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  1. T Nagar? You should see Koyembedu market and bus stand today. Since 144 is been imposed in TN people are gathered in mass numbers to go home/hoard veggies..
  2. Guess we are going to have a trial run for complete lockdown. They want to analyze its possibilities and problems it seems
  3. Some sites saying he tested positive, some saying he showed symptoms only. In any case, its highly irresponsible of the governing body to let psl continue this far. Not only fans but players and staffs are also vulnerable to this virus. Sad tbey learnt it the hard way and hope he doesnt have any serious ilness.
  4. It's very serious here, The number of tests done so far is still in the range of 6000s which is never going to reveal the true picture. I certainly don't believe there isnt a single case identified in the states like Gujarat, MP, Bengal and only one in AP. How many tests are done there. Also, our test criteria is also not going to show us true numbers. I appreciate that the govt didnt make drastic measures all at once and going just step by step to avoid total panic but I'm afraid we are already past the point where the slow but steady precaustions contain and slowdown the virus. We should have taken all these Travel restriction, school closures, public gathering ban in the current pace by Feb, where cases starts to come out in European/USA countries not now where the cases have been exploding there. Media are saying we are st Stage 2 of pandemic and shoud work hard to avoid Stage 3 (Some even claiming we still have 30 DAYS to fight it so it wont go to STage 3!). But in reality, we may very well be at the peak of Stage 3 and its just matter of weeks if not days, we'd see the true face of it. But what I'm afraid is lot of cases/deaths would go unnoticed and hence wont be put under CoronaVirus' account and majority of them gonna be elder people so they'd be put under natual causes accout.
  5. Indian numbers wont change a lot if we are going to continue the rate of our current testing and that would lead us to a false sense of security which would be catastrophe. So far, we have done what, may be 7000 tests overall, which some countries arw doing in a daily basis. 100+ cases for 7000 tests, is not a safer number. Hope we speed up the testing.
  6. Ind SA ODI series is called off. While IPL is bigger draw and hence wont be entirely cancelled this year, there is little possibility that it won happen at least till May
  7. Your wish is granted. :) The ODI series is called off
  8. Too early to predict now as we cant know the form or who will miss out due to injury etc. But for all the choke jobs we have done in the past 5 years, I guess this time we would surprise ourselves and win the goddamn icc trophy finally.
  9. Happy that he didnt say "test cricket is irrelevant this year"..
  10. Shame there was no press meet. I would have loved to see the reactions here if he had announced that he is coming out of retirement in tests and available for SA series and the selectors immediately picked him.. :D
  11. Looking at how the same recycled players are there in the squad I almost feel sorry for DK for missing out.. LOL.. I thought this squad would have lot of youngsters and new exciting talent but still we have Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli at the top 3 and in T20 no less..
  12. I can understand if he alone lends support to ABD, as both are contemporary cricketers and they have RCB connection. But why bringing Anushka in this public letter? if this is not promoting brand Virushka, I don't know what else is.
  13. Yeah.. I don't know the rationale behind playing DK almost directly in the semis. They had been grooming Jadhav for over a year in the mid order only to drop him after one bad game to divert the animosity of the public from Dhoni to him. If TM wanted DK to bat in semis, they could have sent him up the order in Bang and SL match to get him some game time, instead of the same top 3 hogging 90% overs. And he wasn't even in the previous ODI series vs Aus as well. Knowing DK's limitations, expecting him to deliver in a crunch situation almost from the beginning of the innings would always end in disaster. Can't believe no one from TM saw this. Guess TM was in full panic mode since Afghan match. They muddled up the mid order and bowling combination ever since and settled with crap team in semis.
  14. Il ike many of the squads posted here but I am fully expecting to see Jadav, Dhoni, DK again in one of the T20/ODI squad, if not in the starting 11
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