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  1. For someone who's supposed to be the best batsman in the team, he sure has lot of inferiority complex. Does he think that he will not be able to survive if he steps down from the captaincy? Surely, money cannot be the reason for him at this point of time in his career.
  2. He need to change his mindset when playing first innings. His approach works well for the final day of play, but brings a negative mindset when the situation demands to be on offensive. But he played well yesterday.
  3. Bowling allrounders should be preferred not batting allrounders like Pandya. Why do I feel like Kohli is going to phuck up with the team selections again by going in with Pandya. Need to keep our expectations to minimum/ zero if Kohli is the captain.
  4. Gill Fatty Pujara Rahane Pant Saha/Agarwal Ashwin Thakur/ Natarajan Siraj Saini Bumrah
  5. I agree with their demand. It is logical and makes sense. They should do everything within their power to change the venue, especially after that minister's arrogant statement.
  6. 'Yo, my fatass is entitled, comes with a bambidi seal on it. Who are you to question me.'
  7. There are ethical ways to kill an animal. If you are going to torture it, now I have a problem with that. States should show no mercy on these kind of people.
  8. You may as well start cannibalism if that's your justification. Historically, the pandemics have occurred due to the unsanitary food habits of non-vegans. I don't mind if people want to eat meat or beef, but there should be a line drawn somewhere over there. As for as the animal cruelty, I still stand with my original pov.
  9. In which batting position did this privileged fatass play in his last test series? Middle order?
  10. Since the pitch is going to be on the slower side, it doesn't matter who they are going to pick. Might as well play one more spinner. Saini was erratic and expensive during LOI leg. He knows he didn't use the opportunity well to make his case.
  11. hahaha.. what an a.shole. He was no where to be seen after the last match's drubbing.
  12. If they can win one or two test matches here, it will help them qualify for test championship finals next year. Don't tell me that's not important either.
  13. Can't see him doing any worse than Mayank or Vihari. Isn't winning test matches more important here?
  14. What's he trying to say, this old fart? Is he saying they didn't allow Natarajan to take leave? Or it was a self decision made by him? If it's the latter, then he just need to shut his trap.
  15. Is it mainly because he is from Mumbai? Their bad reputation is not helping him either.
  16. Saha over Pant? lmao... It's good that I will not be wasting my time watching this pile of sh!t.
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