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  1. I should have correctly said that genetics and environment are the key factors. Then of course natural talent. A point of difference, I have noticed many Indian children growing up in Australia who do "appear" to be genuinely a much stronger build than back in India.
  2. There is probably a variety of reasons why SENA cricketers may be fitter than SC players. Genetics a key role here. However, one thing down under in Australia, is that kids here grow up playing AFL or Rugby, so you have to learn to run be fast, strong and fit from early on. Sure its not every kid, but most kids, yes. This sets up the kids for a decent foundation of fitness later in life. Not to mention, that sports is part of the educational curriculum. We have time in the day, in which kids play active sports. In India, you can be overweight, even obese and still be a
  3. Nope, totally wrong. That was not the reason. He believed his bowlers could go back to back innings and bowl India out. Waugh has admitted this a number of times in interviews.
  4. Biggest 1st innings lead without enforcing the follow-on: 445 Aus (R Ponting) v Eng Brisbane 2006 408 Aus (P Cummins) v Pak Karachi 2022 398 Aus (M Clarke) v Eng Adelaide 2013 Excluding timeless Tests — Andrew Samson (@AWSStats) March 14, 2022 The miracle of Kolkata, still haunts Australia. I still believe this was one of the greatest wins ever by India in Test cricket.
  5. Exactly. This is straight out of the Kohli playbook of making his batting less noticeable when Pujara and Rahane where there to constantly fail. If Hitman removes Kohli, then he goes under the microscope. Mind you having one bad batsmen is much better than having Kohli, Pujara and Rahane all in the same team.
  6. Thanks for that. Note that SRT's 2nd innings guided the team to a win too.
  7. The TM and BCCI need to also give Iyer peace of mind and give him multiple opportunities to succeed as they did with Rahane and Pujara. Iyer has the game in him to dominate.
  8. Kohli has been a complete liability to team India for the past 18-24 months now. The fact that Hitman can come in and captain and destroy a team in India, shows how little Kohli's captaincy importance was. Not to mention he included Pujara and Rahane every time despite them being in permanent decline.
  9. Gavaskar scoring centuries in the WI against arguably the greatest pace attack ever assembled in cricket is akin to a modern day sub continent player scoring centuries in every country in SENA.
  10. In terms of a caste system in cricket in India, there is absolutely no way he would play domestic Ranji Trophy games. Its beneath him. If he was told to do it, he would retire. For him its akin to a master being a servant. Do you know the last Ranji trophy game he played? In Australia all the cricketers play domestic.
  11. No Test till Saturday and around 7pm local time in Australia too.
  12. https://www.news9live.com/sports/cricket-news/pcb-chiefs-4-nation-tourney-involving-india-gets-thumbs-up-from-cas-hockley-158201 Cricket Australia (CA) chief executive Nick Hockley said that Australia is open to hosting a Tri-Series with India and Pakistan. Has plenty of merit, a huge cash winner for Australia as it will involve sold out stadiums across Australia in most games. However wont take place till 2024, by then our ODI/T20 team will look very different. Cricket Australia (CA) chief executive Nick Hockley said that Australia is open to ho
  13. Nothing disgusts me more than seeing fragile timid Indian cricketers. I thought Ganguly captaincy, ensured this mindset was from a previous generation.
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