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  1. RIP mate...One of the finest fielder and strong pillar of unbeatable Australian LOI team. Life is so unpredictable..
  2. Will turn out to be like Flintoff and will retire in 2 yrs...
  3. Should He play for India soon? I think so..
  4. The guy has been screwing us in T20 since 2009..Nothing new. Will definitely play one more time to make the his wt20 worse.. He should have never been brought back in LOIs after his sacking along with Ashwin post 2017 CT..
  5. LMAO he is brand for RCB ..Could not drop him for captaincy depsite a decade of loser captaincy from his side,why would they drop him from playing XI? I guess he will be pushed to open with Du Plesis..
  6. Definitely Kohli should not be there..what a downfall man..Can't belive that guy used to own this format...
  7. India will never win another wt20 with their idiotic team management and rubbish approach towards T20..2007 was one off ..We have been historically piss poor in wt20. It is better not to waste time behind them in this format..
  8. Because their batter chased down 352 against Bowling attack consisting pacers such as Sean Abbott,Nathan Ellis,Stoinis,Green. Some achievement it is...
  9. Overall the matches were good in this wc. The Indian girls did well,too..2 close matches against mighty Aussies and SA team.
  10. WTC is farce. Don't know why people take it seriously and consider it as some championship is beyond my understanding...
  11. India has been historically piss poor in SA in LOIs except 2018 where Kohli's heroics managed us to win series there otherwise India always shat their pants in SA be it tests or LOIs.. Good show by Bangladesh today..
  12. Project Jaadu going since 2009...Have we forgotten how he screwed us in 2009 wt20 against England??
  13. The guy was seen as next big thing in 2013-14.. 8-9 yrs have passed,he is yet to do anything substantial.
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