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  1. Mumbai chokes far too much despite having some all time greats in the line up. Rightfully I didn't predict them to make the semis. I hope I'm wrong considering some of the better players come from MI.
  2. Yousuf Pathan doesn't play for Mumbai, he plays for Rajastan Royals. As for Rohit Sharma, he has all the traits of replacing Rahul Dravid. Tight technique, man for the hour and ability to strike the ball long and hard. He will come good in the long run. Even Rahul Dravid and Ganguly were highly inconsistent in the first couple of years in ODIs. It's a shame Rohit Sharma hasn't an opportunity to show case his skills in test cricket yet. ODIs are a hit and miss so are the Twenty20s. The true quality of a player is measure in test cricket. I hope Rohit Sharma gets a hit in test cricket, h
  3. This time a chocker job by MI. There are far too many chockers in this edition of IPL. CSK is at the top of the chocker list followed by MI. Not able to chase 120 runs in a Twenty20 with some of the best batsmen in the business playing for the team is not acceptable. They got there almost but chocked when it mattered. If fact MI has not done exceedingly well either. They have lost two, won two and one was washed out. It pains to say Punjab has been better than MI but they sure are.
  4. I completely agree with Roebuck. People should come out of traditional mindset and recognize all forms of cricket offer its own value. Any form of cricket is good in my opinion. People that play in the backyard and on the streets also take their cricket passionately and seriously. If you ask the traditionalists any form of cricket other than test cricket will have to be abolished.
  5. That isn't an Aussie accent, it sounds he has accent from nowhere or everywhere. No chance an Aussie one.
  6. If anything the above stats prove, Laxman's form is actually quite consistent.
  7. There should be more than one option really. Tests comes first and Twenty20 is second. ODI is not as pleasing to watch. Far too many one sided games in ODIs. The proportion of games that go to the wire are very less in ODIs.
  8. I woke up with a heavy head after having heard this bloke was screaming the hell off on the speakers between balls and between overs. Surely the spectators don't freakin need commentary while watching the game. I'm surprised how the people let this fella continue with his dumb ass screams. I've decided I'm never going to watch the games held in Hyderabad live anymore. I'll record it on the DVD and forward between balls and overs to escape from this stupid man.
  9. Apparently Sachin Tendulkar was looking forward to a surprise birthday party being organized by his Mumbai team mates :haha:. I'm sure he's not going to be surprised :hysterical:
  10. I think the team lacks a leader. There are 3 captains controlling the team, VVS, Symo and Gilly. VVS of the three has least control. They are too desperate to win and do not know how to. How on earth can one explain two no balls for having only 3 fielders inside the 30 yard circle in the last but one over? That can only happen if more than one are tweaking the field. Those two extra balls could have come in handy in the last over. This is the only team that has been fined twice with no balls for having less fielders in the in field. That sums it up all for me. Clear lack of vision, leadershi
  11. King

    Andrew Symonds

    Symo's knock was fantastic but he's had the biggest hand in losing the game against Jaipur. His bowling was way below average and bowled like an amateur.
  12. That was because he thought his team was on top. Unfortunately in Twenty20s you can't predict anything. Warne looked surprised at first but got struck into him verbally too. In the end the that wins takes the cake and it was Warne that made Afridi look stupid.
  13. King

    Such is life

    Guess what? Afridi drew so much cheers from the crowd it's not funny. Never had I seen Afridi being cheered by the Indian crowd but he seemed like a star yesterday for Deccan team. Similarly with Symonds. He was cheered like he was Tendulkar. In the end, it's all good for the sport.
  14. Afridi bowled really well but lost the game for Deccan when they were in great position by going after Warnie needlessly. You don't go around sledging the likes of Tendulkars, Laras, Warnes, McGraths and the likes. We all know by experience who ends up a loser in the end. Sure the kind of passion Afridi was showing is great for IPL but he picked the wrong person. Warne was a legend and still is.
  15. I agree it's hard to contain him but often you don't have to contain him, he doesn't get going that often and that is a problem. I wish he got going more often.
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