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  1. we don't need a fab 4 if we a pretty good 11 plus 7
  2. Don't forget their media's devious ploy to create a big deal out of the dinner controversy.
  3. Congratulations to everyone on this historic win!! This is the whole reason we follow this beautiful sport!
  4. They won't unless we lose to them in a 5 match series in India. That's not happening. Chill.
  5. Even Gayle can be too arrogant at times
  6. Will Sunday's match against Punjab be Dhoni's Last IPL match(And probably the last in any form of competitive cricket)? I know CSK owner has said that he will continue next year but I highly doubt it. The man is just done. Looks tired. Remember, this year is the end of the 3-year cycle and next year will be a fresh auction with players being signed on a new three-year contract. I don't think Dhoni will sign one. Typical Dhoni will keep everyone in guessing mode till the very last minute. What do you think?
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