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  1. 1) Sachin 2) Dhoni 3) Kohli 4) Rohit seems about right
  2. Ya but only reason why BCCI would not play in India is the moonsoon. Playing in SL won't solve that problem. What's the point of them showing interest?
  3. Hard to go past yuvi... personal bias attached.
  4. Reserves are always available. It all depends on future planning of TM and their personal interests.
  5. Dhawan? Wtf Gayle Warner Kohli Raina Rohit Dhoni Russell Mishraji Bhuvi Bumrah Malinga
  6. it's not just about virat. It's almost the same squad playing
  7. High intensity series decider gets over at around 10 P.M IST on the 19th. An away SENA tour of 2+ months is scheduled to start in 3 days time. 17 Hrs flight to NZ (add travelling to/from the stadium <-> hotel<->airports ). Even if they take the next flight early morning the next day, they have about 80 Hrs till the next game. Plus add the 7.5 Hrs time difference for the players. approx 70 hours to get over jet lag. 70 hours to get used to the conditions. No practice games scheduled. Kya chutiyappa he ye ? We are getting closer and closer to directly arriving at the stadium for the match - Virat
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