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  1. Haha
    Pace90 reacted to raki05 in 4-1 scoreline doesn’t mean we were outplayed - Virat Kohli   
    Meanwhile fans waiting for shastri at the airport

  2. Like
    Pace90 reacted to vishalvirsingh in Gabriel becomes only 4th pacer since 2000 to take 8-fer in an inning   
    See what Speed can do...Gabriel is a 145 to 150 K bowler and not one of the best guys as far as line n length is concerned , still he is a demon now...a DEMON( pardon me for repeating).
  3. Haha
    Pace90 reacted to Tattieboy in Rashid Khan's 19-year-old body has 30-year-old mind: Simmons   
    That 30 year old body has a 19 year old birth certificate 
  4. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to sandeep in World XI playing *IN* Pakistan   
    Lesson is being taught right now.   If India and SA boards had good relations, India would have been playing boxing day and new year's test in SA.   And a much longer tour, with dates confirmed in advance.  
  5. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to Khota in World XI playing *IN* Pakistan   
    As long as Haroon Lorgat is incharge of SA cricket there would be lots of deal with SA and PCB. Haroon is a snake in the grass. India needs to teach him a lesson. SOB.
  6. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to Texan in World XI playing *IN* Pakistan   
    Money is not "a big part", it is the only thing that is making these guys risk their lives to go there.
  7. Upvote
    Pace90 reacted to SK_IH in World XI playing *IN* Pakistan   
    Like to see cricket coming back in Pakistan,boring drabs in UAE were difficult to watch
  8. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to sandeep in World XI playing *IN* Pakistan   
    Money's a big part.  There's a reason that no current international player from Eng/Aus is in this World XI.   But also pressure from boards.  Clearly there's some sort of deal made between PCB and South African board.  I'm expecting that Pakistan will play a short series to fill the gap for South Africa's missing boxing day test match.  PCB probably is negotiating for more than just strong proteas representation on the world xi.  They want some gora cricketers on an actual tour.   
  9. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to Vilander in World XI playing *IN* Pakistan   
    its still a big risk these guys are taking. can be such a big disaster. 
  10. Upvote
    Pace90 reacted to RAZPOR in World XI playing *IN* Pakistan   
    Great ,hope shashank and giles can arrange more such favours.
  11. Upvote
    Pace90 reacted to Vilander in World XI playing *IN* Pakistan   
    hope its goes on safely. 
  12. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to Gollum in Your first choice world X1 squad to go to Pak   
    Amla, Tahir, Behradian, Parnell, Moeen, Rashid, Hameed, Sikander Raza, Khwaja, Shakib, Tamim, Nabi + a few other random Afghan players. Non Muslims aren't safe there, period. At least with these guys the jihadis will refrain from explosions and target practice. Even Indian Muslims like Shami, Sarfraz etc will be sitting ducks for their deep state. 
  13. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to mishra in Why India is not in World XI?   
    To ensure there is no bus to catch. Team Hotel must be right next to stadium.
    I am not sure how much players will be detracted with presence of so many heavy boots
  14. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to Temujin Khaghan in Why India is not in World XI?   
    In case of a terrorist attack only Lahore has been designated for express exit and z grade security. You cannot give z grade security to three cities in a week. 
  15. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to SK_IH in Why India is not in World XI?   
  16. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to Austin 3:!6 in Why India is not in World XI?   
    Trophy for this tournament:

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  17. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to Sandeep2017 in Congratulations to Pakistan for return of international cricket in Pakistan   
    Pakistan needs to stop indulging in terrorism before we see any improvement in any sports.  The best chance is for world to destroy the Pakistani army and then Pakistani people will become peaceful.  Pakistani people are being held hostage by Pakistani Army.
  18. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to Gollum in Congratulations to Pakistan for return of international cricket in Pakistan   
    Hope none of the foreign players get killed. Even if jihadis strike they will target only the visitors(excluding Amla and Tahir) as they showed in 2009. 
  19. Upvote
    Pace90 reacted to CoverDrive in Congratulations to Pakistan for return of international cricket in Pakistan   
    Best of luck guys! Really hoping things go well and they are back to normal
  20. Troll
    Pace90 reacted to cric_fan in Congratulations to Pakistan for return of international cricket in Pakistan   

