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  1. Kohli bats now like as if he has been hit on the head everytime he goes out to bat. He WAS great at his peak. He is now enjoying the decline earning millions.
  2. Has Kohli not stated in the media that he will most likely open in the T20 WC? Im sure his role will be to anchor the innings and frustrate us with a run a ball scoring rate, which is "fine" if the batsmen all around him go into attacking mode as we do bat deep. Hitman Kohli KL SKY Pant Pandya Jaddu R Chahar Bhuvi Bumrah Chahal While Charha and Bhuvi can bat, they wont win us a game nor get us to a competitive total, but more than capable of doing enough if the Top 7 do their part IMO. The less
  3. Yes I think its the end of him, he had some chances previously, this tour he should have stood up and delivered, but failed.
  4. Very disappointed in Dhawan and Samson, a match winning performance with a below par team would have been inspiring for the T20 WC. Effectively this was a final and India performed like it was too. Failing miserably. Overall though the series result needs to be taken into context with COVID hitting the squad.
  5. Inspired performance for the entire series. Took SL from down 0-1 in the series to a series winning 2-1. SL will look towards him should India play SL in the T20 WC.
  6. Who else could have been made captain for this series? I was never in favour of Dhawan given his age and unlikelihood to ever captain "India" at international level, regardless if we win both ODI and T20 series.
  7. If Dravid comes out and states his in the playing XI for the third T20I, I think most of India will watch the match. It would send rating through the roof.
  8. So really we can expect Rahul to open the batting then in the first test.
  9. With the way we are losing wicket keepers. It has all the makings of a Bollywood movie, for the hero to comeback to the team. Where is Dhoni? lol
  10. Of course it was. However, during a WC match is not the time. Team first should have been his mantra.
  11. I lost respect for Kohli when he told the Indian fans at the World Cup in England, to stop booing Steve Smith. From here, it escalated with his many failures as a batsman and as a captain.
  12. Kohli will pull yet another shocked and surprised look on his face when he gets out, as if it was ball of the 21st century.
  13. Playing a 5 test series, is two too many. Should have been 3.
  14. This anti-Virat Club needs a captain.
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