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  1. For someone who's supposed to be the best batsman in the team, he sure has lot of inferiority complex. Does he think that he will not be able to survive if he steps down from the captaincy? Surely, money cannot be the reason for him at this point of time in his career.
  2. He need to change his mindset when playing first innings. His approach works well for the final day of play, but brings a negative mindset when the situation demands to be on offensive. But he played well yesterday.
  3. Bowling allrounders should be preferred not batting allrounders like Pandya. Why do I feel like Kohli is going to phuck up with the team selections again by going in with Pandya. Need to keep our expectations to minimum/ zero if Kohli is the captain.
  4. They can if that's something they want to do. Stop being such a sore loser, you bengali brahman. Its one thing if a secular party regulates/ oversees religious cult practices, but it's different when a self-proclaimed Hindu party wants to regulate other faiths. And, rightly so, they shouldn't be trusted. Wait, didn't brahmins used to kill and discriminate people from their own religion? How many buddhists, jains and others had lost their lives in opposing their brutal caste system and forceful conversion? Hitler had wanted to dominate as well. He an
  5. Manusmriti and manuwadi were big part of Indian history and the brahmins. A simple google search will give you hundreds of articles on this abomination. The whole caste system was the result of this.
  6. If government can have a say in Hindu religion, then why don't they have similar authority over other faiths. There is no such exception been made in the constitution. You need to stop talking sh*t. They are already under its control. Well you can start similar service under Hindu religion to convert people from other faiths. So what are you afraid of...lol Again with the bullshit. US doesn't have a national language either. It's not like India is the only country not to have one. India is an union of sub-nationalities. So all state languages have eq
  7. So this coffee guy wants a situation where an extremist Hindu party to take complete control of other faiths and do whatever it wants with them without the constitutional protection? I wonder how it will go Leave it to manusmriti brahman to come up with these kachada ideas.
  8. Everything comes under its jurisdiction, even mosques and churches. That is how they are intervening with Hindu temples. It's the people who will make the final decision as to what they want with their life. You need to shut up and stop interfering with their personal affairs, like the fascist c*nt you are. India does not need national language and it simply cannot have one. All state languages should be made official with English as it's link language. Period. If you don't agree with that, you can f*ck off from this country. Refuting the delusio
  9. Where is my other post? Sanghi mods being intolerant and unsecular again. Atleast if you are going to delete posts, delete on the other side as well. Completely disrupted the flow. Ping Modi. He will give you the details. Its not their fault if people are leaving Hindu religion. Respect the people's choices. Yeah, they don't have a vote base here to pose threat for our languages. Indian union was not formed to satisfy the whims and wishes of Hindi speakers. Here you are assuming the god being an universal truth. Rejecting the claims made by an i
  10. Garbage. Everything comes under the jurisdiction of Indian government. They are already under its control. Then it's not an equal interference, is it? If you are going to pick and choose one religion over the other. We are not Iraq or Syria, where one religion can have monopoly over the others. The reason English pose no threat is because it's a foreign language. But we should minimise it's usage to only when it's absolute necessary. Nonsense. Not believing in an ideology is not an ideology. It's like saying not playing badminton is a sport
  11. Just because they are voting for bjp or congress doesn't mean they are pro-hindi.. lol. The ground realities are no different here compared to other south Indian states. BJPs downfall is inevitable here. West Bengal is more Hindified than south Indian states put together. I wil not be surprised if they claim Bengali as a sub-dialect of Hindi and you guys agree to that.
  12. They are already under government control and people are free to choose their own faith in a democratic setup. No one can stop that. This is not North Korea or Iraq. If Hindi becomes our national language, India will simply break up. Atheism is neither a philosophy nor an ideology. It simply is a case of non-belief in god, faith and man-made religious setup. There is no such thing as eastern atheism... lmao
  13. It's not equal interference when you are picking and choosing one religion over the other. No. Atheism is a non-belief in god and faith based religions. There is no western or eastern aspect to it.
  14. haha.. I was expecting this from you. No, I am not a christian. I am a Kannadiga. This may be the case in west bengal. But thankfully we are not like that. We care more about our linguistic identity, irrespective of one's religious beliefs. You are foreign to us. Not our muslim and christian brothers and sisters. They are Kannadigas.
  15. You are a Bengali and you are more foreign to me than the muslims and christians from my state.
  16. People will make that choice. States need to butt out and remain secular. A shift in demography is already happening through Hindi monopoly and weakening of federal structure. We should be more worried about that than these delusions that you speak of. All religions are asymmetric with one another. So it's good that atheism is gaining popularity all over the world.
  17. Gill Fatty Pujara Rahane Pant Saha/Agarwal Ashwin Thakur/ Natarajan Siraj Saini Bumrah
  18. It was easily gettable if they had showed some intent. Phucking morons.
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