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  1. +1 I think personally its damaged Indian cricket. In fact, I would be more supportive of IPL it limited international players to just 2 players per team. Meaning the cream of the crop only play in it.
  2. Here is something interesting for you guys to note, as Im off to bed. India were ahead of Australia at the 23rd over mark of the match. Wickets in hand, and a couple of overs up their sleeve. From this position, they choked. All that IPL experience counted for nothing really.
  3. Its interesting reading this forum. Indians in India versus Indians overseas. One common theme is that those in India, always attribute form and mindset to the players performance in IPL. The IPL in fact seems to have caused Indian fans to be divided on here. I couldnt care less where the player is from, as long as he performs well for India. I think the ODI captaincy has to change though, its obvious that Kohli relied heavily on Dhoni. Who that is I dont know? KL or Hitman? But whoever it is, they need to find that fighting spirit that Kohli has lost for so
  4. Thats a mistake. Australia cruised home tonight, make no mistake if India were chasing 300, Australia would have defended that total. India have multiple problems with their lineup.
  5. I got the feeling in this match that Shami and Bumrah didnt care how many were scored of them. Compare that to the Australian bowlers that look genuinely hurt when runs are scored of them. Thats the major difference IMO.
  6. India's problem is they need a powerful opening pair, a strong number 4, a good middle order batsmen, and 5 bowlers. Other than that, we are set.
  7. India would need 400 if batting first. Any team would fancy their chances against this bowling lineup.
  8. I think Pandya will choke tonight, seems like a lot of pressure on him compared to the previous game, where no one expected him to do much.
  9. Are you in Australia or listening in India? Im in Australia. The commentators here are so laid back and funny. In India, though I enjoy it as I get to learn a lot about Indian cricket. I know many in here hate him, but I like Sanjay and Harsha. Sunil is good for arguments too.
  10. Please trust me when I tell you that Australia will destroy India underlights at Adelaide Oval. They are a force at Adelaide.
  11. If India made some tactical changes today, it would have gone a long way towards victory. I would have taken Gill ahead of Iyer and Kuldeep ahead of Chahal. You could argue thats the match right there.
  12. Im impressed so far, Team India has not rolled over tonight. Its so far a respectable fight. Now we need to take this deep to get the respect back in this team.
  13. I saw the Indian team in 99-00 series bashed, trashed and dumped out of Australia. That was the legendary "Shoulder Before Wicket" for Tendulkar. This series could be worse.
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