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  1. Nothing wrong with those predictions, those were the result of Performances under Mahan Dhoni and his regressive mindset that experts rightly called out Indian team and so these bold whitewash predictions. It's all result of past performances, Tour to Australia next time & you wont be seeing these predictions. And Punter has been balanced among many Aussie commies, Vaughan is troll anyway, Haddin is another wannabe, still they are ex-cricketers, Current players don't need to be cheeky about this on SM.
  2. Obviously this is the greatest. Everything was perfect, starting from picking Playing XI to 4th innings' batting. People here were praying for rain and all & the way they went about this, I'm still speechless, rightly we are called arm-chair critics & we know nothing.
  3. People are overreacting here. He isnt great captain but your best bat is always your captain, Rahane isnt even 2nd best. He just get to captain because of seniority and congratulations to him for the success, but with so many youngsters coming up, I'm sure Rahane's place will be in danger soon. Kohli is here to captain for 2 yrs minimum, Gill will take over after that.
  4. Great that you called him out. The guy has opened post after post on BF. Useless troll.
  5. True, Even I like her. Although I didnt like Post-match interview with Pant, she was running out of questions. She is the only saving grace of this new commentary panel, Channel 9 had Bill Lawry, KP, Nicholas. This commentary team and graphics are very bad.
  6. Starc will lose place to Jhye Richardson but he can make comeback easily as he is regular in ODIs-T20s. I doubt Lyon will be dropped.
  7. Chanransparsh again. I dont know How many times I will have to do it.
  8. Always liked him in even least likable team like RCB. He is so assured and calm while bowling even in PP when Kohli is hovering like a monkey around him..
  9. He really should be tried in t20s as opener, enough of Dhawan in t20s. Even Delhi Capitals should consider him playing as an opener in next season.
  10. That was courageous effort, I'm sure all those who were dissing him, even they would have felt assured till Pujara was at crease that India wont atleast lose this. Pujara made sure we dont lose, Pant-Gill-Rahane innings revolved around his effort.
  11. I was just guessing, I really dont know mate. Maybe in place of 5th bowler, specially Kohli is known for (not so)courageous picks in final XI. He might be picked if he can bowl in pink ball test to balance out the squad..
  12. I doubt Hadik will be picked. But who knows TM can play him considering England has pie chuckers on the name spinners, Pandu will literally murder Bess and Leach's pies.
  13. Kohli if wants to step down then only this can happen but obviously he wont step down. Even today Ravi Shashtri said Virat was in the team despite no being part of squad. I think Kohli is our best batsman and he wont be removed, 2-3 yrs later, Gilll will captain this team. Untill, make peace with Kohli as captain.
  14. I hope any Streaming giant takes this project in collaboration with Australia media.
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