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  1. Do you want to tell our audience or should I? How disrespected Indians are treated in Australia? By that I mean, white Australian girls generally want to have nothing to do with Indians, they find them dirty,smelly and disgusting. I am always mistaken for being of a different background as I have posted on here, but I always proudly tell everyone I am Indian. Learn to understand the difference of not wanting the IPL CIRCUS to go on, is not the same as not respecting my heritage. I have already proudly state on here, India will show her resolve an
  2. Look while you are still alive and your entire family, friends and neighborhood is unaffected by COVID, you should enjoy and relish life, because you never know when the end may come for either you or one of them. Im happy that youre happy.
  3. I think you are delirious. I am happy that the IPL CIRCUS was called off. Yes. I am also happy that India can focus all its time, energies and resources into eradicating COVID. It wont happen till next year, but every journey begins with just one step. BOM BOM BOLE.
  4. Whats wrong if the IPL circus is played in Australia? If the IPL was smart, they could have a SUPER CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP down under, packed stadiums across Australia, with all the Bollywood flavor. FYI, you have no class, you are classless.
  5. @Global.Baba Come over here and say hello.
  6. Play the IPL CIRCUS in AUSTRALIA. Have an international IPL CIRCUS, IPL teams playing against all the Australian teams.
  7. Probably the same as for the Indians when the English had controlled India.
  8. Personally I am loving life at the moment. So thank you. While I joke and stuff around on here at times, I genuinely hope all you guys stay safe. This tragedy is nationwide, even 1st world countries have been torn by this like the US and the UK. One of the major reasons Australia has survived has been several key factors, education, strict social distancing, quarantine for everyone returning to Australia, immediate lockdowns, people working from home and most importantly Australia is an Island. Once the community transmission was under control, Australia had
  9. All good in Australia, Im watching the football on the weekend at the stadium, then off for dinner and they partying after that this weekend. Youre still alive, I hope all your family, friends and neighbours are still alive. Fortunately McGill is alive and well. If this is the worst thing to happen recently in Australia, then you know that Australia is the greatest and luckiest country in the world. I cant say the same for the brutal horrendous and heinous crimes that happen in India regularly.
  10. From what is being discussed behind closed doors its money owing. it would happen to anyone. It became a news item because he is a former cricketer.
  11. Youre making a joke of this? Sure strange and sad things happen in every country? Should I mention how many times in India where there is gang rapes of young girls or evil men that set their wives on fire? Grow up and have some class.
  12. The assumptions you are making wont happen, its nonsensical argument. Kohli is captain. India wont have the time to properly prepare for a test series in this pandemic. This COVID will IMO set Indian cricket back a few years.
  13. No they are not. This pandemic came at bad time when Indian cricket was reaching a peak.
  14. India had an unbelievable summer in Australia with probably a 2nd string bowling line up too. That GABBA match still sits with me as one of the greatest wins by India and one of the greatest of all time. Pant was a champion that day and I could feel the perceived pressure he would have been under if he failed.
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