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  1. Well IPL maharathis would not have done jack either. didn't we pick Paddikal,Gaikwad against SL.? This team is downright overrated..
  2. Shami is misfit in T20..The guy didn't pick him in ct17,Wc19 but somehow picks him in opening match of wt20..
  3. Shameless free Indians can waste their Sunday on another useless match.
  4. And those who blame Kohli can also suck up to Rohit's big bamba..It wasn't no way 150 pitch ..And Pant needs to learn from Rizwan.
  5. Always knew Varun Chakravarti wasn't international standard..Mystery my foot..And all those Who consider ipl standard higher than int can suck upto Jay Shah's cock..
  6. Well,Pakistan has come up with a plan against him. And they still have not given it away against him depsite playing against him for first time ..
  7. Looks like Pandya has stopped fielding after bowling,too. One of the rare specialist batter.
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