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  1. Used to watch him at 8:30 every match day on NDTV as a kid. Was so much fun watching his analysis. You'll be missed professor. RIP
  2. Bhai ne "moment" pucha he... Ek-do theek he... Logon ne 15 moments ki list bata di
  3. Uttappa Outside powerplay is like Parthiv Patel. Both Suck. Would'nt want Parag at 6
  4. Udana. Get udana in for these slow wickets.
  5. Off with a win. Bowling and Kohli captaincy is a concern yet again. Hopefully Katich/Hesson can write a detailed to-do list and provide to kohli.
  6. Engagement ho gayi he abb. Now is gaining weight as a preparation for the big night.
  7. Lazy people at SRH can't even support their team with a home matchthread . @beetle @maniac
  8. VS Cute Humming Birds vs THE KINGFISHER!!!!!!!!! RCB's Official Rivals. Bring it on!
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