    Probably just a one-off series tbh.
  21. Like
    Pace90 reacted to Temujin Khaghan in Congratulations to Pakistan for return of international cricket in Pakistan   
    man I am just glad the little kids and teenagers in Pakistan are happy this week by watching live cricket in the stadiums
    well done to all the world xi players who brought smiles on their faces!!!
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    Pace90 reacted to CoverDrive in Return of international cricket to Pakistan   
    good luck to neighbours and hope everything goes great! 
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    Pace90 reacted to paragkn in Where does Kapil Dev rank among Indian-ATG?   
    15-year-old Kid when he complained about the short rations at lunch at a training camp at Brabourne Stadium in 1974 was told by the autthorities "THERE ARE NO FAST BOWLERS IN INDIA TO GET FULL RATION IN LUNCH".
    The judgment was hurtful, but not unfounded. In the last Test India had played at home, for example, the new ball had been taken by Eknath Solkar (two overs) and Sunil Gavaskar (one over), then surrendered to the slow-bowling wiles of Bedi, Chandra and Prasanna.
    That 15 Year old kid was not accepted by Desh Prem Azad on first attempt because he always wanted to hit ball out of boundary, but his father somehow convinced the great coach.
    Few would have lived up to the demands, but that did it, day in and day out. His school finished at 1.30 PM; he cycled back home by 1.50; he had his lunch before he left at 2.15; he reached the ground at 2.40; and practised till light faded, which was quite late in Chandigarh summers — when day temperatures often soared above 40°.
    The effort paid off.
    And the kid become India's Best All rounder ever , Indian Cricketer of century , Indian biggest ever match winner and Cricket Star KAPIL DEV NIKHUNJ.
    Kapil Paaji is doubtlessly the Biggest Cricketer ever produced by India or even we can say Asia.  Just like Sehwag, his greatness cannot be measured with stats. His Impact and his motivation on his team mates and fear among opposition was matchless.
    One story from Gavaskar summed up Kapil's influence. "At Tunbridge wells, we were down in the dumps at 17 for 5. I don't think people really understand what an innings Kapil played then. Your top order was not able to lay bat on ball, but here came a man who started hitting the same ball to all corners of the ground. Because of 60-over games, there used to be a lunch and a tea break - the lunch before the end of the first innings."When Kapil came for lunch, there was nobody in the dressing room, just a glass of orange juice on his seat. None of us was in the lunch room either; we were hiding our faces. Here was a man who had shown how we should have batted. It was from there the Indian team took off, and started to once again believe in themselves. He is the greatest cricketer India has ever produced.First Asian Captain to win WC, World record holder as a Batsman with Highest strike rate for decade and Ex-Record holder of Most ODI and Test wickets, He surely counts as Greatest Indian ATG
    Some less known facts about Kapil Paaji :
    Every One remembers Kapil Dev's 175* vs Zim in 1983. Very few people know its was the first ODI century scored by an Indian. And that too at a S/R of 140+ in in 80's. Superhuman achievement indeed.
    Everyone is aware of the fact that Kapil went past Richard Hadlee’s world record tally of 431 Test wickets to become the leading wicket-taker at Green Park, 1993-94. A less-remembered fact is that he became the leading wicket-taker in both Tests and ODIs when he reached the milestone. He is the only bowler between Dennis Lillee and Muttiah Muralitharan to achieve this.
    Very Rare people knows that KAPIL DEV has not missed even a single match because of an injury in 16 years of his career.
    He also played almost 184 innings and never got run out.He is one of the most fit players the World has/had.
    For Me , Kapil Paaji comes at No.1 in India's ATG List , followed by Sunil Gavaskar at No.2 and Sachin Tendulkar at No.3
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