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  1. Well, I am an anti-theist. By definition, I am against any religion and most importantly god. There's only one god in my life and that's me.
  2. If you want to meet, you only need to ask. But I can see there's a ghandu living in you.
  3. Only gaandus will issue threats on the online. So many liberals and atheists are openly shitting on casteist Hindu religion.
  4. India has to win more than 504 points to get past 70% in the remaining games. Only two likely scenarios will get them past that point. 1-3 against Australia and 5-0 against England or 2-2 against Australia and 4-1 against England. So they need to win atleast one game against Aus.
  5. Who do you think is recruiting these people in the first place? The ones who hold higher positions. State governments need to clean that out first. I don't care if companies decided to move out, but locals should always get the first and foremost priority in their states.
  6. I understand if this topic was discussed by non-religious or the Atheists. But it's hilarious to see the Hindu supremacists discussing about this.
  7. Good development. This is the only way states can preserve their culture and language. We have a lot of loopholes in our constitution when it comes to protecting our regional identities. Until we first fix that, this is the right way to go.
  8. That's related to foreign affairs. Here Trump caused mayhem in his own country with the poor handling of the pandemic and the ensuing racial tension that he tried to take advantage of. And as always, it backfired... lol
  9. Yeah. His racist ass flared up the communal tensions and they kicked his nuts. A perfectly reasonable response in a true democracy.
  10. This is the difference between a first world country and a third world country like ours. They have kicked him out after just one tenure and seeing the damage he has done to their country.
  11. If Yadav is going to bat at #6, he might as well just play for Mumbai Indians.
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