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  1. Pant should have come in place of Lalit Yadav. This was idiotic decision on tough pitch.
  2. We need to play Mishraji and Ashwin both in t20s. Dont know why Mishra has never been given long rope in LOIs, He has six-fer in his last ODI.
  3. Nothing wrong with being arrogant at 19. Game and life has a way to humble many. Among the lower middle order batting prospects, he is one of the better one.
  4. What hate? In international t20s he was never good. Has played more match losing knocks than match winning. In IPL he has feasted on trundler and brainless brigade of Parera, Unadkat and Yadav. My post was about how fraudulent it is that the guy isnt good enough still has been able to maintain the average by stat padding and few gullible fans buy it, any other country and he would have been thrown out of t20 squad after 2012 WT20.
  5. True. Averages whooping 37. SR is piss poor, he has good SR in IPL.
  6. Baffling that when you check the stats, he still has good numbers in international t20s as well as IPL, adequate average with optimum SR.
  7. Dhawan performing has its own consequences, guy should never play for India in t20 again. Enough of him.
  8. KLR if cant control his inner feeling of consolidating, should come at 3 from next match onwards. Rubbish knock by him today. Gayle-Mayank should open.
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