days just read the Indian/foreigners' comments on those videos. Practically the entire world (except Pakistan, North Korea) shares the same opinion on CCP.
  4. 1. Covid19 human-to-human transmission info and other critical info hidden by CCP , allowed spreading of Chinese people throughout the world knowing it would cause lacs of deaths around the world. 2. Border situation at LAC. Land grabbing intention and Soldiers losing life (albeit after killing more Chinese) 3. China itself didn't allow google, fb etc. how could it allow Indian apps to become big in China? It is jaise ko taisa... Modi govt. decisive. Good stuff. Leading the world on how to deal with CCP.
  5. I read it is not possible to hold the mountains due to harsh climate..
  6. Thanks for sharing ....also From the article "India’s main base is close to Finger 3, around two kilometres west of the current Chinese deployment. The Indian side also has an administrative base closer to Finger 4, at the start of the sharp rocky feature. It is around this area that the Army has now deployed itself in response to the sudden Chinese deployment in the area. Less than 500 metres separate soldiers of both sides at this faceoff point." it is very cold area all through the year and the lake gets frozen..so I am thinking this issue could go on 2 more months max.
  7. dpm= deaths per million population To become newyork (1600 dpm), Delhi (110 dpm) will have to cross ahemdabad (170 dpm) and then mumbai (185 dpm). Can I hope that you are not wishing for it?
  8. Galwan river is 80 kms long...starts in aksai chin and flows mostly through there. If I am not wrong, the present contention is PP14 and the surrounding area in Galwan valley.
  9. Palki Sharma Upadhyay(Wion) Rohit Sardana Amish Devgan (TV18) - emotionally charged up, exposes anti-nationals and hypocrites well. Rubika Liyaqat Gaurav Arya And ofcourse, lookswise @Gollum post wins the thread/universe. Let me explore Shaili chopra more abhi...
  10. "American intelligence believes 35 Chinese troops died, including one senior officer, a source familiar with that assessment tells U.S. News. " https://www.usnews.com/news/world-report/articles/2020-06-16/dozens-killed-as-india-china-face-off-in-first-deadly-clash-in-decades I am finding it extremely hard to believe that bullets were not fired...info coming from multiple sources that Chinese choppers flew in (and were allowed by India) to airlift their dead.... also saw at one twitter source (seemed a somewhat reliable account) 45 indians soldiers were abducted, 25 released ....110 injured iirc being treated at hospitals.
  11. Ofcourse, our highly motivated and battle hardened army can teach China a lesson in a war. Diplomacy is in superior hands with S. Jaishankar. China's diplomacy at all time low by infliction of covid19 to the world. Myself and family have decided sometime back to not buy Chinese electronics and other stuff. I believe many in the world are deciding this... hurting CCP is the idea.
  12. Yes, I have 2000 as unofficial... check above... still ahemdabad and mumbai have 50% more.
  13. Thx bro n sry... have deleted my post for digression. @Gollum NSIT....those days NSIT and DCE ( Delhi colg of engineering, Sushant Singh Rajput's college) used to have common entrance Tests , common semester exams etc.
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