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  1. His point makes sense. Gambo was a hot head too. But Kohlis antics is getting way too much wont you agree?
  2. Not necessarily. There is a video in the other thread where ball tracking shows missing stumps for a delivery that actually crashed into the stumps. Sometimes you get unlucky due to system glitch or the way it perceives events. Seen it many times. Labu once escaped in Aus for a plumb lbw the same way.
  3. What truly scares me is not Dravid or even Kohli. It's KL the captain. I would ANYDAY take a no run scoring Kohli as captain instead of KL. Maybe KL can improve but his body language is AWFUL. Scary scary ****.
  4. Nope not too early. Though can't make a definitive statement about his tenure at this point. His decision to back Rahane BOMBED big time and he and only he is responsible for it. Pujara should have been dropped too but that blame can be shared by others. I truly hope we win this test and walk away from both. Enough is enough.
  5. In an actual chess game, that pic means the king is gonna get screwed soon.
  6. Arent you the guy who started trashing rohit and he became a Godzilla from 2019? In all formats.
  7. I too have a good feeling about this game but never say never. One Rabada spell is all it takes. Heck, we lose wickets to this Jansen guy. I mean how the hell does that even happen.
  8. To be honest, this series is more suited for Jaddu than Ashwin. He would have made more runs and bowled the same amount of overs As for Ashwin, I really dont think he bowled badly at all today. Its just that bowling 3-4 over spells just doesnt work for him and doesnt allow him to get into any sort of rhythm. Today the Saffer commies were going on and on about how he was drying up the runs and controlling the pace which I found hilarious cos I felt the field sets were horrible and too defensive. Hard to imagine that would have been Ash
  9. Never get the vibe that Pandya will kick on to the next level.
  10. That was a weak NZ. But 2010 SA was a legendary team. At one point, there were ALMOST about to lose the series when Kallis and Boucher saved them. 2010 Indian team was a gun team.
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