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  1. Brilliant partnership by Pandya and Jadeja. I guess they both are settled in no6 and no7 for forseeable future. But the pitch looked really beautiful to bat on. Wished the top order had 50 more runs extra. <150 score in these kind of pitches against a second string bowling is almost criminal these days. If Aussies chase this easily, our top order intent has to be questioned severely.
  2. Yeah, I understood that once I read through the posts. I was just mentioning about my contusion upon reading the title. :)
  3. I was confused for a while at the topic. Thought Ganguly was talking about Dravid's tenure as under 19 coach, which I felt he was doing a fine job at.
  4. With the series gone, I would love to see new faces getting chances. Otherwise it will be a boring one sidee bat-first-win-match match. Also the pitch has historically been a graveyard for bowling. Guess lot of 340+ scores have been made here. So for a change, would like to see Kohli winning a toss. Also, Kohli hasnt got an hundred this year in ODI, a first since his first year I guess . So last chance for him to keep the streak alive. I guess he Will get it tomorrow, given his safe and steady approach in recent times and the nature of the pitch . He may not be in great form
  5. Kohli should have skipped the entire test series. I dont really like captains leaving in the middle of series unless its an injury, kind of feel it might affect the rhythm of the team. Could have used the oppurtunity to give the new captain a full run. Anyway he gets to play the Adelaide, his favorite venue, so hope he gives us a head start in the series before he leaves.
  6. It's true that Natarajan's story has been heartwarming . His raise from a small village to people favorite is truly inspiring to everyone and his hard work and dedication paid him well and he deserves all the acclaim that he is getting now. But now that he is selected for India and would at least play a game against Australia, can we be more objective in his analysis. I mean, yes his rags to riches story is great but that wont matter when he plays the international game, as only the results matter there. Is he really ready to represent India against a top nation in a away game? Is
  7. Great post. The point about TamBhrams seems to be true as I have heard first hand accounts from people who were associated with TNCA, about the influence of Brahmins there. And, the film that talks about this is, Jeeva (2014), available in hot star.
  8. And he nearly had Pollard as well, if not for a millimeter margin. He then proceeded to concede three sixes in the next three balls to him. Such is the margin of error allowed in the game and still he did a decent job.
  9. Its at 17. Coming to think of Austraian summers, Southee to Wade and Boult to Burns also could have featured there. both present in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tESI702hkLE
  10. Cricinfo is running an article in their magazine The Cricket Monthly, on the greatest test match deliveries of 21st century. It seems to be a top 20 list, in which 19 spots have been declared. the top spot is yet to be announced. Here is the Link: https://www.thecricketmonthly.com/genre/723 Each spot has a separate article, so cant paste them all. The above link is an index to those articles. The list so far: No. 20: Monty Panesar to Sachin Tendulkar No. 19: Jason Krejza to VVS Laxman No. 18: Steve Harmison to Michael Clarke No. 17: Mitche
  11. Do captains even have their say in batting order in kkr? I dont see any difference in captaincy between DK and Morgan. Narine at opening also now seems to be TM decision rather than DK decision. The same happened with bowling changes too. There was no reason to hold back Ferguson when you have to defend a paltry 85. Seems TM gave strict order not to use him in powerplay and the captains had to follow. Unless they have a strong independent captain KKR can kiss their trophy dream goodbye.
  12. I guess this will be RCB's game. Ferguson might have improved bowling dept, but KKR's batting is still in shambles. Even some good knocks of DK and Morgan in lower order, have just been helping to post a "decent" targets only. Their top order and Russell, if he plays, have to step up big time if they want to compete. RCB's rejuvenated bowling will only make their life difficult.
  13. I hear narine cleared the bowling action and had been taken off from warning list. So I guess they will play him. Hope they give Russell a rest for couple of games at least.
  14. It was annoying and insulting to watch the Russell 20th over. Bowling limping and in short steps as if its some retired elders match. If he wasnt fit why are they keep on playing him. Emabarrasing stuff.
  15. Whats the logic of picking Green when batting i sthe weak part. should have played Banton. He and Tripathi should open. Gill can come in middle order even though its not his preferred spot. Never seen an entire team struggling in batting department. Losing Narine made things even worse for kkr as he was instrumental in two of their wins. Now I dont see them winning much and might even go to bottom 2 at the end of the season.. A kind of escape by DK from all the backlashes.
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