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  1. Excellent composed throws by Kaur. Hope she gets a medal. Heard she is kind of a prodigy, havent played any Asian or Commonwealth games but directly selected for Olympics because of her talents. Great stuff
  2. Guess law of avg will catch up for us now, and will cost Mary Kom. But excellent day nonetheless.
  3. Great escape by Deepika. Against a 18 yr old. 320th ranked person. Doesnt bode well for next rounds. Had heart rate of 180bpm after that horrible 6shot
  4. Pant was the last batsman I would expect to adapt Rahul's school of batting. If Smith is going to play in all matches, better make him captain. He isnt scoring runs anyway so this at least would take the pressure off Pant.
  5. Wow. KKR is getting progressively worse. No one seems to have hunger for victory. Everyone moves mechanically in the ground. No intent in batting as well. They need to drop has beens like Narine / Sakhib and play other foreigners in the squad. Russel is eternally unfit. If they are not going to drop him, at least use him in powerplay where ball is coming to bat nicely even in slow pitches. Gill better improve his batting in powerplay. Or could come middle order and open with Tripathi. From hindsight, KKR seemed to do well under DK captaincy than under Morgan captaincy. Even last se
  6. Gill's batting in power play is getting worser. Might be a good idea to come in the middle order.
  7. Well, he is young and has decent ability in batting and good in fielding. So show-off attitude is understandable. Hope he puts more reasonable performance this year. There is another similar player, Priyam Garg. I guess he also played a decent hand against CSK last season. Wonder why he isnt playing yet.
  8. Commentator when Kohli out: "Fantastic little cameo there".... For 33(29). Lol..
  9. As I predicted earlier, England not gonna last long. Attack or not, they are not reaching triple figures
  10. Yes, a dismal batting performance by us. But I dont see Eng doing any better either. i wont rule out a sub-60 all out for them. We might struggle a bit chasing but eventually we will get the target. So, we will be winning the match but the standard of pitch and overall quality of the game is really below par. Hope we get a sporting track next up.
  11. Virat has become a grinder and accumulator. And he has always been a safety-first approach batter. He knows his limitations as well. This will ensure some 50s often and 100s here and there when the conditions favor. And that will always give him about safe 40-50 avg , in any "last 10 matches". But we got to admit that he is not the same batsman he was couple years ago and might never be. So the number of his impactful/dominating innings that blows the opposition away is going to be lesser and lesser. Especially in LOIs where fast scoring is needed.
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